19 thoughts on “Sparklers with Hank? Check.

  1. nelking

    you don’t want to know. It’s a do over.

    You are on your way to the light it on fire stage of boydom. Sparklers are the gateway.

  2. Nicole

    Funny you should ask, I just re-examined mine yesterday! And it is most definitely a living document with slight tweaks here and there, adjusting to the curveballs of life (mba -> masters in a different subject altogether, documenting weight loss project -> full committal to a lap band, supporting ex-husband in new relationship -> watching him become a father). Life! Nobodies found a better alternative!

  3. Lauren

    oh also! In some ways I feel really rushed to get everyhting done because I HAVE MADE A LIST. but then I remember I’m, uh, 25 and I have time. Sometimes I have to remind myself to enjoy what’s around me and to not always be so goal focused. Does anyone else have to remind themselves this?

  4. Sarah

    I love the pp’s comment about sparklers as the gateway to light it on fire boydom. Oh I do not look forward to that stage! My 2 year old nephew burned off his right eyebrow trying to get a closer look at a sparkler on the 4th. Doh.

  5. Meg


    Oh, I’m sorry, was I yelling a little? Excited. It’s been on my list, rather officially, for several, several years. We’ll also be knocking off spend time beach on the Mediterranean while we’re at it. And eating good food… mmmm…

  6. Jen

    Today marks the day I get back to my life list now that the California Bar Exam is over. Since I last checked in I had engagement photos taken, graduated from law school, had a picnic, and went to a Cubs game at Wrigley field!
    I’ve got a few more things I might be crossing off this weekend in a post bar spree of life living. I’ll keep ya posted!

  7. Sassafras Mama

    I’ve devoted a big part of my summer to getting things on my list done. Items big and small have been crossed off and it feels really great. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation, Maggie.

  8. Joelle

    I finished the bathroom! Well, not finished, but about as done as it’s going to be until I save up some more money…

    And it’s lovely. The paint is beautiful. I have towel racks. And a TP holder. And a light that’s not just a bulb hanging from the ceiling!

  9. Auntie

    That first picture. What a beautiful child. The light from the sparkler illuminting his face – lovely.

  10. Katie

    I want to start a list but I’m only almost 18. Isn’t that a little early for me to make one?

  11. Margie

    Trade guitar for ukulele? Check. I’m now working on learning to play it well. Also, checked off doing a Storycorps interview with my mom. What fun it was! The summer life listing is going well over here in Indiana! Thank you for the inspiration, Maggie!

  12. Cora D

    Finally wrote mine! See the post: “Quotes, Links & a List” dated 8/2/10. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been toying with this idea for at least a decade – you got me to write it down. Thank you.

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