16 thoughts on “Armor Up

  1. Sarah

    I just read recently – sorry can’t remember where – that this quote has been misattributed to Plato. Has anyone checked to make sure that he really said it? Its still a good maxim to live by, but makes you want to check whether you want an error prominently displayed on your wall.

  2. sarah

    Misattributed or not, I’d buy it & hang it in my office. I work in schools – teachers and students BOTH need to realize this!

  3. Meg L

    I have this written on a sticky note and taped to my computer stand… this print would be a lot nicer!!

  4. cousin Colleen

    Isn’t that the truth. I find these days that those with the “best” jobs, those living on trust funds, those who have always taken things for granted are the most frustrated. We’re all in the same boat. It’s time we realized it.

  5. lauren

    yes please! i work in the social service/child welfare field and would love to have this as a constant reminder.

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