Mighty Life List: Choose Your Own Adventure

So, I have news. News that warrants a celebratory hair flip:

(It’s helpful to have one of those on hand.)

The news is that Verizon Wireless is sponsoring my Mighty Life List! Yes they are! We are getting this done, y’all.

I’ll be working on three items this month, and I’ll tell you all about them right here. What I’m hoping is that you’ll commit to doing three things this month too, and keep us updated via comments. At the end of the month, I’ll do a roundup about all the living we got done.

I’ll tell you more about my goals as we go along. Verizon gave me a new phone and the idea is to use it to help me tackle my Mighty Life List, so I chose goals that are more about living my daily life thoughtfully, and less about jet setting. Also, I’ve added “Tattoo a Verizon logo on my bicep” to my list, so I’ll be starting there.

Oh, but I kid. It will be on my ankle next to the Celtic gecko.

Now for you! What are you doing this month? Something awesome? Tell us.

A huge thanks to Verizon Wireless for sponsoring my Mighty Life List and helping me achieve my dreams. They’re making my site more interesting by helping me cross off few more goals, and they also gave me a Palm Pre Plus. One that completes calls. Thanks, guys.

86 thoughts on “Mighty Life List: Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. I will:
    Finish knitting that hat for my husband I started last December and maybe even the cardigan I’m working on for myself.
    Get a serger. And use it.
    Really, truly, make meaningful attempts to eat better.


  2. This month I will:

    Finish my wedding album
    Read half of the remaining 36 books on an important list I have
    Run at least 30 miles


  3. 1. Make macarons from scratch
    2. Give my partner a gift each day for the 25 days leading up to his 25th birthday (inspired by your giving your husband 40 gifts for his 40th)
    3. Go to New York City


  4. OK I’m game! this month I’ll:
    cook something from The French Laundry Cookbook

    I’ll add to my Make 100 Wonderful things

    Saber open a champagne bottle


  5. My life list would involve practical, boring things like “set aside enough to live on for 6 months should the unthinkable happen,” so I’m sitting out until inspiration strikes.

    But, I know Verizon is sponsoring you and all, so you have to be nice. Me, not so much. Let me just say, I love love LOVE love my Palm Pre. Love it. It’s got the best of both the Blackberry and the iPhone words.

    Did I mention I love my Pre?


  6. 1. Learn to read and execute a sewing pattern.
    2. Lose 10 pounds and get off the blood pressure medicine the doc put me on today.

    I’ll have to think about a third.


  7. Congratulations! This month I will:
    1) take my first roadtrip
    2) couchsurf for the first time
    3) knit myself a pair of socks that fit right and are pretty


  8. Me too! Me too! I wanna play too.

    In March I will:

    1. Go to Portland to visit my cousin and see his house being rebuilt after the fire last winter.

    2. Complete a fiction writing course.

    3. Be more consistent posting to my blog.


  9. Yay!

    1. I will finish my first non-fiction book (on Discardia).
    2. Attend SXSW interactive, connect with wonderful people & (I hope) plant the seeds of my next adventure.
    3. Start my first novel.


  10. Amazing, Maggie! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this month.

    I’m going to re-do my Life List with more ambition and creativity. From there I will find two other things to cross of the list for this month.

    Thanks for being so inspirational!


  11. 1. Spend a weekend on a silent retreat at a monastery
    2. See Saturn’s rings
    3. Forgive someone for something really big (this is obscure and sort of intangible, but I think I’ll know when I’ve done it, and if I choose the right thing, I think it will be a big accomplishment)


  12. This is fantastic! Congratulations, Maggie!

    I completed my life list a little while ago but I haven’t really got started on the hard work of crossing things off. Hopefully your efforts will inspire me. This month I will try to:

    1. Bake a pie from scratch that actually tastes good.
    2. Finish reading James Joyce’s Ulysses
    3. Wear all the hats in my closet so that buying them wasn’t a mistake.


  13. Okay, so I just thought of the third.
    1. Start the actual writing of the rewrite of the first novel of a trilogy. (finished one complete draft, but it was too mediocre to be salvaged, so I’m starting again from scratch)
    2. Start my presidential biography program-read a biography/autobio/memoir of every American president.
    3. Prepare to run my first road race in April.
    These have all been on the monthly agenda for some time, but it’s always good to put it in writing.


  14. 1. Finish seeing all of Korea’s National Parks (#19 and #20)

    2. Turn off my lights for Earth Hour


    3. Explore Malaysia and Thailand!!


  15. Go, Maggie, Go! Yay Verizon!

    March 2010 will find me:

    1) Shooting a portrait session with an important client in New York City.
    2) Going back to New Orleans.
    3) Getting down to brass tacks with our baby names short list, right here in Toronto.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  16. Congrats, Maggie! I can’t wait to read more!

    My thing is actually going to take four months…you know the “Couch to 5K” programs? I’m doing “Couch to Bikini Competition.” I must be out of my mind – but wish me luck! 🙂


  17. I am totally inspired. So jumping in, this month I will:

    1) Write my life list!
    2) Take a photo in San Juan that is frameworthy
    3) Play with my kids among fields of Texas bluebonnets.


  18. This month I will:

    1. continue, with the most positive attitude possible, continue seeing my mother through hospice care.

    2. will read more books and watch less crappy television as a way to escape.

    3. will *fingers crossed* make a baby.


  19. I want to be your friend, but jealousy keeps getting in the way.


    I’m not sure I can get 3 in a month, but next up is #87, “fly on a trapeze.” I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂


  20. Maggie,

    First off congrats on finding a new sponsor for your Mighty Life List! It is a most giddy, glorious, addictive thing to create and thank you for the inspiration of it.

    So, here is my March list:

    1.) Reach out to someone I respect and take them out for a drink!

    2.)Organize just one area in my house of chaos

    3.) Book mysself a massage, because, honey, I deserve it!


  21. Life list items:
    ****Volunteer at shelter
    ****Finally launch my company website
    ****Keep my lent promise

    Maggie – I’m in the market for a new phone – You’re advice was dead-on about your Cannon camera.. what’s your take on the Palm Pre?


  22. Things I’m going to do this month?

    Start and keep a new blog – listographist.blogspot.com
    Finish assembling my wedding albums (3 of them!)
    And figure out if I’m moving back to California.

    Easy peasy!


  23. Huzzah for sponsorships!
    1. Host a blood drive on the 15th of March.
    2. Purchase a lemon tree for my kitchen.
    3. Drive over to Detroit to deliver books for a neighborhood library.


  24. Finally declutter the apartment — get rid of all 20+ boxes here…

    Take the kids outside every day that it isn’t raining…

    Decide to be happy every morning before my feet hit the floor — and remind myself every 15 minutes throughout the day 😉


  25. I haven’t made a full-fledged Life List yet, but I’ve been thinking on it. I can, though, think of 3 things for this month:

    1. Buy a cedar chest and gather in one place the treasures I currently have scattered in various drawers and closets throughout my house – my grandpa’s harmonica, my aunt’s class ring…
    2. Finally get some use out of my extensive cookbook/recipe collection by making one new dish each week.
    3. Get something on the walls in this office I’ve been sitting in for the last three years!


  26. 1. Learn how to develop a web site and web applications
    2. Keep in touch with friends and family (headed to impromptu grade school reunion in LA all from reconnecting on facebook! )
    3. Yoga. Serious, serious yoga.


  27. Ohhh how exciting!!! Maggie will you now be walking around with one of those red maps above your head!?!

    Thoughts on the palm pre? My plan expires next month and can’t decide which one phone to get.

    I’m going to go big this month:
    1.) Read Gone with the Wind
    2.) Tell myself 5 things I am thankful for every day this month
    3.) Finish decorating my living room – any ideas for how to use a really large clock???


  28. I fell out of my chair when I read this! I am so happy for you – you must feel the need to pinch thyself. I can’t wait to read about your adventures, and I promise to play along. Congratulations! (And that picture is the coolest picture ever. If it was of me, I would blow it up and wallpaper my living room wall with it. Ok, maybe not, but I really like it.)


  29. I think doing 2 pull ups is the most difficult task on your list… I haven’t been able to do a pull up since puberty hit! I tried, got maybe a quarter of the way up and then made my husband lift me the rest of the way.

    And I used to be able to do like 20 when I was in 5th grade…


  30. I, actually, crossed one of my items off of my list yesterday. I rode in a Huey Helicopter. This helicopter flew in the Vietnam War. I sat in the gunner seat which faces outward and the helicopter has no doors which made the views amazing!! I love crossing things off of my list! Good luck on your list!


  31. March:

    Begin Grand Gestures for my kids – http://www.jodimichelle.com/2010/03/07/life-list-eighty-nine/ CHECK!

    Learn carpentry. Almost check. Working on it this weekend. Table saw procured, we are a go.

    I haven’t done this one in March in it’s entirety however, it was completely in March. Lose 30 pounds.

    I always love when you ask us to choose some and tell you what we’re doing – I always think I know which ones I’ll choose but then something else happens entirely and I had nothing to do with it, the surprises are the best about making the life list, by far.


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