Mighty Closet: Pam Daghlian, Outfit 2

4th May 2010

These are Pam’s comfy Sunday clothes. What does Pam like to do with her Sundays you ask? Let’s look to the Post-it inspiration wall:

Oh, look! She’s driving to Big Sur with her charming husband. She’s probably singing along to the radio as I type this. Actually, she’s probably at work, but please suspend your disbelief because I prefer to think of Pam with her feet on the dash and the wind in her hair.

Pam’s shirt is by MUJI, she bought it in Berlin because she is intercontinental that way. Note how it nips in at the magical tiny point on her torso, but still lets her inhale at will. Dear designers, more tops like this please.

She bought her bird bag at a farmer’s market in Virgina, it’s by Oblinaknit. Just think of all the magazines you could fit in there.

Her jeans are Gap, and exposing that red side hem is so key. Her orange button ring was from a craft show.

Pam’s shoes are by Robert Clergerie. They were originally $400, but Pam got them for $90. Pam says, “Yay, deals!”

The earrings and necklace were both gifts from her husband. The pendant is porcelain and was purchased at Rare Device in San Francisco, which is apparently where all of my friends’ significant others go for gifts.

Tomorrow, please join us for Happy Yellow Sweatshirt Day. You’re already off filling a wall with Post-It ideas aren’t you? I suspected as much.