8 thoughts on “Momversation: Mighty Lists

  1. Jen

    I took the Mondo Beyond couse that I heard about here! And I made mine, well, started it. Then lost it. Then found it again :) Now I’m starting to recreate it on my web site, but I have a long way to go. I agree that the act of making a list does shift how you think, and moves you to act or change how you are doing things. I’ve made it my resolution to say “yes” more often to experiences …

  2. FeastAfterFamine

    I read about your list ages ago but didn’t make my own. Maybe I was intimidated, uninspired, sleep deprived. Whatever. But I felt differently after watching the Momversation episode. Something clicked. I made a list and had a blast doing it. It sparked a great conversation with my husband and since I blogged about it, I keep running into people in the neighborhood who are making their own. Just this morning, the local coffee shop owner told me she’s working on hers. Thanks! It’s been great fun. Plus, I’m actually thinking about how to achieve one of my bolder dreams: inviting the President for pizza night!

  3. Melinda

    Maggie, thank you for inspiring me to write my own life list. Writing my own list has been an amazing journey learning about myself and what I want in life. I am happy to report that my niece and several friends have also been inspired to write lists of their own. You got the ball rolling that is working change and inspiration into our lives. You are awesome!

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