These Boots are Made for an Entirely Different Economy

These boots aren’t in my wardrobe budget, but I thought I’d collect them here so we can all admire their vitality. Your links to dreamy shoes are encouraged in the comments.


Sigerson Morrison 9550 Boots, $899 Betty Draper meets Deeta von Teese.


Pour La Victoire Kerry, $406 (On sale. Regularly $564) These make me want to dress like the Vogue version of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale heroine. Now all I need is a drindle made of crushed egg shells and hair that won’t fit through a standard doorway.


Kate Spade Sierra, $383 (On sale. Regularly $475.) Remember your first pair of patent leather Mary Janes? Like that, except you won’t have to sit through the sermon to take them out on the town.


Via Spiga Crispin, $425
Schoolmarm basics — they come packaged with a punitive yardstick.


Elizabeth and James Vegas Boots, $564 Your mom will hate these. Sometimes that’s still reason enough.

33 thoughts on “These Boots are Made for an Entirely Different Economy

  1. Don’t let the high-end desinger names and prices scare you. They can be had! My black, patent leather Sigerson Morrison lace-up booties at under $100 are proof. Bookmark your coveted item and ‘stalk’ it.


  2. I love ALL of those! Unfortunately, I suffer from gargatuan-calf-itis and lack-of-ankle-itis so NO boots fit me, not even the ones made for big girls 😦 As a result, every fall and winter I become very envious of every single woman who gets to bust out their boots for the season.


  3. cee, would you believe a friend of mine actually ordered those boots online and then returned them because she needed Serious Walking Boots, not heeled ones? Once those go on my feet they are never coming off, not even for showers. Which is why I’m not allowed to try them on.


  4. Oh Jen…that Marshalls find of yours…TO DIE!!! They just look like something I want to curl up with in front of the fireplace. Love them! The looks so soft!!! I can’t believe half the price…I must get back to stalking Marshalls – clearly I am missing out!


  5. Oh, the Sigerson Morrison’s make my heart skip a beat! So do these, which I fantasized about nearly every second of the day for almost a month before giving in to their siren call. I am normally the opposite of a spendthrift, but these beauties convinced me to splurge. You wouldn’t know it to look at them, but they’re comfy too. Worth every penny.


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