6 thoughts on “Momversation: Favorite Gadgets

  1. Really? Just phones and cameras? Although I am umbilically connected to my smartphone and would no more leave the house without it than without my pants, I’ll show some love for some other stuff too:
    …the Slingbox that lets me watch TV from my house on my cell phone wherever I am for free.
    …GPS, whether it be embedded in a phone or a stand-alone device.
    …netbooks, one of which I want so intensely it’s probably not healthy because who needs a 5th computer, but still.
    …thumbdrives, although these may be transitioning from gadget to taken-for-granted.


  2. Alrighty, give it up, whats the bag? A crumpler? Love the removeable-ness of the camera compartment!

    I’m a laptop, camera, ipod, smartphone, tablet carrying gal myself…not to mention the cords and such that go along with those.


  3. It’s a Crumpler Barge, I guess it got edited out in the video.

    Jan, I’m with you on the giant list of stuff I can’t live without. I would actually drive into the bay if my GPS told me it was the right way to go.


  4. I love that 50mm lens too!

    for me: iphone, canon xti, flip ultra, eee & our home media center (all of our things-to-watch are saved on a server in our study & can be pulled up by the handy computer-like box under the living room TV, or on any of our computers).

    no need for gps, as my license isn’t valid here (in holland – i’m american), but i’d be hooooked if i were back in the states, as i have NO sense of direction AT ALL.


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