Mighty Closet, Pam Daghlian, Outfit 4

6th May 2010

I think Pam and I look like we’re related. I was telling her that when my camera acted up. The colors went all wonky, the lens laughed at me when I tried to focus, the battery started making rude jokes about my mom.

Pam was very patient through it all.

Really. Seriously patient.

But I wasn’t able to get a good full-length shot of her outfit. So we’ll have to piece it together.

This is what the top of her dress looks like, it’s also by Sunhee Moon.

This is how it looks when she’s sitting down. The patchwork bag was a Renegade Craft Fair purchase. It’s by Raeburn Ink.

And here’s how the dress would look if Pam were headless.

Her footless black tights are from Hue, and the Mary Janes are Dansko.

Pam, everyone wants to know where you got your glasses. Let us know in comments and I’ll update here. Her jade beaded necklace was a gift, as was her bone structure.

Tomorrow, tune in for Pam’s cocktail outfit. Are you ready, Pam?

Please. Pam was born ready.