Mighty Closet: Pam Daghlian, Outfit 5

This is Pam’s cocktail look and her very perky bum.

This is what Pam does when you tell her she has a great ass in front of all her neighbors and the 5 p.m. traffic. Dress by Maggy London.

Her jacket is Theory. Note the gathering around the collar, good detail.

Her necklace is from Ambience and the crystal earrings were made by her friend Vannie at Lavana Jewelry Design. I love it when Mighty Closeteers wear stuff that promotes a friend’s business. Savvy.

Black strappy sandals are BP.

And that’s it! Thanks for inviting us into your closet Pam. Now go call your husband, because you’re looking pretty cute.

Mighty Closet, Pam Daghlian, Outfit 4

I think Pam and I look like we’re related. I was telling her that when my camera acted up. The colors went all wonky, the lens laughed at me when I tried to focus, the battery started making rude jokes about my mom.

Pam was very patient through it all.

Really. Seriously patient.

But I wasn’t able to get a good full-length shot of her outfit. So we’ll have to piece it together.

This is what the top of her dress looks like, it’s also by Sunhee Moon.

This is how it looks when she’s sitting down. The patchwork bag was a Renegade Craft Fair purchase. It’s by Raeburn Ink.

And here’s how the dress would look if Pam were headless.

Her footless black tights are from Hue, and the Mary Janes are Dansko.

Pam, everyone wants to know where you got your glasses. Let us know in comments and I’ll update here. Her jade beaded necklace was a gift, as was her bone structure.

Tomorrow, tune in for Pam’s cocktail outfit. Are you ready, Pam?

Please. Pam was born ready.

Mighty Closet: Pam Daghlian, Outfit 2

These are Pam’s comfy Sunday clothes. What does Pam like to do with her Sundays you ask? Let’s look to the Post-it inspiration wall:

Oh, look! She’s driving to Big Sur with her charming husband. She’s probably singing along to the radio as I type this. Actually, she’s probably at work, but please suspend your disbelief because I prefer to think of Pam with her feet on the dash and the wind in her hair.

Pam’s shirt is by MUJI, she bought it in Berlin because she is intercontinental that way. Note how it nips in at the magical tiny point on her torso, but still lets her inhale at will. Dear designers, more tops like this please.

She bought her bird bag at a farmer’s market in Virgina, it’s by Oblinaknit. Just think of all the magazines you could fit in there.

Her jeans are Gap, and exposing that red side hem is so key. Her orange button ring was from a craft show.

Pam’s shoes are by Robert Clergerie. They were originally $400, but Pam got them for $90. Pam says, “Yay, deals!”

The earrings and necklace were both gifts from her husband. The pendant is porcelain and was purchased at Rare Device in San Francisco, which is apparently where all of my friends’ significant others go for gifts.

Tomorrow, please join us for Happy Yellow Sweatshirt Day. You’re already off filling a wall with Post-It ideas aren’t you? I suspected as much.

Mighty Closet: Pam Daghlian, Outfit 1

This is Pam Daghlian, and she is fun. Pam is the type of person who makes lists of things to do on Post-it Notes and sticks them to the wall so she and her husband have ideas when they have a little free time. She laughs a lot, and she has a great smile. See?

Pretty great.

I met Pam because she runs events for Adaptive Path, which used to be one of my freelance clients. Pam looks so sharp every time I see her at an event. She chooses clothes with clean lines, and isn’t afraid of color.

Her simple apple-green skirt is by San Francisco’s Sunhee Moon. You can never find this perfect A-line skirt because Pam bought them all. She says, “I have this same skirt in black, denim, and light blue, and they’ve got my number to call when new colors come in.”

Tip! Try a simple skirt as your base layer instead of throwing on yet another pair of jeans. Well played, lady.

Her denim jacket with zipper detail is Anthropologie, and the colorful scarf is Oilily.

Her peacock feather bracelet is Ambience.

Watches are so much more convenient than digging out your cell phone. This one is Red Monkey.

When I asked Pam if she’d do a Mighty Closet, she looked baffled, even though she was dressed impeccably when I asked. Perhaps it’s because Pam is a woman dedicated to sensible shoes. She has to be on her feet all day for events, so she needs practical footwear. Exhibit A:


These Dansko shoes aren’t objectionable, and they work pretty well with the outfit, but some wedges or bright pink ballet flats would pull the look together much better. I told her we’d post her crazy cute clothes and then go out for a shoe makeover whenever she said the word. Shoe makeover! Pam, I’m waiting by the phone.

Tomorrow, join us for Pam’s lazy Sunday look.