Mighty Closet: Pam Daglian, Outfit 3

5th May 2010

Pam says dressing is all about comfort for her, but even at her most casual you won’t find her walking around in a sweatsuit. San Francisco weather is so crazy, one minute it’s gorgeous, half an hour later it’s freezing, The hoodie is a wardrobe staple here, and woe to the girl who leaves home without tights under her skirt (or at least a pair tucked in her bag).

Pam’s bright hoodie is by Lucky Jeans. Her fuzzy cap is Anthropologie, and her orange enamel hoops are from Rubygirl.

Her skirt is by Texture Clothing, purchased at the Renegade Craft Fair. Her gold tights are from Hue.

Pam’s Fluevogs are for hoofing it around the city. She says, “Anything I wear has to be public transit proof since I don’t own a car and I’m too chicken to bike to work.”

Tomorrow check in for a favorite work look.