Your Mighty Life List Ideas

If you’re working on a Mighty Life List, please send it my way: maggie at mightygirl dot com. If you haven’t started your list yet, here’s another set to inspire you (more over here). Cribbing encouraged:


Melissa of Suburban Bliss is going to:
“Buy fresh flowers for the house once a week for a year.”

Bea of Bea is going to:
“Take singing lessons.”

Danielle  of Knotty Yarn is going to:
“Restore contact with three people I’ve lost along the way.”

Eleanor Black of Pundit is going to:
“Hug an orangutan.”

Jackie of A Patchwork Life is going to:
“Take trapeze lessons.”


Raych of The Part of My Life that is Not on The Intrawebs is going to:
“Ring a church bell (the kind in a tower, with a rope).”

R. Glaves of Underoo is going to:
“Get rid of everything I own that won’t fit in a backpack.”

Jena and Jessi of Bouched is going to:
“Sneeze on a sneeze guard.”

The Littlest Bird is going to:
“Take the Hiram Bingham Train to Machu Picchu.”

take luck is going to:
“Restore an old movie theatre.”


La Florecita is going to:
“Own a saltwater tank.”

The Takemoto Family is going to:
“Learn to throw pottery.”

Ms. Quarter of A Quarter Century in the Cream City is going to:
“Cook gulyas over an open fire.”

McGriddle Pants of Serenity Now!! Insanity Later is going to:
“Become proficient in the use of a plane, motorcycle, tractor, surfboard, rifle, pistol, canoe, football, basketball, bow and arrow, a guitar, lariat and boomerang.”

Charmed of Ramblings of an Idle Mind is going to:
“Go spelunking.”


Alliecat In A Beautiful Pea Green Boat is going to:
“Take my children to experience snow. Preferably a White Christmas somewhere very, very north of here.”

J. Murray – Szarvas of is going to:
“Travel across Canada on my motorcycle.”

Cahilla is going to:
“Ride the trains in Darjeeling.”

KT of Review Notes is going to:
“Spend a day at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.”

Gail of Impolite Conversation is going to:
“Become involved with a gnostic community.”

Allison of Perknitious is going to:
“Wear red shoes in the summer.”

Pumpkin Soup is going to :
“Eat caviar.”

Dakotagrrl is going to:
Finish a New York Times crossword puzzle.”

Sandra Vahtel of The Sour and the Sweet is going to:
“Travel to over 50% of the globe.”

Stacy of Sassafras Mama is going to:
“Have a front porch so incredible it could be on the cover of Country Living magazine.”

21 thoughts on “Your Mighty Life List Ideas

  1. This is amazing, because I was *just* thinking about this. I spent half the morning looking at the archives and being inspired.

    I want to drink chaud vin in a Paris cafe at Christmastime… (!)


  2. Slowly working on this list – but one of the big things for me is to participate in a Murder Mystery weekend at a B&B or Plantation in LA.


  3. I don’t have a whole “life list,” but there is one thing I’d like to do. I’d like to read “Les Miserables” in the original French. This means I need to learn French.

    And just like that, I have to items on my list!


  4. Here is the beginning of my list. Numbers 26-50 are written in my journal still, not having made it to the internets just yet. But, going back to the beginnings of my list just now, I realize how many of these things I’ve done just in the year since I posted it. Specifically:

    2. Visit British Columbia
    22. Learn how to knit a hat
    23. Make pottery again
    24. Take kids camping
    25. Have a job I love

    I think the universe was listening. 🙂


  5. I’ve spent the day at the Hermitage, a la KT of Review Notes. KT, you’ll always feel cheated unless you make it at least two days.


  6. I can’t link to a list. 😦 Blog has been private for a long time. The trouble with being in the medical profession. So I’ll add on to my previous one (chaud vin).

    51. Go back to Nicaragua and lay in a hammock on the beach.
    52. Donate to charity on a regular basis.
    53. Stand in the middle of the marketplace in Marrakesh.
    54. Learn to salsa – really well, then stun friends with my moves.
    55. Go on a Central Park date.
    56. Go to an observatory and look through the telescope.
    57. Take an art history class.
    58. Fold 1,000 origami cranes.
    59. Stand in the middle of a crowd and yell, “The stars at night! Are big and bright!” and have bystanders clap their hands and sing, “Deep in the heart of Texas!” a la Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure. This might take several tries though. Best if not actually in Texas.
    60. Have a confetti party.


  7. You found my list! I’ve actually already been to the Hermitage but sadly only had a couple of hours to spend there. I’d love to go back and properly explore it. Thanks for sharing mine!


  8. My list is still in progress, and I haven’t posted it yet, but a few of the items that have not yet been crossed off are:

    8. Ride a gondola in the canals of Venice (the city, not the casino)

    43. Restore my great-grandfathers 1959 Chevy Biscayne

    49. Learn how to de-clutter

    55. Stand on the equator

    61. Watch the sunset over Victoria Harbor


  9. I have started mine. It is nowhere near finished yet, but when it is, I’ll let you know. I’ve posted my first 23 items. My favorites thus far are as follows:

    3. play an unconventional instrument proficiently
    13. go to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
    20. start a monthly board game playing night/party
    22. own at least as many cashmere sweaters as there are days of the week



  10. I know I’m a butt for saying this but every time I see or read about red shoes I remember Carson Kressley from Queer eye saying, “Red shoes are for whores and little children,” according to his mother anyway…


  11. Hi Maggie!

    Your list inspired me to make my own bucket list a few months ago. I included a few things I’d already done because it didn’t feel right to leave them off. And then I thought that some day my kids would probably like to know about some of the crazy things their mama did in her day, so then I started a blog about my progress through my bucket list. I’m shy about sharing these things on the internets, so I won’t link to it here (though if you ask me nicely I’ll share it with you!), but here are some of my favorites:

    6. Become a mother
    12. Buy an original piece of art
    17. Create a childhood book for each of the kids
    18. Create my own cocktail
    23. Experience weightlessness
    27. Float in the Dead Sea
    39. Host a scavenger hunt
    40. Learn archery
    44. Learn to fly a plane
    57. Pick a favorite charity and donate more every quarter
    62. See Ayers Rock at sunrise
    91. Visit Petra

    Thx for inspiring me to do this – it has already impacted my life in a very positive way, as am now making concrete plans to do all these things. Since I made the list in July I’ve crossed 2 things off and 6 are in progress. So fun!


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