Top 30 Etsy Shops for Small Business Saturday

23rd November 2010

When I’m shopping online, Etsy merchants get a lot of my cash. I love the idea of a payment arriving just in time for a seller to afford beers that night (or rent that month). Buying gifts from a small business feels like a present for two people — the person I’m shopping for, and the person who gets my money.

This coming Saturday is Small Business Saturday, and American Express is sponsoring this post in hopes of spreading the word about doing your holiday shopping with the little guys instead of commercial box stores. I’m into that, so I’ve put together this guide of my 30 favorite Etsy shops. Also, for every “like” on theirFacebook page, American Express donates $1 to Girls Inc., which helps foster leadership skills in young girls. I’m into that too, so please click with extreme prejudice. Free money for do-gooders! Yay.

Ready? Let’s go shopping.

Cosas Minimas


Holly Stalder

Vivien Cheng

York Town Road

Donmoti Jewelry

Elefante, e a vida



Lemonade Handmade

Mama’s Little Babies

Melanie Favreau Jeweller

Still Tree Jewelry

April Scott

Skunkboy Creatures

Something’s Hiding in Here

Alisha Gould Designs

Ilee Papergoods

Satsuma Press

Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress

Abagail Brown

Hey Yo Yo

Element Clay Studio


Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Whitney Smith



Found Vintage Style

High Street Market

That’s it. Please apologize to your wallet for me, and remember that one click of the grey “like” button below is worth a buck to Girls Inc., so let’s rock that out. Please let me know about your favorite small merchants, artists, handmakers, and Etsy sellers in comments. I’d love to do a larger roundup as a shopping guide before the holidays.

Small Business Saturday

Big thanks to American Express for sponsoring this post, and donating cold hard cash to Girls Inc. for every Facebook “like” this campaign garners. Thanks to Mighty Girl readers for raising the funds with your clicks. You guys are stand up sorts.

25 thoughts on “Top 30 Etsy Shops for Small Business Saturday

  1. Meg

    What Maggie? NO VIGINAS? Not even a vulva? I have to say I’m shocked. Clearly I’m going to need to take my etsy shopping needs elsewhere. Sigh.

  2. Ivy

    One of my favorite places (that’s gotten waaaaay too much of my money lately) is Orange Beautiful ( Gorgeous stationery and letterpress goods – I just got gift tags for Christmas that read “Especially for you – but I wanna keep it for myself.” :)

  3. Charlotte

    Anyone have a favorite cufflink purveyor on etsy? I am hunting for charming and not exorbitant cufflinks. Thanks!

  4. Sophia

    Glad to see Yee-Haw is on their list! I love their stuff. Also, thanks for promoting small business Saturday.

  5. Kristen

    Blanca Gomez from Cosas Minimas is WONDERFUL. I decorated the nursery for my daughter with her art. I love it. So glad to see she’s one of your favorites too! I thought she was a find all my own.

  6. cm

    Does Etsy work for the small business promotion? It looks from the AmEx website as though online purchases are excluded.

  7. M

    Seconding the commenter above: but these stores don’t even count under the Amex promotion, right? No online shops?

  8. Erin Morris

    As an Etsy shop owner, I am so touched by this! I think I got a little teary. I’m a home school mom of 6, and spend most of what little spare time I have crocheting to fill orders. My husband is a student, and I am one of those people who sometimes gets a few extra dollars just in time. Thank you for promoting small businesses.

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