1,000 Songs Project: Friday Mixtape

10th December 2010

I’ve always wished I knew more about music, and this is part of my Life List project to listen to 1,000 new songs. Right now I’m up to 942, and on Fridays I share some of my new favorites. If you’d like to share some music with me, please link to your picks in comments, and I will listen to them.

Big Jet Plane from Angus and Julia Stone (Thanks, Daniella Palethorpe.)

Holding Us Back from Katie Herzig (Thanks, Brandi.)

Via Con Me from Paolo Conte (Thanks, Lin Ilsley.)

Sweet Disposition from Temper Trap (Thanks again, Daniella Palethorpe.)

I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know from Donny Hathaway

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20 thoughts on “1,000 Songs Project: Friday Mixtape

  1. maureen

    I love that Donny Hathaway song more than you’ll ever know. Makes me think of being half drunk and making out on sommeone’s couch really late at night. Yeah. Really good song. (Where’d my husband go. Imma go find him.)

  2. @vcmcguire

    Hi, Maggie.

    Check out the song “Pulled over the car” here:
    (in the box to the right that says “Listen”)

    Full disclosure: Jeremy Lyons is my brother-in-law. I was a huge Morphine fan in the 90s, long before I met Jeremy and before he started playing with the Morphine guys.

    Hope you like it!

  3. Molly

    I like that Big Jet Plane number!

    Here’s a song by another fabulous redhead, Kate Nash. I love this song way too much.
    “OOoooOOh, if you love it, why don’t you marry it?”

  4. Jo

    I love this project!

    I am doing somethign similar in my quest to nail the soundtrack of my wedding (me: old r&b/motown, my man: slayer, zappa and steely dan).

    My entry: Donald Fagan arrangement of “Lonely Teardrops”. Michael McDonald killig it, in a vest. This makes me want to boogie, big time.

  5. viaKendra

    This Mighty project has helped me discover so much terrific new music. Thank you for sharing! Here are a few of my faves right now. I hope you enjoy.

    Saddest lament about lost love: If Only, by Fink

    Irresistible sing-along chorus: Skinny Love, by Bon Iver: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrMmr1oMPGA

    Hard to pick a favorite Dragonette track, but let’s start with Easy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQtJ4oh2pak

    “Loaded” is a bluesy country song by the Wood Brothers, about drinking too much. This just kills me: “Sometimes the tip of my tongue is the barrel of a gun, and it’s loaded.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmBOyY1Dz_U

  6. Megan G.

    That Paolo Conte song is in a movie I used to be addicted to – Mostly Martha. Reminds me so much of that time I used to hole up with it.

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