Mighty Meetup, NYC

11th August 2010

(Photo by Holly Burns.)

Here’s a thing that will never stop being strange to me. You can say, on the Internet, “let’s go have beer” and people will come.

(Photo via Ry Pepper).

Total strangers, who end up being friends by the end of the night.

(Photo by Zan McQuade.)

I was anxious beforehand, because my inner control freak hates to host a party without knowing whether anyone will show up.

(Photo via Zan.)

But lots (and lots, and lots) of you showed up, and it was so cool to see everyone’s faces in a room together.

And so seldom do parties end with a KISS makeup session in a public restroom. We should do this kind of thing more often.

Next time, I hope you come too.

(I was busy meeting everyone, so I don’t have many photos, but the ones I have are here. You can also have a look at the rest of Zan’s and Holly’s. If you have photos to share, please add them to our Mighty Events group on Flickr.)

13 thoughts on “Mighty Meetup, NYC

  1. Kizz

    I want to thank you again for having exactly this kind of party. It was the perfect way to end the experience for me. Thank you thank you!

  2. Lesley

    Maggie! It was so fun meeting you and seeing what a great time everyone was having. I hope NYC treated you all well.

    xo Lesley (your hair twin in the red poppy dress)

  3. Valerie

    I had more fun at this party than I did at any of the bigger ones. I could actually hear what was being said to me, for one thing, which tends to make conversations last longer. And? I felt like I was backstage at a rock concert. All my bloggy heroes were there! Though I only got up the nerve to speak to two of you.

  4. Clair

    Thanks for a terrific party! I’m kind of sorry I missed the makeup session. Maybe I need to hang out in the bathroom more often.

  5. Dana

    I’m the big dork who thanked you kindly on the way out, then tripped over my tongue and said you were taller than I imagined. I took my foot out of my mouth on the way out of the bar. Many apologies. And thanks again for a lovely party.

  6. samantha


    Thanks for being a great hostess! I loved getting to meet you and so many others. The KISS adventure was icing on the cake.

    Rock’n’Roll forever!

  7. Kristen

    I had plans that night and didn’t get to come, but I wish I could have! And may I say, it was incredibly refreshing to see you make that kind of open invite during a weekend full of “lists” and private parties.

  8. Ry

    Dude… I missed the KISS makeup? Note to self, never leave a party again until the KISS makeup has made it’s appearance.

    Thanks again for the great party, Maggie. It was a major highlight of the weekend! So nice to really chill out after all that craziness.

  9. mihow

    Totally wish I could have made it but alas, my son turned three and that doesn’t happen all that often! Cupcakes, toddlers and New Jersey bound for me. :]

    Looks like an absolute blast! And I can’t believe I missed Danielle in Kiss makeup. What a bummer.

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