San Francisco 7×7 Big Eat Map

3rd August 2010

Finishing the San Francisco Big Eat is on my Mighty Life List, but it’s been a pain not knowing which restaurants are close to me when I’m out. So we made a Google map of where everything is. If you’re coming to town, keep a copy in your pocket and your experience will be more delicious for it.
View The 2010 Big Eat SF Locations in a larger map

I’ve tasted 34 out of 100 so far. If you’d like to try everything too, there’s a good Big Eat Facebook ap that lets you check things off as you go along.

6 thoughts on “San Francisco 7×7 Big Eat Map

  1. Abi

    We ate at Incanto when we were in SF in May. It was AMAZING. I had pork belly. It exceeded all expectations. Hubby had the pasta special. It too was absolutely delicious. I ate everything on my plate. Then had coffee and dessert. It was one of the happiest days of my life. :D

  2. Azee

    Great idea. I’m viewing this on my iPhone and I can’t differentiate the Big Eat from regular dining listings and locations on the map. Am I missing something?

  3. Cameron

    We went to Dosa in January, not long after the list came out, and had the paper masala dosa. Yum! I still carry that damned magazine around, even though I live 450 miles south of the city.

  4. Jaime

    Maggie- this is awesome! I just shared the link to this page with Lisa, who is visiting SF from AP AMS. Rock on.

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