9 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. Nothing But Bonfires

    If my life had a soundtrack, it would be “The Outdoor Type” by the Lemonheads. It would play every time I walked into a room. Sample lyrics? “I can’t go away with you on a rock climbing weekend / what if something’s on TV and it’s never shown again?”

  2. Dinah Sanders

    I am completely distracted from all the approving remarks I was about to make by the guy with a blue bow tie and cardigan over white trousers in the Brooks Brothers ad on the right. Weirdly, he has totally the wrong hair to carry off this quirky look; seems like he’d be more comfortable in silk boxers in SkyMall.

    Oh, um, anyhow, something about bourbon on a patio together soon.

  3. Jef

    My wife sent this link saying, “This reminds me of us.” So naturally I had to look. And it does.
    I asked her, “Ya know the biggest difference between the ‘outdoors’ and a pub?….I’m the only thing in the pub that will eat you.”

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