Chocolate and Champagne Wednesday!

11th August 2010

This is the Shake Shack version of chocolate and champagne.

Chocolate shake and white wine? Close enough.

Here’s to leaving the hotel without a cardigan, finding new friends through old friends, and fat babies with furry heads.

What are you toasting this week?

11 thoughts on “Chocolate and Champagne Wednesday!

  1. Nicole

    planning a parade brunch, mom coming home in two days, and . . . honestly? the mega annoying narcissist across the hall having a bad day, mwa ah hah!

  2. Laura

    the amicable closing of one big chapter of life, the possiblilites for the next chapter, and close friends who stand by you through both.

  3. shevon

    To the sounds of a wild pack of toddlers learning sports, to chocolate milk shakes and at least five goodnight kisses.

  4. Liz

    I am toasting to reuniting with two old friends and making an old one. One who drove 16 hours from Florida (nonstop) to Texas. One whose job moved her magically to Texas from Virginia. And the last, who is just luckily off duty as a sea captain in time to be with us all. All of us having known one another in South Africa 5 years ago. Most of this unplanned.

    I toast happy luck and coincidence.

  5. kristen

    Having my first Shake Shack chocolate shake on Tuesday, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time today, and meeting my friend’s cute baby, who looks like Ponyo from the Miyazaki movie.

  6. Elsa

    Here’s to too many cupcakes, fancy matchboxes, homemade ginger beer, a niece so marvelous that she gives you this Psycho shower curtain, and good friends who find time to express their love even in the busiest of times.

    And here’s to another year under my belt!

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