Waxing! Be Ye Forewarned

3rd August 2010

Hey, remember about two weeks ago, when I swore off waxing in this video? I believe my exact words were, “I have never, ever waxed. I don’t have any intention of waxing. It sounds so hyper incredibly painful.”

Well, I now have firsthand knowledge that I was correct. A few days after taping that video, Natalie (may she burn in hell) convinced me that I should try a bikini wax for my trip to Jamaica. We were getting our nails done at a place that offered hair-ripping services, so I figured what the hell?

More like what the helllllllll? It wasn’t so much the the waxing itself — which was deeply undignified but not too painful — it was the horrifying, burning, swollen aftermath. It never occurred to me that I would need to heal after waxing. Perhaps because I am stupid.

In the airport I texted Heather about how angry I was. Why hadn’t anyone told me?

-I got a bikini wax. Huge mistake. Epic.
-Was this your first?
-Yes. I’m lucky I didn’t scar.
-Oh no!!! … But you’re smooth right?
-Screw you. I’m smooth like a plucked chicken with some sort of inflammatory disease.

Armstrong, you are among the women I blame for not disclosing. You couldn’t help a sister out by casually mentioning the bathroom issue?

Ladies, listen to me. There is no controlling the post-wax spray. You are no longer in the director’s chair when it comes to peeing, you are a helpless urinary bystander. Your stream becomes aimless and befuddled, like a Valium-addled housewife. Now you know.

Yes, it is convenient not to worry about shaving. But does that negate the indignity of traveling commando because wearing underwear is too painful? Does it overshadow the concern about what sort of wonderous airplane fungus is working its way through your skirt and into your “system?”

No, ladies. No it does not.

75 thoughts on “Waxing! Be Ye Forewarned

  1. MomVee

    I don’t suppose you would believe that it’s much better the second and subsequent times, and if you keep up a regular schedule?

    I must say I’ve never experienced the Valium-addled stream problem…

  2. Jen

    I’ve waxed, Brazilian even, and I really didn’t think it was that bad. Sure, I was a little red and sore for 24 hours, but after that I felt great!

    And I’ve also never had the stream problem. I’m sorry to report, I think you might be alone in that one, Maggie.

  3. Rachel

    I have never waxed either and was contemplating before going on vacation. Now, I’m thinking maybe not so much. Now that a day or two (?) has passed, are the benefits that good that you will maintain it???

  4. QoB

    You know, I will be perfectly happy to never experience a bikini wax in my life. I wax my legs, but stay the hell away from anything above the knee… pain, itching, scarring, and looking like you are having a syphilis outbreak is not my cup of tea.

  5. robin

    I agree with the stream problem.

    The other upcoming unfortunate side effect of waxing is ingrown hairs. Now some kind person is warning you.

  6. Lynne

    I’ve never had the inflammatory issues, but I have had the stream problem. TOTALLY took me off guard the first time. Who knew that pubic hair served to corral urine? I’m guessing that if you have sensitive skin, waxing is just one more way to piss off your body’s largest organ. For those of us who don’t, waxing is totally worth the fleeting discomfort. Sorry it ended up being such an ordeal for you Maggeh!

  7. Eevin

    Maggie. I’m so sorry. I recently had a bad waxing experience but it has everything to do with aesthetics (I’m embarrassed of myself naked now: boo!). I wax once a year for the one time i will wear a bathing suit and that’s it – I’m not particularly pro-waxing. But I’m commenting here to say: that peeing thing . . . I think you had an EXTRA BAD wax. Regular waxing is tough enough but I’ve never been *that* altered . . . I say: heal yourself with some soothing balm or poultice, stay away from waxing, and/but if you ever think you’ll try again, go to the place where you shell out $35 and see if that doesn’t make a difference (I went to Bliss where it’s as painless as it’s ever been . . . except for my bruised pride).

  8. Mari

    Oh, how I laughed, not at you, but with you…because I’ve been there. I’ve had waxes where I left the shop bleeding, and waxes that gave me severe blisters, yet I continue to wax, the whole thing, the full monty, and my underarms too.

    Unfortunately not all estheticians are created equal, nor are all waxes. I shopped around, and cheated on many a esthetician until I finally found someone who not only knew what they were doing, but used good product. I will never leave her, and she better not ever try to leave me!

    Anyhoo, if you should endeavor to go it again, do ask your friends for references, and keep these waxing tips in mind:

    1. Try and find an esthetician who uses the wax that hardens rather then uses a soft wax and strips of paper or fabric, it’s easier on your skin.

    2. Avoid any esthetician who uses the roll-on wax applicators and look for someone who uses a metal or wooden spatula.

    3. Don’t use soap of any kind “down there” for 24 hours after waxing.

    4. After 48 hours, start scrubbing and keep it up until your next wax. I make my own scrub with sea salt and olive oil, it’s cheap, and its always on hand. The salt keeps your pores open so that the new growth doesn’t get stuck in the follicle and become an ingrown hair, and the oil keeps the skin soft which also prevents ingrown hairs.

    5. Don’t wait too long to re-visit your esthetician. It all depends on how fast your hair grows, but if you leave it too long, you’ll end up removing hairs that have new growth coming up right behind it, and very shortly thereafter it will look like you never went.

    May the force be with you!

  9. Lynne

    Good tips from Mari! Also, try to find somewhere that does sugaring instead of waxing…almost pleasant compared to wax!

  10. dani

    So I take it you won’t be having a Brazillian then? That totally screwed with my stream. Felt like a nude chicken. Unfortunately had my last one when I was preggers and couldn’t take any ibuprofin (my secret waxing trick) so hurt like hell and I have been unwaxed ever since. Have you tried the at home cream jobs – just as good effect in my opinion. And you still keep your dignity in public, and your skin doesn’t bleed. Being an Aussie and an italian means that I have hair down to my knees, live near the beach and have summer 70% of the year… so I know hair removal.

  11. Jen

    Oh – get thee to Sephora and pick up some Tend Skin, stat! You’re going to need it to avoid the ingrown hairs. Use it every time before you shower!

  12. zan

    I was *just* thinking about waxing this morning. About how I tried it once, realized the lengths women go to to be hair-free are CRAZY, and how in a hundred years I dearly hope waxing is in the same historical (hysterical?) category as foot-binding.

  13. Kizz

    I’ve had my eyebrows waxed and I love it but it takes me a whole day for the skin to recover. Also, you’re a redhead, according to the dermatologist who removed a carcinoma for me redheads are the most sensitive to pain so require extra anesthetic. Hope you’re healing well!

  14. Meg

    oh! oh dear! You have the fair skin curse! See, I have the fair skin curse and for some reason those of us with fair skin sometimes when we get waxed, our bodies recoil in delicate creamy Victorian horror and try to kill us.
    To sum up: I second the person who said sugaring, because I will tell you, waxing might kick your tail (if you will) every time.
    And now I have spoken more about my pubic grooming habits to strangers than I ever have before in my life.

  15. nelking

    You don’t have to take it all off. The stream problem is real and you make adjustments. It’s all about who you go to and make sure you use a scrub in the shower to exfoliate and This stuff
    http://www.seriousserum.com/ to prevent ingrown hairs.

    I am the woman whose mother told me when I was 10, “Whatever you do, do not ever shave your arms” You get the picture.

  16. becky

    Thank you for this. Now my decision about waxing is well informed. Thanks for all the comments, too! Vital information.

  17. Esther Crawford

    lol. Wow. Actually I found this to be quite informative because I’ve never waxed down there. I tried waxing my legs in college and after she finished with my right leg I begged & pleaded for her to stop. So – I had one red, puffy leg and one hairy one. The idea of taking that pain into any other region completely baffles me.

  18. Jen in KC

    I worked at a waxing salon in Denver, Colorado (Waxing the City) and learned a ton about waxing. Several people have mentioned this, but it does hurt less the more times you do it. The first is definitely the worst.

    Most importantly, though: you didn’t mention what kind of wax it was. Was it the soft wax (the lady applied the wax, and then put a fabric strip over it to pull the wax off) or was it hard wax (they apply the wax, it hardens and she pulls the was directly off (no strip))?

    Hard wax is for sensitive areas and hurts way, way, way less than soft wax. This is because it only binds to the hair and not the skin. I recommend finding a salon (not a nail place that happens to do waxing) that specializes in waxing. Particularly a salon that uses hard wax for the bikini area. And, I believe someone mentioned this already, each person has a different technique so if you find someone you like, stick with her!

  19. Jen in KC

    Oh yeah, and if you have sensitive skin I would not use Tend Skin every day. It is very harsh and really dries out the skin. I use it, but only occasionally.

  20. Gennie

    I agree that who you see and what kind of wax she uses makes all the difference. Hard wax (no fabric strips) is DEFINITELY better. And you do need to exfoliate afterward to prevent ingrown hairs. I’ve waxed for 15 years, but I only do the stuff that would poke out of my bathing suit – and I leave the rest alone. Not sure if this cuts down on the pain factor, but I’ve definitely never had the pee problem!

    I’ve had a few bad waxes over the years, and the worst was when the woman put bacitracin on me afterward without asking. I’m allergic to bacitracin, and it took a week for the rash to subside. I was particularly mad since I’d gotten the wax specifically because I was going to the beach a couple of days later. It was NOT pretty.

  21. Alison

    Same here on all counts. During waxing pain isn’t a problem, but afterwards it’s horrible… and the pee issue was a funny surprise. I don’t believe that I just haven’t had a good waxer. The last place I tried (while on vacation in SF) had fantastic reviews, I exfoliated religiously, and I still ended up with the worst ingrowns ever. I think people with sensitive skin are not meant to wax or pull hair out at all. I will be sticking with general trimming and outside-bathing suit-line shaving from now on.

  22. Annbee

    I agree with the other two ladies who recommended sugaring. It’s a whole lot cleaner and less painful than waxing. I mean, for example, it’s luke warm so doesn’t burn you and they go with the grain of the hair instead of against. I’ve been sugaring (brazilian!) since December and while it’s not the most enjoyable experience ever it’s 1000x’s better than waxing! And trust me, I’m a giant wimp. :P

  23. Sarah

    As a fellow shockingly pale-skinned red head, I have to say we’re just not meant to be waxed. I spent years trying every wax, sugar, special-from-Europe method, at every fancy salon possible & the recovery was never any better.

    Red head? Admire your freckles & avoid waxing.

  24. Tasha

    Oh, ow! I waxed for a few years and while I didn’t have the pain you experienced, my skin was left sore for a while. And YES! That pee thing is so weird!

    If you EVER want to do that again, I also recommend sugaring. Less painful (for me), longer lasting results, and I didn’t get any weird infected hair follicles like I have with waxing.

    You might also want to try sugaring somewhere less painful, like maybe your legs before you go for the bikini area again.

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience!

  25. Kelly

    Wow, so sorry that happened – esp right before a trip! I’ve never experienced any “stream” issues and I’ve been getting bikini waxes & brazilians for almost 20 years. Crap, that means I’m old. Anyway – my waxer has given me some good hints along the way too – advil ahead of time AND AFTER, never wax when you have PMS, neosporin with pain relief immediately to stop inflammation and pain, and baby eczema cream to moisturize for a couple days. And then exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs, as others have discussed. I don’t think any method of hair removal is ideal, but waxing is the most convenient for me & my bikini line…

  26. Fatemeh

    Oh, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie… You are one of the cleverest women I know! How did you convince yourself that getting your first-ever nether region waxing at the nail place was a good idea!?!

    Lots of good advice from the ladies before me, so I won’t repeat, but one thing that hasn’t beem mentioned is where you are in the menstrual cycle.

    Do not, ever, under ANY circumstances, get waxed in the week preceding your period. Skin’s thinner, blood’s closer to the surface, and the pain… oh, the pain.

    Now, from one curly-girl to another, get yourself the ingrown-reducing pads from Bliss. Pricy, but better than Tend Skin, IMO. Use daily. Then use the container as a weapon against the next person who suggests you try waxing again. :-)

  27. Cait

    Oooooh dear. I laughed. I did, because you are funny, deeply funny. It appears that some are meant to be waxed and some are not. I am also of the fair skinned veriety and while I can wax my eyebrows, doing so to the vajayjay borders on a sex crime. I tried it myself, ONCE which I am glad of, because the cats are the only ones who heard the noises and watched me doubled over naked while getting the hot wax EVERYWHERE. I accidentaly did my arm as well. Let’s stick to shaving.

  28. Desiree

    I second Mari’s points. I have been in the same predicament that you are in now, and it’s cheap wax that causes all of those problems. Cheap wax sticks to your skin and pulls it along with the hair. Quality wax attaches to the hair and doesn’t leave your skin red or puffy or hurting. The only pain is during that band-aid pulling moment when the wax leaves your body.

    Never EVER get waxed at a nail shop. Or within the two weeks surrounding your period. Or hungover.

    If you feel brave enough, I guarantee your next waxing experience will be totally unremarkable, like plucking your eyebrows.

  29. Kate @ Savour Fare

    Look, all I’m saying is that pubes have an evolutionary PURPOSE. Which is to, um, corral things down there, be it urine or sweat or other secretions. I hate feeling so damn slippery all the time. And I don’t know if you’ve got to this part yet, but it itches like hell when it’s growing back.

    I don’t get the thing with waxing.

  30. Meegan

    Lots of good advice here, Maggie. If you are every brave (or crazy) enough to try it again, spend spend spend! I will only go to a high-end salon and only if they use hard wax. You get what you pay for. Sorry your first experience was so tragic. I feel like you are suffering from PTBW (post-traumatic bikini wax). :( Scrub up and be well!

  31. Christy

    Dang! That just reinforces my resolution to stick to Nair. I’ve done leg waxing once & apparantly, I have the poor combination of sensitive skin & coarse dark leg hair. The lady said it took about twice as long and more painful than typical. And my skin was irritated for several days after. My legs looked smooth but I some stubble so I had to shave the next day. Not the solution I was looking for.

    May I recommend Nair – I recently revisited it with success. I had tried it as a teenager but hated the smell & poor results. I tried it again recently with their new sponge/shower combo & had great results with no irritation. I did wait about 3-5 minutes before showering (a little longer than the instructions say) to get the best results. I haven’t tried the full bikini wax area yet but will let you know if it doesn’t go well.

  32. Betty

    I have never wanted to wax, partly because of the pain and partly because of the aftermath. I get terrible ingrown hairs whether I shave or Nair, and I finally decided to try laser hair removal. It’s genius!!!! It’s surprisingly inexpensive and of course you only have to do it a few times (with maybe a couple touch ups every few years thereafter) as opposed to as regularly as you would have to wax. And no ingrown hairs! I can’t recommend it enough. I live in SF and Aesthetic Laser Center on Post is fantastic if you’re curious. I’m only doing my inner thighs so I don’t think I’ll have any stream problems…

  33. Shauna

    I dont think Ive ever laughed harder!! By no means was it at you but at your imagery! Ive thought about waxing many times, mostly because I hate to shave, but love the smooth feeling!

  34. a.

    I’ve always suspected that due to my red hair and freakishly rash-prone, pale skin, I should stay far away from wax. Confirmed. I never even considered that the aftermath could be so dire. Thank you, Maggie!

  35. Miss B

    Wow. I suspect (as many have suggested) that your biggest mistake was getting waxed at a nail salon. But, personally — as a woman who is just as fair-skinned as you are, and also one who scars/bruises/&c. quite easily — I’ve never, ever had a problem with waxing. I have never — even the first time — found it to be anything approaching painful, and I’ve never had any irritation/swelling/whatever-other-unpleasantness afterward. But then, I go to a really good place and all they do is waxing of various kinds (they do men, also — which is actually how I started going there, because a male friend of mine had gotten fully waxed from chest-to-toes pre-Burning Man a few years ago…don’t ask why he decided any of that was a Good Plan, but whatever). The only problems I’ve ever had were before I was seeing one waxing-person regularly, and a couple of times I left with much less hair than I wanted (I have some definite aesthetic preferences when it comes to how much hair is left in front — I prefer rather more than is currently fashionable, apparently). Otherwise, though, I cannot say enough great things about waxing. Best money I ever spend on myself.

  36. Tina

    Ouch! I NEVER thought I’d say it, but I recently started going brazilian. It’s quite shameful, really. It was awful the first time, but the next time it was not bad. The best antidote is a cream called finlipil.
    I didn’t have any trouble with pee? what are you trying to pee in…I’m just confused. LOL!

  37. Katie

    I think, as one commenter noted above, that people with more sensitive skin shouldn’t wax.

    I had my legs waxed once and it ended in a red, swollen, bloody mess. The aesthetician even seemed concerned. (Although hilariously, I forgot to take my jacket off during my session. I only noticed after she started spreading on the wax. Panties on the bottom, jacket up top.)

    And that is how I know I will never get a bikini wax. Also? One has to let the hair grow back in order to go through it again? Nonsense.

  38. Stephanie

    Totally worth all of that!
    Maybe the light-haired ladies among us wouldn’t make the sacrifice – but for me, who is fair skinned and dark haired and shaves and can still see the dark hairs beneath my skin, waxing is THE WAY.
    Forever and ever Amen!

  39. Kathleen

    Yeah, I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way. Most have to.
    I had my waxing days about 5 years ago. Pain in the…well now you know. I believe the grow back issues were mentioned above.
    I shave. Less expensive. Less painful. Fewer issues with grow out.
    Shaving tip: Shave with not against the direction of hair growth. Less grow back bumps.

  40. jif

    The peeing thing – YES! i felt like one of those whirling yard sprinklers – it just shot out in every possible direction without the pubic guide. I subjected myself to it several times in nyc – done by a Brazilian woman with a pack of Marlboro Reds in her breast pocket. She, god and my gyno know me better than anyone. When i had it done in Berlin, i was made to lay on my stomach and personally hold my cheeks apart so she could get the back…utter humiliation.

    Since the birth of my twins (vaginally) two years ago, I swore I would never willingly subject that area of my body to any unnecessary torture again!

  41. steph

    Ok, first of all, what is everyone’s ridiculous aversion to hair? Second, even if you want to *ahem* trim the hedges a bit, it doesn’t seem like it would do that kind of damage (which makes me wonder did you go ALL the WAY with it or something? I mean did you just wax your whole entire world? Third, what in the name of all that is holy would make you want to trust that area of your body to someone with a hot bucket of wax and NO medical degree? I think if I was going to do something down there, I’d handle it my ownself.

  42. Shelley

    Now that you’ve experienced the joy that is the bikini wax (although your experience sounds a little sketchy)…I’ve got three words for you, Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! Or else you’ll also get to experience the joy that is ingrown hair…yick!

  43. la_florecita

    Bravo/Condolences! My first waxing experience at a salon was also terrible, but now I use Parissa wax strips at home on the bikini line ONLY. The rest I take care of with an electric bikini trimmer and/or a razor.

    Definitely exfoliate! The ingrown hairs are the worst part!

    And I’ve always told my husband that shaving/waxing everything makes my pee go from “stream” to “spray” just like on a bottle of household cleaner, glad to hear another woman voice that!!

  44. Carolyn

    Others have said it, but it bears repeating . . . redheads and those with sensitive and/or fair skin really shouldn’t wax. Respect what your body is telling you. Skin is your largest organ and first line of defense against infection – take care of it, don’t traumatize it! I totally agree with Steph . . . why on Earth would you trust someone with no medical degree (at a nail salon no less) down there?

    One more thing . . . Can’t believe I’m going to say this to strangers on the internet, but here goes . . . my husband LOVES the fact that I’m a “real” redhead, if you know what I mean. Why would I mess with that? And just like in the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, I’ve been with more than one but fewer than Madonna – and ever single partner voiced the same thing.
    So, to all the natural redheads out there, trust me – take care of yourself and just tidy up down there, but don’t wax!

  45. Amber

    Maggie, you crack me up! You have also just given me further ammunition in my complete and utter aversion to waxing. I did it once, at home, myself, because I just couldn’t get over the ick factor of having someone who is not a doctor pouring hot wax on my nether regions. I just don’t get it. It’s expensive, it’s painful, the growing back part is horrible (let me add my voice to the chorus of women warning you of ingrown hairs and itching), and after all of that, I didn’t like the way it looked. I looked like a 10-year old and it creeped me out. No one else mentioned that element of it, so maybe it was just me, but no thank you. I trim the hedges regularly, I do some extra prep before swimsuit wearing, but waxing is not for me.

  46. B

    First time always the worst; in the future just have a glass of wine beforehand. Please don’t pre-emptively disparage nail salons for waxing services. Case in point: in DC, highly recommend Joy’s Spa (on 18th St in Adams Morgan) — Joy, herself, recommends and sometimes offers a glass of wine.

  47. Tamara

    Somebody said something about “handling it themselves” and I’ve got to second that notion. I have insanely sensitive, pale skin and had a nightmare the one and only time I was waxed in a salon. But I’m pretty religious now about those Parissa wax strips that they sell at Whole Foods and other natural products stores. They take off everything that would be visible with a swimming suit (I don’t even broach any areas that might affect my pee stream!). They are much gentler and cheaper than the stuff they use in salons. Living in Europe now, I’ve noticed that most French women use a similar kind of product to clean things up without getting too crazy. The Brazilian is a decidedly North and South American thing that will hopefully go the way of the dodo soon!

  48. Leslie

    HAHA! I’m so pleased to hear that everything I’ve ever thought about waxing is true!I’m sorry you had to go through it, but thanks for taking one for the team and passing on this valuable information.

  49. Erin

    Fantastic conversation about waxing with so much good information! I have to say waxing is something that grew on me the more I did it. Same with traveling commando. Don’t fear the freedom of the ladybits!

  50. Leann

    You have just reaffirmed my decision (made long ago) to never wax in the nether regions. However, when my eyes got bad enough that I couldn’t see my eyebrows to wax, I definitely went for it and am glad. THAT is not so bad.

  51. Flirty Archivist

    I’ve been waxing (read: paying other people to wax me) for 17 years (I just did the math and realize I was spending my Library job money on waxing in high school. Hmmm). Anyway, I’ve been waxed all over the world and the worst waxes I’ve ever had have involved the roll-on applicators. I actually had a couple of layers of skin taken off at one place. That hurt. I also waxed up until my 6th month of pregnancy and would’ve kept up as long as I could’ve, except that I had polyhydroamnios and I kind got distracted. I just like the results.

  52. Megan

    Hi Maggie–I’ve had similar experiences in the past. Ouch!

    In the meantime, I do agree that there needs to be some maintenance to avoid ingrown hairs, but I highly recommend using a liquid exfoliator as opposed to a grainy substance that might irritate you further. I have a roll-on (looks like deodorant) that is effective and does not irritate anything. At all. You just lightly roll it over the needed areas–I use mine after the shower–and then get dressed.

    Use it a couple times a week at first–not every day in a row. Happy healing!


  53. Jennifer

    I swear it DOES get easier each time you do it. Given your reaction, I have to warn you that poor, dear redheads get the worst end of it due to sensitive skin (same thing with breastfeeding — it’s toughest for fair redheads). Poor thing. Taking a couple Advil beforehand helps. But wow — your post-wax reaction does not sound normal.

    Maybe try a fancy-assed spa next time? (I know, I know, there’ll BE no next time).

  54. Laura

    So sorry this happened to you! Thank Jeebus that my friend warned me to get drunk before my first wax. It actually was not as bad as I was expecting it to be. I was not prepared for the stream issue, specifically the BURNING when the stream makes contact with the waxed areas, but that usually clears up overnight for me.

    In the event that this ever again seems like a good idea, it will get better if you do it regularly and take some ibuprofen half an hour before the wax. Or get drunk. Getting drunk helps. When I was doing this regularly, I didn’t need booze or meds. But that stream won’t be going away. Just how I’m built, I suppose. Glad it’s not just me.

  55. shevon

    At my first Brazilian the esthetician was trimming before she started and snipped my….well. you know. I screamed like a little girl and never went back even though she didn’t charge me.

  56. Laura

    OMG!I haven’t laughed this hard in my recent past! Thankyou for that! I’ve only read about bikini waxing and I almost want to try so I can add to your wonderfully real yet serious commentary!

  57. Kate

    Oh man, I was in COLLEGE before I found out that I was “supposed to” be trimming or shaving or waxing or whatever. So it never really sunk in. (Of course, I found out about the grooming thing because I hooked up with a guy who then told EVERYONE that I was the hairiest girl of all time. D-bag.) I think my partner would prefer me less hairy, but it’s a package deal, buddy. You get me, you get my pubic hair.

  58. Deftgurl

    “whirling yard sprinklers” …. Yes, thanks for mentioning the stream issue. I’ve never waxed, but even shaving “everything” because everyone told me “you have to try it just once” led to the wild untamed stream and other awful things, plus my partner was freaked out by the lack of hair. Unnatural, at best, he said….

  59. Rebecca

    I am so glad you mentioned the spray peeing thing! Who knew that pubic hair was the pee stream director? I thought it was just me.

  60. CS

    Wow! Long time reading, first time commenting, and sadly, it was the waxing that moved me. Anyway, not a fan of the wax. I had a bikini wax at the schwankest place around, by someone highly recommended, and being fair skinned like you, bruised, bled, swelled, and was traumatized. Now, I wear a boy short bathing suit, and i understand that my pubic hair is there for a reason!

  61. Sarah

    Thanks for the honesty. Sisters need more of that for sure. And yes, how…HOW did I not know of this before?

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