9 thoughts on “This Old Thing?

  1. NicoleT

    13 1/2 inch waist!?!?! surely that is only seam to seam, not the ENTIRE waist? Either way, someone else will have to rock this for me.

    I LOVE chiffon dresses. My junior prom dress was teal chiffon, and SO comfy. Chiffon should make a comeback… nay, I declare it so – CHIFFON IS MAKING A COMEBACK. Now go my fashion minions, and make it so!

  2. Spring

    I’m with the above commenter: 13.5″ waist, 15″ hips? Um. Is this a children’s dress?

    With more accurate measurements, I’d totally bid on it.

  3. Maggeh Post author

    That’s a measurement of the garment laid flat, team. So you’d approximately double it to get the true size.

  4. NicoleT

    @Maggeh – I figured it was the garment laid flat, but still!!! A 27″ waist! The only time I was even remotely close to that size was as a child. :-)

  5. Kirsten C

    OOOOhhh! Has this been claimed? It’s so pretty.
    I found your blog through Momversation and have been reading for awhile now.
    Love your Mighty Life List

  6. Emilou

    Ok, this won’t fit me or anyone but Barbie…But I do need a dress. A wedding dress. And I’ll be in SF in October. So where do I shop?

  7. Janelle

    Oh Oh Oh has this been claimed yet?? I was recently pretty sick, lost quite a bit of weight and now don’t fit any of my current dresses for weddings this summer. While I try to fatten up, I’d love to have this baby to wear…so cute!

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