Free Stuff! Mighty Girl Xbox Giveaway

8th December 2009

Hello. Would you like a free Xbox? Yes, I thought you might.

I’m partnering with Xbox to do a giveaway around the theme of “staycations.” The idea is that we should stop waiting for some distant day when we have the time and money to “get away,” and start having fun now, right where we are. By playing video games, for example. Up for grabs is two packages for two winners. It’s $500 worth of good stuff:

-An Xbox console
-Three Family Fun Games
-A Gold Subscription to Xbox for a year

For more about the rules, read the italicized bits at the bottom of this post, but the gist is this: Leave a comment about your plan for your perfect day at home, and you’ll be entered to win. Here’s mine:

Snacks and Chick Flicks that Don’t Suck

The best days are days that don’t require pants. This is why I became a writer.

My perfect day at home is all about pajamas, movies, and snacks. As a woman, I prefer movies with women in them, and I particularly enjoy it when those women have speaking roles. (Hollywood, take note! Female audiences are fickle.) If you have a free day, allow me to lay out your gluttonous movie fest:


Breakfast with a plucky Reese Witherspoon. It’s hard to resist a smart movie about high school politics where Ferris Bueller plays the teacher. This movie pairs well with bite-sized waffles.


Bacon and He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. It’s in French, so get to it early while your synapses are still firing. Amelie aside, this is my favorite Audrey Tatou movie. I would prefer you not know anything else about it before you watch it. Please obtain a copy. And some bacon.


Make some hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows and settle in for a play. I’ll watch anything with Julianne Moore; the woman has excellent taste in scripts. (We’re all just going to pretend Safe never happened.) The Vanya on 42nd St. plot synopsis explains it all: “New York actors rehearse Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya” in a rundown theater.” It is arty.


Speaking of arty, have a little olive oil popcorn with your Parker Posey. I love House of Yes for its stilted, whip-smart dialogue. Plus, Tori Spelling in surprising turn as “not bad at playing that guy’s girlfriend.”


Olive oil popcorn and Maggie Gyllenhaal in heat. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to ruin it — though the movie poster pretty much says it all. Let’s just say Secretary is about power dynamics.


Sundae bar with fresh whipped cream, spicy hot caramel sauce, and slivered almonds, plus Kicking and Screaming. We’ve talked about this before. Noah Baumbach? Call me.

That’s my ultimate day at home. I’m beginning to wonder why I haven’t made this happen yet. Now your turn! Outline your day in comments, or tell me what would make your movie-day lineup if you were plotting a day like mine.

But wait! This is the contest fine print. Here’s how the giveaway works: You must be 18 or over to enter and live in the U.S. I’ll pick two commenters as potential winners (to be verified by ePrize). Please include your perfect day at home in your comment, and multiple entries will be disqualified. Comments will be open until tomorrow December 9, 2009 at 9 p.m. Eastern. Winners will be chosen randomly using, and announced on Friday, December 11. Good luck! Read the official rules here

492 thoughts on “Free Stuff! Mighty Girl Xbox Giveaway

  1. Amanda

    My perfect staycation: a four-pack of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, spaghetti and meatballs made by my husband, and an Arrested Development marathon. With the occasional dog walking.

  2. Rebecca

    An idea of a perfect staycation? A never-ending pot of coffee, a cozy blanket, great movies (When Harry Met Sally, Singles, and ooh! love THAT Kicking & Screaming, too) and my animals curled up around me. Bonus points if I can get my husband to watch the movies with me.

  3. Sarah

    Perfect staycation? first, my fiance and I have to have more than 2 days off together (Thanksgiving was the first time all year!), then the rest falls into place: good food, good wine/beer, movies and books to catch up on, and great weather (stormy/snowy/cold in the winter; sunny/clear/slightly breezy in the summer).

  4. ladyloo

    My perfect stay in day involves pot after pot of Earl Grey tea (with milk & honey), and a book so good I can barely tear myself away long enough to pour another cup.

  5. Carrie

    My perfect staycation: lazy breakfast with tea and bacon and the newspaper. a couch and a really good book or two. a walk with the dog and some delivery food that i don’t have to make. a bath. a glass of wine on the porch with my sweetie.

  6. Brita

    My perfect staycation is listening to jazz public radio and working a jigsaw puzzle with my fiance. We are accompanied by lovely wines and cheeses and our fluffy dog sleeping at our feet.

  7. meg

    The most perfect(est): the weather is sunny and the husband, the toddler and I do a bit of gardening out in the backyard. Then she takes a 2.5 hour nap while we drink home-brewed ale, snack on take-out sushi, and just generally enjoy the silence.

  8. Stephanie

    My perfect day is spent in bed with my husband, CSI marathon and a couple of knitting projects, fueled by cookies and milk!

  9. Lisa

    My idea of a perfect staycation…snow on the ground, fire in the fireplace, a perfect ratio of sweet to salty snacks on hand, sappy movies and no telephone ringing!

  10. Courtney

    Let’s see – well, the day certainly wouldn’t start before 10am, as the perfect staycation must involve sleeping in. A long walk with the dog and the husband, perhaps ending with some soft serve ice cream. An excellent book to enjoy. A movie to laugh at, while enjoying a meal featuring pasta and copious amounts of garlic.

  11. AJ

    ooh, my imagination is so excited by this question! Mine would start with a delicious stack of spiced pecan pumpkin pancakes with butter and warm syrup, while reading the NY Times in REAL PAPER FORM (instead of racing through it on my laptop at work)! Then I’d pull out my giant basket of unfinished needlepoint projects and pick one to finish that day – right now, it would probably be the tiny stocking ornaments in bright silk and gold thread I really want to give to all my friends this year. To keep me company, I’d watch my favorite old movies – “Designing Women” with Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck, and “Adam’s Rib” with Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy (don’t worry about the black and white, the dialogue alone is enough to fascinate you!). For lunch, I’d order in from the adorable locavore soup-and-sandwich place around the corner that I never get to go to because it’s only open when I’m at work, and invite over my best friend to chat over doorstop-size turkey-and-cheddar sandwiches and cajun corn chowder soup. After lunch, I’d finally read “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell,” which has been staring balefully from my bookshelf for over a year, when I so excitedly bought it and then never had time to commit to an 800-page novel, as cool as all the witchcraft and wizardry therein promised to be! I’d curl up in my squashy leather armchair under a sunny window, with a fuzzy blanket and my flannel PJs and a cup of real hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows, and read ’til dinner, when my lovely boyfriend would come home bearing takeout from our favorite Italian restaurant. After dinner, we’d engage in a friendly-but-intense Rock-Band competition until we were too worn out to follow the note-paths, then collapse on the couch under down blankets with hot buttered rums to watch a Christmas movie. :)

  12. dd

    I often take staycations, as I’ve recently moved and am just getting into a new job. My boyfriend bought me a subscription to WoW; he and I often play the game together while watching movies. It’s not romantic, but it’s saved lots of going-out money and we both appreciate the time together.

  13. theambershow

    The maid comes and does all the laundry and dishes, the cook comes and makes something healthful and delicious.

    I watch movies, finish fun projects, and take a nap.

  14. amandaC

    Actually, my perfect staycation is almost part of my daily life:

    Spend time with husband and baby at home–maybe eat some Thai take-out; chat about our days, our futures, our ideas; read a good (probably fantasy) book. Play with the dog, and take her to the dog park for fun ‘n games.

  15. Erin

    Hmmm… My perfect at home day would be sleeping in while curled up with my dog, a 75 degree sunny day with a light breeze, and a couple of good romance novels to read in my hammock.

  16. jen

    My staycation would revolve around me, my husband, my puppy, movies, and ice cream. Throw in a nap, the dog park, a california cheesesteak for dinner, and I’m set!

  17. Kelly

    My perfect staycation: leave the kid with grandma, lunch out and a movie with the hubbie, pizza for dinner, souffles for dessert, and going to bed early… but not to sleep!

  18. Sharon

    Sleeping in till at least 8; drinking coffee & cream leisurely. Huevos rancheros for breakfast or by that time, brunch. Putting something in the crockpot so the house smells good all day. Getting a massage at our local hot springs and that always makes me hungry–coming home to that smell and a bottle of wine; watching food network and hgtv; staying up later than usual because I can sleep in again!

  19. Ruthie

    My perfect day at home involves baking something delicious and delicious-smelling (pumpkin bread), lounging around in something soft and warm (down slippers), and watching fun and silly TV shows (18 kids and pregnant again!). :)

  20. Elizabeth

    Great movie choices – especially She Loves Me/Loves Me Not.

    My perfect staycation day is sleeping in a little (8, maybe 8:30), a nice easy run on a coolish day, which then requires a long hot shower. Put on some comfy sweats, grab a couple of books (one new one, one old favorite) and some soup in a mug, and call me done.

  21. cassie

    pajamas until noon, burritos for lunch, and a fresh book to crack open for a day of indulgent reading!

  22. Beverly

    My Staycation would involve telling everyone that I am gone on vacation so I will not receive knocks on doors or phone calls. A good book, maybe Top Chef marathon, wine, cheese, etc… Oh and playing video games would be lots of fun for a vacation at home!

  23. Laura B

    snuggling at home on the couch with my hubs. of course we’ll have to alternate, action with chick flick. but we’re both good sports about both. (shhh, just don’t tell anyone my husband actually likes musicals).

  24. Genesis

    A perfect day at home:

    Cold weather outside, fire in the fireplace. Lots of tasty snacks, maybe a meal or two (cooked by someone else). Coffee in the morning, hot chocolate in the afternoon, wine in the evening. A really good book to read, with another waiting in the wings. Some quality time to play with my son, and then Grandma babysitting so I can have some quality time alone with my husband. A movie I haven’t seen before, but which is good enough to become a new favorite.

  25. Stacey

    Perfect staycation starts with sleeping in ’till late. Coffee just the way I like it, with perfect banana pancakes made by my husband, a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, and then lots of relaxing, snuggling time at home with good books, a Dexter marathon, a batch of warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and burritos from our favorite taqueria for dinner! Yes, please!

  26. abbey

    a perfect day at home would involve someone else taking care of the baby while i catch up on my stack of newspapers without interruption. heaven.

  27. Amy E

    A Perfect Staycation involves a fully stocked pantry and a bunch of old cookbooks so I can try lots of new recipes for decadent (more than likely all chocolate!) desserts! And of course I’ll need a lot of sparkling wine to go with it. And of course I want my lovely partner to join me!

  28. Jen

    My perfect staycation – sleep in, stroll to the corner coffee shop for a nice foamy latte with the bf, stroll around and people watch whilst drinking said latte, then back home for some comfy time on the couch with lots of blankets, pillow, a cowl neck sweater, and warm comfy socks. The comfy time will inevitably include dvd – most likely arrested development and the Alfred Hitchcock collection. And more coffee and food… ahhh

  29. Abby

    My perfect day at home would involve: watching snow fall outside with no fear of having to shovel out my car, homecooked breakfast with girlfriends, puzzle/reading time with tea in the afternoon and popcorn and a movie in the evening.

  30. galyng

    Ooh, great movie choices! They are all ones I have wanted to see but haven’t yet. Now I have a list. Ok, my perfect staycation day would start off sleeping late, waking up and reading for awhile, getting sleepy and going back to sleep. Watching great movies for awhile, and then, around lunchtime, playing video games with my daughters, and puttering around the house with my husband. Meals would magically cook themselves, Fresh fruit salad would magically appear in my fridge. That would really be the perfect day!

  31. AVB

    Perfect staycation: Wake up at nine, but don’t actually get out of bed till 11 (after I’ve finished reading the news & all my favorite blogs). Then mini dance party with the dog to a random iTunes DJ list, followed by homemade breakfast burritos for lunch while reading a great book, then a little Karaoke, and lastly, doing something crafty while I wait for my roast chicken to cook. All of this completed in pajamas, of course.

  32. Jamie

    First of all – I’m so glad that someone else has seen and loved “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.” That was a recent Netflix score for us and it was such a great movie!

    My ideal day at home involves sleeping late, grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and an afternoon of “The Fabulous Life Of _____” accented by a stack of the most recent gossip magazines.

  33. Rach

    my perfect staycation: watching some streaming netflix movies snuggled up on the couch, a good bottle of wine, and my happy cat snoozing on my lap :)

  34. Jen T

    Perfect day at home – it should be really terrible outside, just so I can truly justify staying in. I would make french toast and various breakfast meats, and eat that while catching up on backlogged TV. I would then throw something in the slowcooker for dinner, and take a break from TV to play some video games, maybe read a bit, take a nap. Once dinner is ready, it is time for a mini movie marathon!

  35. Stacee

    Sleep in until 8am (what? I have a toddler and a preschooler — 8am IS sleeping in around here), but not actually get out of bed. Have all my favorite magazines around me, husband brings cup after cup of tea, breakfast in bed, and then the laptop, where I’d watch a mumblecore marathon via Netflix. Occasional visits from the kids and husband, some cuddles, then more movies. Talk on the phone with my best friend. Dinner date with my husband followed by a nice long drive along the water.

  36. Alaina

    My idea of the perfect day in involves a delicious breakfast (after sleeping in), a post-breakfast nap (perhaps in front of Friends on DVD), lots of time to lounge on the sofa in comfy clothes with my husband and puppies watching movies and more TV on DVD, chocolate cupcakes, and delivery (perhaps Thai for lunch and pizza for dinner)… A lazy day sounds so nice… Sigh.

  37. Fritz

    my perfect staycation day would envolve cuddling on the couch with the husband watching weeds! then some seafood, starbucks and a nice glass of wine!

  38. Marissa

    My perfect day at home starts with a leisurely breakfast (bacon, french toast and strong coffee). I’d spend a little time online looking at pretty things on Etsy, catching up on my favorite blogs, and finally answering some long overdue e-mails. The afternoon would consist of a cup of hot chocolate, a big bowl of popcorn (extra butter) and a marathon of my favorite movies. Dinner out (no cleaning up for me!) would be the perfect conclusion to a wonderful day.

  39. Britt

    My perfect staycation is a How I Met Your Mother marathing, chocolate and almond popcorn, and my kitty cat curled up in my lap on a rainy day.

  40. divrchk

    A day in jammies snuggled on the couch with popcorn. I’d mix it up with chick flix and action movies – maybe The Thomas Crown Affair, The Fifth Element, When Harry Met Sally, Twilight… Fun!

  41. Betsy M

    My perfect staycation would involve resting on the couch with hubby and kiddos, and someone else cooking the whole time. We would snuggle and watch movies and have gourmet food catered in. :-) I cook every meal, every day, and i need a break. otherwise, just spending time with family is the best part.

  42. Heather D.

    My perfect day at home would be a slow, tasty breakfast (cooked by someone else), a long hot bath, then hanging out on the couch to read and lounge throughout the day. If I throw movies into the mix, I think something somewhat fluffy but with a girl power message might fit the bill, like Legally Blonde.

  43. neo

    My perfect staycation would be to sleep in, wake up next to my honey. Make coffee, bacon and pancakes and watch movies. If I’m feeling up to it and the weather is nice, maybe head into the city and grab some food in our favorite neighborhood.

  44. KL

    In keeping with your movie/food theme…

    Breakfast – The Neverending Story – Steel cut oats in apple cider and cinnamon, good nourishment while keeping The Nothing at bay.

    Lunch – – Endless Sunshine of a the Spotless Mind – Herbed cream cheese/onion/sprouts/tomato/avocado sandwich on whole wheat. And a Clementine…

    Dinner – Contact – Spaghetti and interplanetary meatballs.

    Late Night – Love Actually – hot mulled wine and ginger snaps. ‘Tis the season!

    wow, can this be tomorrow?

  45. Victoria S

    My perfect staycation starts off with a spoonful of Nutella. So far it’s not very different than any other day. But then rather than going right to my computer to get connected with the rest of the world and kick off my working day, I’ll go to my television and play some videogames (right now I’m midway through replaying Kingdom Hearts 2, oh Disney and RPGs how I love you!). Eventually I would stop for food and find out if our favorite Thai restaurant delivers so I wouldn’t even have to leave the house. Then maybe watch a movie or two on the couch with my hubby – he hasn’t seen The Notebook yet and I am betting five dollars he will cry.

    Ahhh, beautiful staycation… No hope for actually doing anything like this until the holidays are over.

  46. AnEmily

    I guess the perfect staycation would first involve sending the kids away to their own vacation(do we spell that vaycation now?) with grandparents or something. Then my man and I could hunker down like in the “olden days” and watch kung fu movies and eat take out chinese food and drink Maker’s Mark. And then, maybe even sleep on the couch. But we’ll have to get a new couch first since those Klippan sofas are impossible to sleep on. Then we’d have coffee and the sunday newspaper in bed. The End.

  47. Emily

    First, I sleep in until I can’t sleep any more (my husband has gotten up at 6 to feed the ravening hordes, I mean pets). Then I get up and have something tasty for brunch, plus a mimosa. Then I lounge around watching TV and there is a fantastic backlog of new shows on my DVR. I might knit a little. I probably drink some champagne and snuggle with the cats, when they aren’t performing hilarious antics for my entertainment. And then I cook a leisurely and elaborate dinner, which my husband cleans up.

  48. Tasha

    I think I might like staycations better than vacations. Everything I need is right here. My perfect staycation:

    Waking up without an alarm, breakfast in bed with my husband, playing in the snow, sitting by the fire, cats on the lap. We’d stay busy all day reading, knitting (me), drinking wine, watching the whole series of the British version of The Office, and playing our new XBox, of course.

    There would also be some excellent food and chocolate involved.

  49. Rebecca

    Breakfast (french toast, bacon, and mimosas) with Sense & Sensibility (1995).

    Then pizza with pineapple and feta cheese with Cherry Coke for lunch along with Little Women (1994).

    Maybe a couple episodes of Farscape or Veronica Mars in the afternoon.

    V for Vendetta with takeout Mexican for dinner, with a couple of cocktails.

    And end the day with ice cream and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog.

  50. Krista

    My ultimate staycation is spending a whole day at home with my fiance, uninterruped by the outside world. We just don’t get to spend enough time together, so my idea of a wonderful staycation is any time we get to spend together. I love him!

  51. Mary Beth

    oh, you know that a really wonderful staycation for me would include a pile of books, some cozy quilts, some wine in the evening, all shared with my husband…my two kiddos would be near-by, but would have a really fun babysitter to attend to them while I tuck into my reading! bliss!

  52. Jenna

    Late sleep in, a warm and snuggly tussle with the husband. With the teenager, put together some stew to simmer all day. Then the 3 of us snuggle down to read our book together (I read aloud, they lounge about – currently reading I am the Messenger). The cats pile on, too.

    Later some friends come over and share a bowl of stew and we all just lounge around, talking and drinking and laughing.

  53. Annie

    My perfect staycation would be sleeping in, enjoying my morning coffee, and taking the dogs out for a mellow stroll in the foothills by my house. Any day without a schedule or a list of obligations is my idea of a perfect day!

  54. Leah

    Oh, staycation, how lovely! Mine would involve board games, movies, and great food (preferably magical zero calorie food). I think we’d go with a nice, decadent breakfast followed by a round of scrabble. Then, some sort of classic enjoyment movies (it’s been awhile since I had a Star Wars viewing). Friends would come over to help us play more games — cranium, munchkin, and more. Then more movies, and finish it up with rockband.

    Oooh, and the food. I can’t even imagine how great the food would be. champagne or wine should be involved.

  55. Margaret

    3-course breakfast: perhaps migas, apple crisp, tea, and more migas

    A cool swim at our building’s pool for a sense of accomplishment before settling in to watch movies (like Kicking and Screaming! love it!)…

    Window-shopping online for shoes, and maybe look around online for the next vacation idea (Machu Picchu? Galapagos?), and get lovely and presentable in time to go out for indian food.

    Already wishing I had the day off to do it!

  56. Meg

    I would wake up to a clean organized house after 10 hours of sound sleep.
    I would wake up to no morning sickness and feast on chocolate chip pancakes and OJ that doesn’t give me heart burn.
    My all day morning sickness that has been plaguing me would be miraculously absent for the day.
    My boys would spend the day with the Grandparents.
    I would get the house to myself to watch all my favorite guilty pleasure shows and movies.
    My husband would bring the kids home POTTY TRAINED, clean, belly’s filled and in their PJs. We would have family bedtime stories and I would get to pick the book! The boys would go to bed with out a fuss.
    My husband and I would eat a nice dinner and I would have a glass of wine with out feeling guilty!
    After watching a movies together I would retire to bed where I would read myself to sleep.
    That would be my perfect staycation day at home!

  57. Kelly H

    The perfect staycation would include making corn chowder soup, comfy pants, dr pepper on ice and a long playlist of movies on my DVR some of which are family movies we can all watch together. Can’t wait to watch The Hangover with my husband (and NOT the kids) and watch the 2nd Night at the Museum movie WITH the kids.

  58. aubriane

    My staycation would involve Wisconsin Mac & Cheese from Noodles & Company, a bottle of Three Olives Triple Shot Espresso Vodka, pink fuzzy slipper socks, and an America’s Next Top Model marathon. Preferably one of the earlier cycles, like Danielle’s or Caridee’s.
    I’ll also admit to a Hot Pocket being added to the mix at some point.

  59. Morgan

    Any day that involves not working sounds swell, but a perfect staycation would include: someone to cook and clean for me, sunshine and trees to walk under, a pile of blankets, plate of freshly baked cookies, and stack of romantic comedies.

  60. Beth

    Looking forward to a slothful day or two over the holidays that will include: a decadent breakfast; a marathon of “The Wire”; pjs all day; homemade pizza; Schlafly APA all with my boyfriend at my side. Out of my control, but also desired, this would all occurred while snowed in. Thus, alleviating any possible guilt of not getting out and about and doing something! An xbox would make it that much more fun.

  61. Melissa Anderson

    Hmmm…perfect stay at home vacation? Are you taking the children? I’d love a pile of books, girl movies, hot chocolate – cuz its freezing here – and just one day without the kids or worrying about the kids.

  62. Eevin

    Perfect Staycation (all with husband as partner in crime): Sleep ’till 9:30. Early brunch (eggs, fruit, coffee, raisin english muffin). Then Sofa Time for Media Glut: newspaper, magazines, books, TV, movies. 3:00 shower, brush teeth. Tidy home and prepare for: Cocktail time with extensive hors d’oeuvres lasting into and past dinner time. Pinkberry. Brush teeth. Bed.

  63. Meghan

    Staying in bed all day, pajamas, movie marathons or Mad Men marathons, lots of coffee, knitting, breakfast at noon, and delicious soup simmering in the kitchen for dinner!

  64. MomofDavid

    A cold, rainy day…a big bowl of mac and cheese and an Izze fizzy pomegranate beverage followed by dark chocolate confectionaries…and watching the series Arrested Development and Freaks and Geeks in their entirety.

    Also, my husband does an annual Oscar night dinner with five courses, each one representing each of the nominated films. That’s also an excellent eating/movie combo for me.

  65. heather

    i suppose my perfect staycation should include my husband, and maybe it does, but my second perfect staycation involves me and a magically fully stocked craft supply closet, my sewing machine, and enough creativity to churn out 3 queen-size quilts, not because i have a gift-giving deadline but because i simply have so much fabric and so much creative juices and so much free time. oh, here’s where the husband comes in – he can feed me and supply me with wine every 3-4 hours, or as needed.

  66. Celia

    Any perfect movie day MUST include the BBC’s Pride & Prejudice! (You know, the perfect Colin Firth version?)
    And while I’m at it, let’s just make it a Jane Austen movie day – those are the best! I will include Sense & Sensibility (Emma Thompson), Emma (hard to choose between Gweneth Paltrow and Kate Beckinsdale – both are great!) and maybe the Jonny Lee Miller version of Mansfield Park, because he plays a nice Edmund! :)

  67. Claire B

    Great movie picks! “Kicking and Screaming” is the reason I tell my husband I’m not that interested in going to Prague (“Oh, I’ve BEEN to Prague”). The perfect day at home: A terrible snowstorm outside that looks beautiful and also deflects any guilt for not going outside. We would build a fire in the fireplace, watch cheesy comedies like The Jerk and Weird Science and drink hot cocoa in the a.m. & hot whiskey in the p.m. Delivery from our favorite chinese restaurant for lunch and delivery again for dinner. I’d only put my coat on for long enough to take the dog in the back yard and laugh as he played in the snow. I would probably also play Wii, although if I had an Xbox, I would love some Resident Evil!!!

  68. Tara

    My perfect day in would include an alarm and cat free wake-up. Followed by 20 minutes of calming and uninterrupted yoga. Breakfast would include several yummy veggie juices. A marathon of Futurama and Arrested Development to get the morning going. Lunch would include a huge specialty salad made by my amazing husband, who is of course included in this fun time at home, and maybe some fresh sweet potatoes. Pete and Pete along with My So Called Life would fill the afternoon with all their teenage angst and glory. If the weather allows a nice long bike ride or walk to the park with our toy poodle would be lovely. Next a break for some quiet reading in our front room that is filled with sun at this time of day. Dinner of herbed or marinated fish with steamed veggies and an omelet of some fashion. Yum! A few glasses of wine, Extras, the BBC’s The Office, and cuddling to follow dinner. Ah, what an amazing day!

  69. Annika

    I’m torn between a marathon of movies with ABBA on the soundtrack (Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Muriel’s Wedding, etc.) or a marathon of post-apocalyptic and/or dystopic movies (Blood of Heroes, Dead End Drive-In, etc.). Hmm, maybe I could combine them into a marathon of movies shot in Australia.

  70. Ris

    Hmmm mine would involve no alarm clock, a long bath, changing back into pajamas, and reading while curled up by the fire. Maybe with some Christmas music or movies playing in the background. After all, its not Christmas until I’ve see the original Home Alone.

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  72. AppleTree

    I think your “staycation” sounds fabulous, can I come?

    And I agree that the best days are those that don’t require pants (or shoes!); however, as a teacher, that is typically frowned upon.

    Anyway, my staycation would involve food delivery, movies, good wine and/or beer, lots of M&Ms, no pants, a down comforter, and the couch. My husband may be invited, totally depends on my mood.

  73. kara sue

    Great question! I would sleep in a little, go on a bike ride with my husband, take a long bath, eat ice cream for lunch (ok maybe soup since it is cold outside), and spend the afternoon watching movies. A long walk around the neighborhood in the evening and take-out for dinner, followed by a glass of port for dessert. I might have to make this happen over the holidays!

  74. melissa

    my perfect staycation: to have my touring musician boyfriend home for a few days between tours, and to just STAY home, STAY off the computer/iphone,etc…he’ll make the coffee the way i never can, we’ll have a big breakfast and talk and catch up and we’ll both remember that the time apart is hard, but it’s worth it to hang in there for the time together :)

  75. Julie

    the perfect staycation: a beautiful warm and sunny day, brunch outside at my favorite brunch spot, long walk with my husband and pup, picnic lunch, afternoon with my favorite movie of all time (Parent Trap w/ Haley Mills), and small/intimate dinner party at a friend’s house where I don’t have to cook!

  76. Jessi

    Sending the wee one to visit grandma for the day, reading in bed, crafting galore, long hot bath, glass of wine, naps (plural), and ordering out for dinner.

  77. Becca

    My perfect day at home would involve completing some home project (at a leisurely rate, of course) and watching a Christmas movie, with a cup of cider in one hand and a cookie in the other.

    My recommendation for a recent chick flick that didn’t suck? Julie & Julia.

  78. Tessa

    ah, my perfect day at home requires heavy rain outside and the fireplace roaring inside…drinking tea, reading books and blogs, watching movies and knitting with friends.

  79. sarah

    My ultimate staycation would be so similar to yours: snacks, jammies, and never getting up from under a comforter. But I’d like to watch an entire series for the first time from start to finish in a single day. Like “The West Wing.” Mmmmm… Josh & Sam….

  80. Christina

    First of all, thank you for planning my Netflix movie line up for the near future.

    Second, I chose to be a grad student for similar reasons that you became a writer. Pants with zippers are highly overrated.

    Finally, my perfect day at home involves large amounts of coffee, baked goods, and breakfast foods. Also, a season’s worth of a very good TV show’s DVDs and my boyfriend to cuddle with on the couch.

  81. Erin

    I would definitely sleep in, then lay in bed most of the day watching movies and daytime TV. I would also take a trip to some boutiques I have been wanting to check out, but just haven’t had the time. Oh, and happy hour…I would fit that in too!

  82. S.

    My perfect movie day would be a Wes Anderson fest, in chronological order:

    1. Bottle Rocket
    2. Rushmore
    3. The Royal Tenenbaums
    4. The Life Aquatic
    5. The Darjeeling Limited
    6. Fantastic Mr. Fox

    I believe Mr. Anderson gets better with age.

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  84. Kyre

    Perfect staycation: I would be alone and asleep.

    But if awake, it would be me, my camera and lots of local photowalks.

  85. Leslie

    I’d have to have brunch out so that the amazing cleaning service I hired could come in and make my house look and smell good. Then, I think I’d want to indulge in a movie party with pals. (I’d need a good theme, like satirical murder mysteries, or movies about parties.) I wouldn’t want it to be during the winter, though—it would have to be during the summer so that people could grill, throw water balloons, blow bubbles or play mini-golf in the yard in between movies.

  86. Katie

    I 100% second the necessity of no pants days. I am as anti-pants as Lady Gaga (but I’m probably a lot more pro-comfort than she). My perfect staycation involves my best friend bring over brunch (eggs benedict, roasted asparagus, pitcher of mimosas) while we begin our Arrested Development marathon. We might take a break around lunch time to each some chocolate. We might also take another break in the late afternoon for garlicky baked brie and wine. Other than that, it’s just me and my best friend and Arrested Development on DVD. ALL. DAY. LONG.

  87. Libby

    Perfect day includes:
    Playing video games with the boyfriend.
    Burritos for dinner!
    Heading to our bar that has boardgames to play Battleship and Scrabble.
    Lots and lots of snuggling.

  88. JA

    Sleeping in…a stupendous breakfast in pj’s (papas con huevos y frijoles!)…brisk & sunny day for heading outdoors w/ the kidlets & bassets…picture taking (polaroid FTW!) throughout the day…a scrumptious dinner and a great wine…movies by the fire with the wife and kidlets…end with some real fireworks in the bedroom.

    Thank you.

  89. EL

    Since I am currently 6 months pregnant and living in a different state then my husband, my perfect staycation would be some quality time with the husband. We could just be lazy and hang out all day.

  90. Casper

    I would sleep late, have breakfast in bed, and then watch movies until I fell back to sleep. Then I would curl up with a good book, hot tea, and some popcorn.

  91. Naomi

    My perfect staycation? Pizza, plenty of treats, a good movie or book, some knitting, and good company.

  92. Jennifer

    For my staycation, I’d re-create the Sisters’ Beach Weekend: my sis would come over and we’d pretend to be at the cabin by sleeping in, going out to eat, watching wretched trash tv, painting our toenails, reading magazines, and maybe (if we’re feeling particularly motivated) go for a walk or do a little window-shopping. The only thing missing is the ocean!

  93. Amanda T

    Much like the Mighty Girl herself, I find myself at the mercy of the perfect movie, the perfect snack, and the perfect company.

    Behold, my perfect staycation:
    Movie: Pretty In Pink, Better Off Dead, or Say Anything.
    Snack: Have you ever had Popcorn with crumbled bacon mixed in? Delightful.
    Company: My husband, of course, and the cuddliest dog in all of Dogdom.. our 4 year old Chocolate Lab named Molly Brown.

  94. Heather

    My house would start out clean and then my husband and I would cook something fabulous and drink a bottle or three of a wonderful red. We’d cuddle up on the couch, the dogs wouldn’t bark and we’d watch hours of HBO shows.

    Then someone else would clean up after us.

  95. valeri

    Flannel jammies, a freezer full of Ben & Jerry’s and My So-Called Life beginning to end. At heart, I’m really just a 14 year old girl.

  96. Kara

    My perfect day at home? America’s Next Top Model marathons, a few cans of PBR, my boyfriend and dog with me on the couch and a box of pizza. YUM.

  97. Sam E.

    My perfect day at home right now involves cleaning out the “craft” room that currently exists solely to torture me, as it is currently unenterable.

    In a world in which I am not the slobbiest human being alive? That day would be about baking bread, making soup, sitting in front of my fireplace with a roaring fire, wearing fleece pants, and watching all five hours of BBC’s “Pride and Prejudice” while drinking endless mugs of mulled wine.

  98. Kari

    My perfect day at home would be a snow day… one where I thought I had to go to work and then unexpectedly got to stay home, sleep in, wake up and make a big breakfast and coffee, spend the morning reading books and magazines, the afternoon watching movies, and then cook a big dinner and share a bottle of wine with my boyfriend. I’d also want to spend some time organizing my apartment…doesn’t sound fun but always make me feel so good when my place is clean and organized.

  99. Amanda

    You’re day at home looks pretty ideal, but I’d add in lots of chocolate covered espresso beans, murder she wrote, and up the bacon level. I have an inability to sit still during movies so I’d like to work on craftiness while watching movies too. all this talk is making it difficult to sit here at work!

  100. Kathy Rambow

    My perfect day is me home all by myself, the house is clean, watching some horror films, with a Pat Obriens Hurricane! oooh and some Thai food!

  101. Lori

    Perfect staycation…absolutely no phones or email…husband and I play tennis in the morning, get totally relaxing deep tissure side-by-side massages, eat a delicious late lunch with wonderful wine, then go home, start a fire, and watch movies into the night…with more wonderful wine and clothing optional! FUN!

  102. Melinda

    My perfect day home would be enjoying play time with my one year-old son, and watching movie after movie. I am due for a chick-flick marathon!

  103. Bea

    Perfect staycation perhaps not in this order: a couple of episodes of Prime Suspect, crisp vegetables with anchovy mayo and tall glasses of lemon iced tea. Is there anything better than Helen Mirren as DCI Jane Tennison?
    A long hot bath with lots of good smelling soaps and lotions and perhaps an issue of Vanity Fair to read. Unless Stewart is taking the day off as well.
    Nearing dinner? Watch a couple of episodes of Jacques and Julia, Cooking at Home for ideas for dishes. Cook up a feast, complete with gateau and/or trifle and/or galette.
    Eat dinner watching Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.
    This day will be considered a success if jammies, robe and slippers are not abandoned and the sink is full of dishes the next day.

  104. Laura

    My perfect day would look a lot like yours, Maggie, in that I’d be lounging under a blanket in my pjs and fuzzy slippers while watching, say, 14 hours of movies. The lineup would include: Lars and the Real Girl, Junebug, Heartburn, Valley Girl, and 9 to 5. I’d be knitting the whole time, only stopping to nosh periodically on corn chips and seven-layer dip that magically appear, followed by a yummy pot of cheese fondue with apple wedges and crostini. My husband would share in the fun too, but he’d let me take up the entire couch while he camped on the less-comfy recliner. We’d nurse glasses of whiskey by a roaring fire when night fell.
    Oh, and despite the sloth and gluttony, I’d not gain a pound, this being the perfect day and all.

  105. Cara

    While You Were Sleeping, Gilmore Girls Box Set, Smart Puffs, and Trader Joes mini peanut butter cups. And my cats.

  106. Pansy

    My perfect staycation would start with a hot shower that lasted an hour with no interruptions including, but not limited to, the water heater being weak, the baby crying or a cat vomiting. Then my memory of watching The Wire will be erased painlessly and I can watch it again. With snacks. Lots of snacks. And sodas with sugar, not corn syrup, in them.

  107. erika

    I agree with all your movie choices. I think I would just add Amelie. Sitting at home all day watching movies and eating great food sounds absolutely wonderful.

  108. Amy

    THE DAY BEFORE THE STAYCATION: Clean the entire house. STAYCATION DAY (includes my husband): Sleep in. Have a big breakfast that includes bacon. Walk around the house, enjoying the clean smell and lack of clutter. Piddle around with my sewing projects. Watch Pride & Prejudice (the most recent one). Have friends over to play Settlers. Have sex.

  109. Angeerah

    My perfect day at home would involve my favorite meals at various restaurants delivered to my house and being cozy with my husband and baby boy. Most likely some television and cuddling in bed would be involved. And did I mention eating? Of course, we would be doing a lot of that!

  110. Melissa

    A perfect Staycation would be to stay in bed and read books all morning, cook in the afternoon and watch movies until the wee hours of the morning!

  111. Alison

    Holing up at home staycation:
    Sleeping in until 8am (!), waking up to a sunny but crisp Fall day. Going for a long walk down to the beach, doing a bit of beachcombing. Grabbing some coffee and getting through my piles of magazines…BrainChild, Sunset, and the like. Yummy lunch of Mexican food…make cookies (lame current goal: make homemade oatmeal & chocolate chip cookies)and begin the TV marathon. If solo, then Sex in the City, the Real Housewives of New Jersey or Atlanta (did I just say that outloud?) or with hubby the Wire or Arrested Development… another walk before dinner. Take-out (Thai?) and a long quiet peaceful bath without the interruption of children.

    Reality: Booking hotel for an overnight trip to a nearby-ish kitschy Bavarian “themed” town that goes all out for Christmas: Tree lighting, caroling, etc. We are going in 2 weeks and can’t wait! The kids will love it. Followed by sledding the next day.

  112. Ashley Arndt

    My ideal staycation involves a long hot bubble bath, comfortable clothes (pj’s), spending time with the family playing games and watching movies while we snack and eat good meals. Add a nap here and there and we’re golden!

  113. Nicole

    blankets, jammies, wine, cheese, magazines, movies, salty buttered popcorn, more cheese, more wine, and a hot tub.

    thinking about this makes sitting at work even more of a drag!!

  114. Sarah Jean

    Perfect staycation? I six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, a marathon of the show “Clean House”, and eating take out chinese food! So fun….

  115. April

    An ideal staycation involves pre- or ready-made food, a Sopranos or The Wire box set marathon, some Food Network, some intoxication, and some lovin’!

  116. Flora

    Trying a new braising recipe while I listen to Joni Mitchell on vinyl, glass of zesty zinfandel in hand!

  117. Lisa

    Movies and snacks and the occasional delicious cocktail would make up my perfect at home day. I would need an equal balance of girly movies like Love Actually or Princess Bride mixed with silly action flicks like Transporter and clever fast-talking Guy Ritchie-type movies like Snatch.

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  118. v

    as a first-year medical resident who gets random weekdays off (4 per month) and no weekend days, I think I’ve figured out what makes a refreshing 24 hours off and at home: waking up late (but not too late), going for a run along the marina and across the golden gate bridge and back, an omelete for lunch, a good book in the afternoon, tea at samovar with a good friend, dinner with the boy, followed by bananagrams and wine by ourselves or with friends (and in a perfect world, the next day off too!).

  119. Carlee

    My ideal “staycation” would be a week of warm pajamas (including cozy fuzzy slippers), my lovely new living room fireplace, my man, and endless hot cocoa (with none of that sugar creating any consequences of added pounds). Also, good books, a Glee marathon, and yummy comfort food.

  120. birdgal

    A perfect day at home, for me, would involve at least some of the baking I never get to do b/c running after two kids precludes it (bread! pie! coffee cake! muffins!) and probably a rewatching of Pride and Prejudice (the A&E miniseries, the one with Colin Firth) with my cat keeping my lap warm. And while I love my husband and kids, I would REALLY like a day to myself! :)

  121. Sarah

    Perfect Staycation: Trying out a new off road trail by home – one we don’t know where it leads, taking a chance; one we never do and hoping we will find something cool and unexpected. Packing a cool lunch with all the fixin’s for a picnic in the wilderness (with gps of course, wouldn’t want to get lost)

  122. Catherine

    I’m 9 months pregnant (due 12/30), so my perfect staycation includes a lot of lying on the couch with my feet propped up. My husband would be available at my beck and call to bring me milkshakes or popcorn or steak…whatever it is I want. And, of course, he’d change the DVDs when the movie ends…because there would be lots of movies. Oh it would be lovely!

  123. Lisa

    My perfect day at home: a tall stack of comic books, a medium thin-crust pepperoni pizza and a block of uninterrupted time. And then, once I had finished catching up on the X-Men, I could stretch out on the couch and slip into a pizza coma.

  124. Liz

    I’m with you: good food, good movies, good cocktail. I could also replace movies with a stellar board game with friends. The food and cocktail stay.

  125. yvanka

    This morning, my pipes froze. And since these things come in threes, my car got a flat, AND wouldn’t shift into first gear.

    So, my perfect staycation starts with a bath. A really, really hot bath, with a good book and a cup of delicious coffee. And then I’ll get dressed in something warm warm warm and meet a friend to see a movie, in my beautiful Subaru that works just fine. And then we’ll have an early dinner, followed by sitting in front of a fire and having a singalong. Oh bliss.

    I’d settle for the shower at this point, though. ;)

  126. Laura

    My perfect staycation involves a fully stocked kitchen, a pile of recipes I’ve always wanted to try, and my boyfriend as my sous chef/taster.

  127. Kathy

    First off, any day at home is a-okay in my book. I like to sew/quilt, so I would spend the day sewing, with the tv on in the background — possibly tuned in to the Food Network or maybe a favorite movie. Also, dinner in the crock pot so I wouldn’t have to cook. Hmmm. Sounds good. I wonder if I can pull that off this weekend…

  128. kat

    My perfect staycation would be home on the couch with some good old movies on, probably something with Katherine Hepburn in it, an interesting knitting project a fire in the fireplace & my husband roasting a chicken for dinner.

  129. Kelly

    What staycation would be complete without Mimosa’s? A wonderful breakfast served in bed, a lovely walk in the park with my husband, and movies, movies, movies. I would begin with the original Star Trek movies, all the way to at least Star Trek IV, because they are not, the hell, your whales. And finish the day with a long bubble bath, some Thai food for dinner and (since ’tis the season) Elf. That movie just cracks me up.

  130. Dan Larson

    My staycation–would have to start with waking up next to the most beautiful people in the world, my kids and my babe. Someone other then the 4 of us would have to make us breakfast in bed!!! After a full belly and the smell of brewing coffee, we would make it to the couch. Lots of movies and peanut M&Ms. Pizza would have to be delivered at some point. Just the joy of nothing else then to hold and love the ones that are closest.

  131. Jill

    My husband and I would sleep in, then make brunch for our 2 boys. All afternoon I’d work on a knitting project while the “boys” (husband included) played with their toys! A warm meal of corn chowder and good chewy bread would be followed by introducing our kids to a couple of our favorite teen flicks – maybe “Say Anything” or “Some Kind of Wonderful”. We’ve got quite a snow storm rolling in, maybe we’ll have a snow day tomorrow and I’ll get my staycation sooner rather than later!

  132. HK

    My perfect staycation involves an airbed on the living room floor, a carefully timed netflix delivery, and snacking on whatever sounds good. (Also known as a Sunday.)

  133. Krysta

    Perfect day at home includes: chocolate for breakfast, bottle of wine, non-stop pajamas, Arrested Development, take-out, and my boyfriend who lives far away.

  134. Jen

    One of my best friends moved a couple hours north of where I live a couple of years ago. I’m bummed that we no longer live in the same city, but have so enjoyed the mini vacations visiting her. It’s my perfect day. It starts by sleeping in, allowing myself the luxury of waking up naturally. Then enjoying a couple cups of coffee while making lemon ricotta pancakes. Eating said pancakes. Then lounging around, watching a great movie/show or reading the paper. Then we’ll bake something delicious and elaborate for dinner or dessert or both while listening to podcasts of our favorite public radio programs. Then the wine drinking starts and we dig in to our home cooked goodness. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I need to plan a return trip soon!

  135. Leah

    Perfect day at home includes either a really good or really bad cd downloaded from iTunes and a dance party and cocktails with my fiance.

  136. cate

    A snow day at home with my fiance, which would mean that we both have the same day off, which has not happened in 7 months. We would have a bottomless pot of coffee and a big pile of sausage, French toast and sweet potato hash browns for breakfast. We’d drag our awesome, as-yet-unused sled out to the park, and play until our fingers were numb and our quads were screaming from dragging that sled up the hill. Then home to a bottle of Pinot, something hot and bubbly for dinner, and early to bed. A truly perfect day would all happen in our weekend house, which we don’t own. Yet.

  137. Alicia

    My perfect staycation is a morning cuddling with the kids and hubby in bed, watching cartoons, before grandma whisks the little ones away so hubby and I can *cuddle* a little more. Then, we’d hop out of bed, share a shower, and head to the kitchen to make some nice homemade butternut squash soup and cranberry orange cookies together. We’d eat lunch, then spend the rest of the day snuggling on the couch with our cookies and tall glasses of milk daydreaming together about home renovations we will never be able to afford. Ah.

  138. Erica

    My idea of a perfect staycation would involve starting the day with a copiously large mug of cocoa and a stack of my favorite magazines (Somerset Life and Artful Blogging). Following that, baking something to fill the room with a wonderfully cozy aroma and curling up with a good book. Topping it all of would have to be a delicious dinner (perfectly seared ribeye with goat cheese medallions) and a few fun movies. Bonus points for stormy weather!

  139. Stacey

    Perfect staycation would be getting up to hot coffee and a giant breakfast (with BACON!) taking the mutts on a walk, then spending the rest of the day doing photo stuff with NO GUILT over what I should be doing instead. I suppose there would be a bottle of wine in there somewhere. Heh.

  140. Meg

    Sleep in with the boyfriend, take a bath and read in the tub while he makes us breakfast – scones, tea and fruit. Paint my toes and read the paper. Snuggle in for some movie watching. Drink wine all afternoon. Order thai for dinner. Read in bed and tell secrets to each other in the dark. Ahhh. Just thinking of it makes me feel so calm and happy!

  141. Tiffany

    A staycation should involve bottle of wine, perfecting a new recipe, listening to music I’ve forgotten I own, dancing around the apartment, and calling old friends.

  142. cmb

    My perfect staycation would be a day with my husband with the baby at daycare where we didn’t have to work. We’d sleep in and laze around and I’d be allowed to pick all the horrible movies I wanted.

  143. Lorie

    My perfect day at home would be much like yours with a very different movie lineup. Actually, forget the movie – just pop in a cd with recordings of Morgan Freeman reading the phone book = I AM A HAPPY WOMAN!

  144. Jessica

    My staycation involves someone to watch the baby while I sew. There would be lots of hot tea with milk and honey and fresh scones baking. In the evening, I would get to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince because I never had enough time to go see it in the theatre back in July. Popcorn with butter and brewer’s yeast sprinkled on top and peanut M&M’s. Then I would get to sleep though the night without having to find a spot away from the baby and his insistence that we must sleep with 90% of our bodies touching.

  145. Heather

    I would be at home with a clean house where my husband would rub my feet and we would watch movies and drink wine and have nowhere to no and nothing to do.

  146. Amy

    A perfect day at home…. a cozy blanket, a good book, happy children, a husband who makes homemade cookies to share…. ahhhh, bliss!

  147. Krista

    In this snowy weather, I’ll turn all the lights on, the heat up, move my potted plants into the living room, and trade off reading a favorite book aloud with a friend. When we get tired of that, there will be burritos to make. Then games to play and movies to watch. Possibly a nap somewhere in the middle.

  148. Kimberly/Mom in the City

    Hmmm. How can I fit tea, Chinese food and a massage (three of my favorite things) into a day at home. Oh yes, make tea, order in Chinese food and have my husband give me a massage. Three movies that would go along with my Asian-themed day’s plan:

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    The Joy Luck Club
    Rush Hour (my husband’s favorite)

  149. Jen

    A lovely staycation includes movies or tv marathons (like watching hours of Mike Rowe.. er- Dirty Jobs I mean..), scrapbooking or other crafty adventures, yummy treats and the company of my bf and snuggly kitty!

  150. Holly

    The perfect day at home would start with a big mug of coffee, lox & bagels, NPR, a newspaper, and the crossword puzzle.

    Movies would start at lunch. Pittsburgh has an awesome pan-Asian noodle place called Lulu’s. Their pan fried noodles and hot & sour soup would be delivered to my house just in time to start the film fest. I’m having a hard time narrowing down film choices. So, off the top of my head, the afternoon selections would be Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Big Lebowski, and Reservoir Dogs.

    Take a break to whip up some margaritas and burritos. Then it’s dinner! With Gross Point Blank and The Royal Tenenbaums.

    What an exhausting day. Time for bed- possibly with a good book and a cup of tea, depending on how tired I am. Just lovely.

  151. Paula Kidney

    My perfect stay at home vacation is to be snuggled on the couch with my Labrador Garth milo and my Hubby with a warm fire, some yummy coffee and my quaker parrot Binky sitting and sleeping on my shoulder. HE loves to cuddle and sleep on you! WOOF WOOF

  152. Mandy Phelps

    My staycation would be on a snowy day, like today. It would involve a fire, movies, and lots of snacks. I agree that any day that you can hang out in pajamas is the best.

  153. Auntie

    Since retirement staying inside the house doesn’t qualify as a vacation. My idea of a good staycation would be visiting all those museums in this capitol city that I have never been to even after living in this city for 35 years!

  154. Katie Kreiger

    Perfect day…Hmmm, I would wake up and not have to do the laundry or dishes, or cleaning the bathroom. It would already be done. I would make cookies or cupcakes, and start on all the crafts that I put off because I never have enough time. I would split the time between old movies from Netflicks, Playing the Wii (I don’t have an xbox..I am trying to win it!) and reading all the magazines I have built up.

  155. libby

    Easy. Waking up to a perfectly spotless, completely silent house. Followed by a visit from the masseuse, a facial and mani pedi. Gone with the Wind, Meet Me in Saint Louis, and Amelie marathon. Dad and kids would show up after having the best Daddy/kids day of their life with the rest of the family for game night. They would bring all the food and clean up too, of course!

  156. Daffodil Campbell

    My dream staycation is a cold rainy day where we don’t feel guilty for not doing yardwork, and can just sack out on the sofa with the kids, playing bingo, and eating grilled cheeses and popcorn that we popped in an old stainless steel pot because it just tastes better that way. We would watch a movie in the afternoon – or at least, the kids would. I would probably nap. My husband would probably have started napping during bingo. We’d have some warm yummy thing for dinner, like lasagne, and we would spend the evening taking turns soaking in our clawfoot bathtub, then curling up with books in our beds.

  157. elisabeth

    My ideal staycation would be a long, cozy day starting with coffee and butternut pancakes and a good book, stretching into movies and warm soup with crusty bread and melty butter…at some point during the day, friend would show up. They’d be wearing their PJ’s (like me) and would be armed with pillows and blankets. We’d all snack and drink and hang out and watch movies until midnight.

  158. Stephanie

    Staycations are the best when you have a reason to be cozy inside, so the rainier the better. But, either way the day must start with homemade belgian waffles eaten in cozy robes and then a day spent watching instant netflix…which really is the reason xbox’s and netflix were invented.

  159. Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

    My staycation would include a wood fire burning in the fireplace, the dog sleeping soundly at my feet, and one of the best books I’ve ever read in my lap. I’ll be so interested in the book I wont even be able to tell the weekend passed me by…

  160. greyfavorite

    A perfect staycation aways starts with sleeping in. A good story is a must; it could be a beloved, nearly memorized book like Mansfield Park, or maybe some watching some Stargate re-runs. I’m an avid gamer, so there’d be some playing of the latest obsession. Right now that’s Boggle, but if I win that xbox, the field for latest favorite would be wide open!

  161. Beth

    My perfect day at home would include yoga, playing old records from college on my turntable, Uno with my boys, homemade Mexican food and yummy, yummy margaritas. If I’m still sober (enough), an evening of Battlestar Galactica would be the cherry on top after the little guys are in bed.

  162. Elis

    I’d take a long, long bike ride with my honey, with a big Mexican lunch in the middle and an eggnog latte at the end. After that we would have little energy to do anything except eat take-out and watch movies (we’d start with a bad comedy for him and then I’d sneak some culture over on him) before passing out on the couch. Heavenly!

  163. Curt Brown

    I’d pick up a box of donuts for breakfast, then teach my 4 year old son how to play the games, then order a pizza for lunch, and then get my butt kicked by my son by 1 p.m. Then I’d try and convince him to take a nap so that I could practice some reverse ass whooping.

  164. Cortney

    Sleeping late is the key to any good staycation. In our case, sleeping late involves going *back* to sleep, as the animals provide an un-snoozable alarm around feeding time (6am). But, seriously, is there anything more luxurious than going BACK to bed? We even go so far as to straighten the bed back up, tuck sheets and fluff pillows, just so we can turn the comforter right back down again when we climb back in. So, yes, step one, wake up, step two, take a nap.
    The best part of our staycation would involve the lack of agenda. No must-do’s. No need-to-be-here’s. On the fly scheduling. That’s us. We work with a wish list and a whim. Sushi Buffet for lunch? (Absolutely) Wanna go shopping today? (Let’s go to that funky 5&10 we can’t ever go to because it’s on the other side of town and closes at 3pm)
    Other things we like on our luxurious day at home? Olives and cheese. Unique booze. A well stocked TiVo. Dinner on the deck instead of at the table. But mostly it’s about having no where to be except with each other.

  165. Nichole

    There would be no breakfast on my ideal staycation day. Because I wouldn’t be out of bed before 10am. Then I’d take a loooong shower, put on a set of fresh, clean PJs and have something delicious for brunch. (Sweet potato pancakes, maple syrup and bacon, perhaps.) After that, a good book and a healthy portion of quiet would suffice.

  166. Lenore

    Bed, bed, and more bed. (I’m pregnant, so this may be influencing my answer.) I’ll sleep, do some online shopping, catch up on my blogs, and sleep some more. Did I mention sleep?

  167. Tracylea

    My perfect day at home includes an entirely clean house, an adverturous and non-cantankerous daughter, my sisters, the kids, movies/music/videogames for the kids and boys in the background. we read each other tarot, talk about dreams, share book suggestions, eat snacks, drink margaritas and enjoy the sun shining through the window as my cat shares lots of lovin’ with each of us.

  168. Sheryl

    Well ideally it would involve a lot of junk food, and movies, and my kids (of course the kids wouldn’t fight and the junk food would be calorie free!)

  169. Lis

    Perfect Staycation? Watching all the episodes of Supernatural with my fiance while I cook to stockpile enough food in the freezer so we don’t have to eat out EVER! Wheee!

  170. Rachel

    OOOhhhhhh, great taste in movies!

    My perfect staycation day would be to wake up early, start a pot of coffee, and then go back to bed while it brews and snuggle with the animals.
    Then coffee and some slow yoga to get the day moving, and then make eggs and toast and juice. A walk with the dogs is in order, thenmovies and baking time.

    Only You (the one with Maris Tomei and RDJ) for starters while I whip up some buttermilk and bourbon banana bread. The whole searching-for-the-one-its-fate storyline is awesome.

    Then Impromptu, with Judy Davis and Hugh Grant, Mandy Patinkin, Bernadette Peters – just fun and elegant movie about love and passion. And then Chocolat after that – I’ll be baking the more complex christmas cookies now – chocolate madeleines and fudge – best accompanied by Johnny Depp and

    When its time to start whipping up some jambalaya for dinner it should be accompanied by Like Water For Chocolate – perfect movie about passion and cooking.

    Next up when guests arrive – Cinderalla Man – Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger at thier best in this one. Uplifting story of love and survival.

    And for dessert it would be a toss-up either Mistress of Spices with dreamy Dylan McDermott and the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, or the 1991 movie Where the Heart Is – both confections of light and fun, for different reasons. (But in WTHI Christopher Plummer plays a bloke named “Shitty”.)

    Ahhhh, I think I may actually have to do this next week!

  171. werlemmings

    An English breakfast, tea, cashmere blanket, music, sunshine through the windows, sofa, comfy cushions, Netflix, chicken pot pie, a good book, a walk, dim sum, playing The Beatles Rock Band on the Xbox.

  172. Kristin

    As the mother of a toddler and a 4 month old, my perfect day would involve 8 hours of sleep, then a nap and uninterrupted time to catch up on reading.

  173. Sarah

    Pajamas, movies and limitless snacks and diet mountain dew. Husband is a necessity while dog is optional since he is not much of a cuddler.

  174. meghanb

    The perfect staycation, wake up early watch a movie or two, a yummy breakfast, a nap, then more movies, an even yummier lunch, soap operas, painting my nails, a couple good magazines, then a fabulous dinner with hubby and drinks and dancing with friends all in my lovely new home!

  175. shokufeh

    I’d start with fresh pajamas and a clean face, so I feel like I’m going to get stuff done. Stuff like sitting on the couch with hot chocolate and popcorn and watching the classics of my youth: Dirty Dancing, Adventures in Babysitting, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and Shag.

  176. Christi

    I have a two-year-old, so a best day for me would involve me having the magical power to make her nap whenever I needed a break. We could play and then, bam, she naps when I want to read a book or run out of creative things to do. I’d totally use that as my super-hero power spreading parental joy and well-being wherever it was needed.

  177. Sandra P.

    A great staycation for me involves watching funny movies, eating popcorn, and snuggling. I can do that for days!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Chris

    The perfect day at home is when you wake up to snow outside, make a fire in the fireplace, and snuggle up with your spouse on the couch. Watch endless movies and play games (on the xbox of course!); getting up only to eat or put more wood on the fire. Finish off the day with a nice hot soak in the bath together – candles lit, wine in hand.

    Hmm, I think I feel a vacation day coming on…

  179. Lisa V

    It would start with a clean house and completed to-do list, so there would be nothing nagging at me. Then, food I didn’t have to cook, movies, and children who didn’t fight. And maybe martinis.

  180. Whitney

    My perfect staycation includes baking some tasty desserts, hot chocolate, an indoor picnic and playing computer and/or video games with my boyfriend.

  181. Rachel

    Hmmm, it would be sleeping in, enjoying a couple of cups of coffee while watching tv (and maybe a mimosa if we’re being honest). A short run whenever I’m ready to get off the couch. Then perhaps some baking of some sort, movies, web surfing… This is sounding like a good idea.

  182. Arie

    My perfect day in – coffee, long walk with the dog & boyfriend, some excellent TV on DVD – we recently wrapped up Deadwood and before that The Wire. Something like that for a mini-marathon. Delicious pizza delivery & a bottle of sparkling wine for dinner!

  183. Erin

    My perfect staycation would start with my one year old sleeping in until the double digits (HA!) Then bloody mary’s and brunch with her and the hubby, then finishing all the knitting and sewing projects I start, but have never finished. OR…going to the movie theater and watching back to back to back movies, with a large cherry coke and nachos with the fake cheese. OR…picking out a deliciously complex meal and spending all day slowly piecing it together. OR…OK, I have to stop now. This is killing me!

  184. samantha

    Staycation in my hometown, NYC:
    Sleep in
    breakfast at Madeline Patisserie (macarons and ham/swiss croissant!)
    book shopping/browsing at the strand bookstore
    stop into fish’s eddy for non-cheesy nyc-themed xmas gifts
    read in the park
    head to epistrophe wine bar for wine/light dinner
    see the tim burton exhibit at MoMa
    cupcakes from crumbs
    voila! my perfect staycation!
    love, sam

  185. Nikki

    Baby gone to grandparents, or neighbors, or friends. Doesn’t matter. The whole day. Husband must go the whole day without mentioning or trying to get “lovin'”, but if I mention it, be ready to go. Everything bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, shopping and getting projects done around the house with Glee soundtrack playing in the background until lunch. Publix subs and dirty potato chips for lunch. Nap. Playing video games until dinner. Sushi, sushi and more sushi. Snuggling and watching movies until bedtime. The end. :)

  186. alissa

    My perfect day at home would consist of pjs, my husband, my dog, my couch, good food and all three Lord of the Rings in hi def.

  187. Sarah

    A week off work, snuggling in bed with my husband and kitties, and constant pajamas sounds great to me! Or, if it is summer, several days just laying by the pool, with absolutely no to-do list.

  188. Sandra

    I think a breakfast of strong coffee, thick bacon and fresh waffles would be a good start. With straberry compote. Grand Marnier strawberry compote. And a movie with a great soundtrack like Wings of Desire–the original or the American version–would be an apt accompaniment.

  189. Stephanie

    A good book. Snuggling with hubby. Ponytail. My little red-head singing in the background . . . ahhh.

  190. Kari

    My perfect staycation:
    Sleeping in until 11am with a latte upon wake up.
    A house cleaner taking care of my messy house.
    A masseuse on call.
    A hot-tub soak.
    2 bottles of wine.
    A good book.
    Several girly movies.
    Unlimited cell phone minutes… no wait…
    Visits from far-away friends, even better!

  191. Sherri

    A perfect day: cold and snowy outside, warm and toasty inside, bread baking in the oven, a big pot of vegetable soup simmering on the burner, hubby safe and sound at home with me, and Maddie (our dog)curled up beside me on the couch, knitting in my hands, and great movie on the screen…oh, and a glass of wine on the table beside me….perfect….

  192. Kath

    a trip to the playground with my kiddoes. A book, some knitting and the time to knit, and a few good movies in the DVD player! And a cup of tea.

    Whoa, I am a nerd.

  193. Hope

    Sleep in, stay in pajamas for the duration of the day. Have brunch: bacon, eggs and cheese – in any combination…and mimosas. Play with nieces for two hours exactly, return them to sister. Watch a Weeds marathon (I’m up to Season 4, I think). Take a walk around the block to taste the weather for a bit then scoot back into my apartment. Eat some type of steak-based dinner with wine and pecan pie for dessert. Luxuriate in a hot bath surrounded by lit candles and a little Regina Spektor.

  194. Hannah

    My staycation would consist of everything that is bad for you and rots your teeth/brain.
    A bad reality TV marathon, Skittles and Starburts in abundance. Perhaps something microwaved and non distinct for dinner. I’m thinking it would involve cheese. Oh, and my boyfriend.

  195. Nicole

    At this time of year, it’s hot chocolate for the kids, mulled wine for the parents, a wood burning fire and Elf on the TV.

  196. Krista

    The perfect staycation this time of year would absolutely include a fire in the fireplace, being surrounded by the people you love, hot soup, and too much snow for anyone to leave the house.

  197. Sarah

    My staycation would be lying in bed all day with my boyfriend, watching episode after episode of Lost, and eating cheese-it party mix. Which coincidently is also the perfect hangover cure as well.

  198. Ryan Elizabeth

    My perfect (winter) day at home would start out getting up just a little early so we could let the cleaning lady in while we went out to brunch at one of the places I love but are too crowded to go to during the weekend. Then he’d go to work, and I’d stay at home under lots of blankets with the puppy, reading, drinking tea, finding a bad movie on cable, and puttering in the kitchen. When the boy gets home, it’s wine and takeout and wine and the chocolate cake he’s brought home and sparkling wine, emptying the DVR, and going to sleep knowing I might have another day at home tomorrow, too.

  199. Sofia

    Reading a good book and sipping hot cocoa while my insufferably adorable beagle is curled up in a blanket next to me. Add some snow or rain, and – perfect!

  200. Jacque

    Ultimate staycation must involve copious amounts of chilled red wine, homemade steak nachos, and a good chunk of time to force my boyfriend to watch the entire LOST series to get him caught up for Feb.!

  201. Megan

    I would go to my parents’ house to rummage through their kitchen cabinets for food, then settle in with any good cable shows they have DVR’d – True Blood, Weeds, Big Love, etc.

  202. Mairead

    OOOhhh this is easy…a perfect day at home is lounging about in sweatpants and catching up on all the guilty pleasure shows backed up in my DVR. Glee, anyone?

  203. emily r

    I told Heather last week that I would give the xbox to my ‘lil bros for xmas; I’ve got one already and it’s awesome!

    Staycation? Man, Dog, and Booze.

  204. Catie

    Staycation Schedule: (1) Wake up earlier than usual to fully enjoy the day, (2) assemble all favorite foods interpersed with tiresome vegetable to ease digestion, (3) read sinfully decadent novels that have nothing to do with current research, and finally (4) magically erase all guilt resulting from the staycation.

  205. shannon

    Daydreaming of the perfect staycation~ a cozy pair of jammies, breakfast made for me, then I would love to watch all my favorite Christmas movies with my husband, he’s been in Egypt since June. The kids would be at Grandma’s, and we would have a glorious lazy day!

  206. Lisa K

    Perfect day at home involves hours of excellent television and a new lace knitting project. Oh when will I have time for that again?

  207. Molly

    My perfect day would start with a babysitter whisking away my demanding child. After that, nachos and raspberry lemonade and a stupid movie marathon, until it’s late enough to start drinking.

  208. JewJewBee

    My “ultimate staycation” would require pajamas, slippers, and comfort food all day long… My husband and I would call in to work, keep the kids home from daycare, and play all day… Puzzles, board games, movies, and storytime would be interrupted only long enough to eat tall stacks of chocolate chip pancakes, nachos, or pizza… A family nap would definitely be in the cards as well!

  209. Courtney Stewart

    My perfect day at home is pretty simple….opening the window for the ocean breeze, snuggling and a couple good books to read! Throw in some dark chocolate and good wine and I’m set.

  210. jill

    Ahhh, the perfect Staycation would include: A King Size, lots of pillows and smooshy comforters… The Remote, a few DVD’s (Tin Cup and Sound of Music come to mind) Ordering “In,” and don’t forget the Bailey’s!!

  211. Diane

    Hmm. Staycation — two varieties. 1) Visit my home town as if I don’t live here. Go to new restaurant for brunch (yes, sleep in), explore art galleries and museums by foot, stop in at whatever little cafes look tasty, enjoy dinner out, followed by a movie and take a cab home.

    2) Stay totally in — a waaay staycation? Get take out brunch from the fabulous cafe around the corner and eat it in bed with hubby while watching on-demand movies. Take the dog for a walk and maybe pick up lunch from the other cafe that’s farther away. Then home for a snuggle on the couch with a book and tea. Order dinner in from the local delivery service (we have a choice of restaurants with this), including dessert. Watch a movie or two. Go to bed late, knowing that I can sleep in again.

    Can I start this all off with delivered pizza and a movie on Friday night? I thought so.

    It would be fun to have an xbox and explore the gaming options too. It would all be new!

  212. Jill

    Perfect day at home – in bed with iphone, laptop and remote…maybe some snacks and a Netflix movie that only I want to watch or a Project Runway or Top Model marathon on TV…aaahhhh…

  213. Jessica

    I would have to start off with mimosa fixins (Most staycation involve getting trashed classily) in the fridge and a stocked pantry to aid in my cooking desires after browsing some food porn blogs. I could tackle caramel sauce fears or try to make some macarons for the first time. Then I would settle in for an Alias marathon or maybe 30Rock, a latte mug of cream of tomato soup and a giant ox of goldfish crackers for lunch. If I started to feel like a bum, I would just put on some pants and stroll down the street for a latte and some thrift shopping.

  214. SJ

    My idea of the perfect staycation would be time spent with my family, whether it be inside or outside. Or I could go for a day of lounging around, reading, writing, watching tv/movies, with not a care in the world!

  215. Kelley

    My perfect day at home would include Tex-Mex take-out, frosty margaritas, a nice long bubble bath with a pile of magazines, and – of course – my brand new XBox! ;)

  216. Tracy

    I am lucky enough to live in the shadow of the Grand Teton National Park, so my ideal staycation consists of: a trip into the park, snapping photos of wildlife, coming home to grill a tasty dinner, and movies with the hubby. Lovely day!

  217. nick

    My perfect day starts with some pancakes for breakfast while watching the sports recap for the week on ESPN. Setting up my Christmas tree with my gaudy 1940’s style decorations, complete with old-school screw-in gaudy C7 lightbulbs. After the tree is set, a fire with a good book. As night sets in, a good beer and a good movie. As drunkiness sets in, a good sleep.

  218. Kristen

    My perfect day? It begins with a cup of coffee and me in the kitchen fixin’ something good to go in the oven for dinner…. Mid-morning, I burrow into our couch for a good 2-3 hour read/internet wandering session. This may or may not involve some ridiculously frivolous purchases, including a Russian-doll measuring cup set. By one o’clock, the first football game is on (so this is a Saturday or Sunday) and the mister is reading me ridiculous stats about players I have never heard of. I spoil him with a few minutes of patiently watching youtube clips. Throughout the day, friends pile in to watch the game, chitchat, do laundry, pick our noses, etc. Dinner is easy-peasy, and we fill our bellies with yummy food, wine, and sweets. People head out after the game is over, and I cuddle/doze off with mister on the couch. Perfect Sunday.

  219. Rachel

    I lived the perfect staycation this past summer! We stayed at my in-laws’ cabin (30 minutes from our apartment) in the Appalachian Mountains. I picked blackberries, started fires (you know, intentionally), went on hikes, had to abstain from the internet until we got into town…it was MARVELOUS!

  220. JacinGR

    Perfect day cuddled up ignoring the blizzard in Michigan = chili cooking on the stove, Big Bang Theory on followed by a NCIS marathon on USA. Pepper in some catching up on blogs, Real Simple magazine and cookie baking for good measure.

  221. gunter

    Hmm… german pancakes for breakfast, coffee (with an extra kick hidden inside), hot fire going in the wood stove, snow falling outside, nice knitting project, my honey sitting with me on the couch playing video games :)
    My sister visiting from out of town with more friends coming over later for Turkey and all the fixings….

  222. beyond

    in yoga pants all day, but no yoga. brunch at our fav brunch place in the east village. then, relaxing. music and books. wine and a movie.

  223. Jennie Lyon

    My perfect staycation would be a day completely devoted to my boys. I would love to wake up, drink coffee and cocoa then have a lovely brunch. Followed by an entire day of video gaming. They would love this because they both love, love, love video games. We don’t have an Xbox so this would be perfect for us. I am thinking me, my boys, Xbox, popcorn and a day spent together hanging out.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  224. Lea

    A glorious lazy breakfast — pancakes, eggs, bacon, and plenty of coffee. Next a fun trip to the dog park or a run around the lake… maybe both? We’d definitely get the massages we’ve been meaning to get for a while, and we’d take some wine or hot cocoa — depending on the weather — outside while we hang out on our porchswing. We’d end the day by taking advantage of one of the best things Austin has to offer: Alamo Drafthouse. There they would serve me a nice dinner and beer while I watched a new release. Whatever ended up happening, we wouldn’t even cast a glance at our “to do” list.

  225. Ms. Huis Herself

    Ok, I’m sure there’s a ton of brilliant ideas in the 245 comments before mine, but my idea of a perfect day at home would be to wake up to my husband bringing me breakfast in bed (which would include bacon, hash browns, & coffee), followed by reading for an hour or so (also in bed, also with coffee!), then some leisurely playing games downstairs with my 5yo & 2 yo daughters. Lunch would be grilled cheese sandwiches, followed by Naps For All! More hanging out and playing in the afternoon, maybe with an easy-to-clean-up craft. Supper would be Chinese or pizza delivered (along with good beer for the grown-ups), bedtime would go smoothly, and hubby and I would curl up on the couch together to watch a movie for the evening… with the fireplace going and a glass of wine (and some popcorn) to hand.

  226. Erin K

    it would start with both kids sleeping in until at least 11. then we’d all get up & enjoy a breakfast of french toast, bacon, & coffee (cocoa for the 4 year old). then we’d spend the day shifting between cuddling & watching movies, to daddy & the oldest playing video games while i snuggle with the baby & do what i want. once the kids are in bed, the hubs & i would snuggle down to watch our “adult” movie (meaning not a cartoon).

  227. Dawn

    I am actually planning this day for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. A fantastically funny guy friend of mine apparently does not live in this world with the rest of us, as I do believe the last movie he saw was “Caddyshack”. So, I am planning a day for him of Dirty Dirties and Man food.

    “Tropic Thunder”
    “The Hangover”
    “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”
    …then brought back down to earth by the clean, innocent, Hot Pocket humor, of the standup of Jim Gaffigan, “Beyond the Pale”

    All while eating Italian Cold Cut dip served in a sourdough bread bowl, popcorn with liberal amounts of butter and Old Bay, Pigs in a Blanket, and Espresso Brownie sundaes. With a cooler of beer on the floor between us, of course.

    Can’t wait!

  228. Hesper

    My perfect staycation would mean staying in on a rainy day. The baby sleeping in until at least 9am. Hubby making a large breakfast! Photo shoot of the baby (we never have the time). Lunch at a local cafe… Mmmmm hummus and veggie pita! The afternoon and evening would be a movie marathon! Chickflick for me and action for the Hubs!

  229. sara, darling

    i’m having a staycation right now, thanks to a snow day! my perfect staycation is lots of snacks and movies too, replete with pajamas and lots of blankets. a fire, you say? even better. i’ll take your movie suggestions, and add in some good tv when my attention span wanes.

  230. Janet

    My perfect staycation is movies and board games with my family. Included are an already clean house and yummy snacks I didn’t have to make.

  231. Sarah

    Hmmm…I’d start with a boozy brunch…love champagne in the morning. Then I would settle down with one of my favorite books, but in this perfect world, I wouldn’t know it was a favorite yet, and thus be guaranteed a fantastic reading experience. Then I’d metro to the National Mall and do some museuming…stop by this great burger joint for a late lunch. Go see a double feature. Meet up with friends and order only appetizers for dinner.

  232. molly

    I daydream about this sort of thing. It would start with me feeling like I slept in really late but it’s actually not, so that I can maximize my hours. A simple breakfast of cereal, because I’m going to eat breakfast food at lunch instead. Reading a brand new 1000-page Harry Potter book that she’ll have written just for me. Taking a long walk in perfect, warm sunshine with my boyfriend in the early afternoon, then snuggling into bed, talking and making each other laugh and probably dozing off. Then making a fantastic meal that will really impress him, accompanied by lots and lots of beer. Putting on warm socks, sticking on a never-before-seen season of The Office, and getting drunk together, falling asleep on the couch. Can I count my hangover-less next morning in my perfect day as well?

  233. Annie Sorensen

    Hmm, this contest sounds familiar! :)

    My ultimate staycation:

    Warm fire.
    Pile ‘o good books & bad magazines.
    And a giant glass of zin.

    Thanks, Maggie

  234. Hannah

    Perfect staycation- sleep as long as possible, then watch a goofy or touching movie in bed. Rise to make coffee and change to lounge clothing. Make eggs and toast. Read fashion and gossip magazines. Pop on jacket and pick up delicious Thai takeout from nearby and return to bed to watch more movies and fall asleep during them. Oh and wine or vodka added liberally. Oh and can’t forget the ice cream….

  235. Cobwebs

    I’d have to put on pants, but they’d have an elastic waist. Other than that, raspberry beer, a good book, and everybody else out of the house. Bliss.

  236. Katherine Dey

    I would do a mac n’ cheese “off” complete with wine/booze pairings for each type of mac. We will try as many mac n’ cheese recipes we can find … all the while in cashmere sweat-suits listening to music just a little bit too loud!

    Then we’ll collapse on the couch very full and tipsy.

  237. Leah

    My perfect “staycation” would be comfy clothes, snuggling with my husband under a blanket, a stack of good movies, “appetizer night,” and delicious frozen custard or ice cream. Oh, and we’d shut off our phones so there are no interruptions.

  238. Amber

    The whole family hanging around in our pjs, cooking, making music, playing dominoes, and as much silliness as possible.

  239. Meegan

    There is a blizzard outside, making it near impossible for my husband and children to make it home from, er, Grandma’s house! I am forced to snuggle up on the couch with coffee & crossword puzzles. Naps happen. A good movie in the afternoon goes well with the pot of soup I make. My husband and children are home just in time for dinner. The children are bathed and to-bedded. Did I mention the cleaning lady came one day prior? Because she did. So the kids are sleeping the house is clean and Hubby and I are enjoying a bottle of Syrah…aaaand scene!

  240. Ronna Gail

    The perfect staycation is our cabin in the mountains. 45 minutes from home and worlds away from everything.

  241. psuklinkie

    Staycation ahoy! How about staying at home and catching up on laundry? Or, a nice evening at home — “Lady and the Tramp” style pasta dinner with homemade pasta and sauce. Nothing better!

  242. Adrienne

    My perfect day at home involves breakfast and a pot of coffee with my boyfriend, baking some cookies, playing many games of cribbage, drinking bourbon, eating popcorn, and watching an entire season of some brilliant show that I haven’t seen yet.

  243. DLG in Mich

    My perfect staycation would involve puzzles and board games with the kids in front of a fire in the fireplace, then a nap. Definitely a nap. Followed by carryout from our favorite Mediterranean restaurant and a family-friendly movie.

  244. ally

    i actually took a staycation today! called into work and spent the whole day catching up on my blogs. some videos games would have been a nice addition…

  245. Susan

    Perfect staycation: a weekend with no where to be, no sports on TV (haha), an assortment of pay-per-view movies available, and someone to bring my husband and I all of our meals so we don’t have to cook. Movies would include everything from the past year that we saw previews of and said, “we should go see that one!” We never go to the movies.

  246. Suzanne

    Cold outside, maybe even snowing; still in pj’s; snuggled up with down comforter and lots of pillows; sleeping in, lounging in bed, reading, perhaps watching a movie, with some napping thrown in, with the full knowledge that in 6 hours, someone will be bringing me warm food, tasty beverage and some attention and affection. Aahhhh, a girl can dream…

  247. Audrey

    Perfect Staycation: Preferably a day where I have to work, but for whatever reason have called in sick or already scheduled off. With the boyfriend to join.
    Sleeping in is a necessity (please note, this is at my apartment, not his – as I totally prefer my sheets. And my cat.)
    A lazy brunch, which hopefully he’ll prepare, as I normally cook. Follow that up with a cheezy movie-fest (think: Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings / Bourne Trilogy) something we’ve watched 23432 times and still adore. Then ordering out for Chinese (Chang Fu – represent!) and maybe having a few friends over that evening to play Apples to Apples or Catchphrase – two games I just discovered and ADORE.
    All of this would be perfect in this kind of Indiana weather we’ve been having (cold, wet, rainy) and of course we’d have spiced apple cider to make sure we stayed warm, in case the cuddling on the couch didn’t do the trick.

  248. Sandra

    Video games and a time-intensive baking or cooking project like making stock or pleating dumplings. That’s the way to go!

  249. Meagan

    My perfect day at home involves me getting out of bed exactly 3 times. Once to pee and get ice cream (mint chocolate chip), once to get more ice cream, and once to pee again and get nachos. The rest of the time would be spent reading fantastic yet shameful books, a la Twilight. Bliss!

  250. Alison

    The perfect day would include sleeping in till 9, reading all morning while my husband plays his video game, late lunch w/ a martini, nap, a fabulous dinner cooked by the hubby and ends with some cuddling.

  251. Rick

    I’m at home a lot, since it’s, like, my job. So naturally my perfect day would require that the kid be elsewhere. It wouldn’t hurt if my wife took her somewhere. Add pizza delivery, old-school video games, beer, Alton Brown, chocolate chip cookies. Subtract pants. Then cap it off with a hot tub and a cool beverage.

  252. wen

    i’d go exploring locally–antique shops, vintage shops, museums, parks, waterways…then i’d go home, eat delicious food, read, and write…

  253. Aisha

    My perfect staycation is kinda happening right now; my university has a six-week long winter break and I have ample days off with little to nothing to do. So, I gather a stack of DVDs, curl up in the quilt my grandmother gave me for my 10th birthday, and then I knit or read while the movie or TV series plays. I’m making significant progress on a sweater right now. :)

  254. Heybetty

    I had a perfect day today, infact, Mrs. Mason.
    Took a personal day that consisted of me rising around 6am, coffee, morning news, ’twas a favorite housedress and warm sweater day.
    I worked on a production schedule for a film I’m working on, put up the rest of the Christmas lights, played with liquid eyeliner, took a bunch of photos, made some delicious tomato basil spread and caught up on both my Office and 30Rock episodes I have missed.
    Now I am working on the Sunday Times crossword, watching an episode of Cheers and hoping to win an new XBox.

  255. houpley

    i would love to cuddle up with my boys (meaning the two-year-old, the husband and the dog) in the living room and read our favorite books, build and re-build the train set and finish with a classic like Wizard of Oz.

  256. Amy

    I think the perfect day at home would include lots of movies and freshly popped popcorn, then a little Beatles Rock Band to loosen up the joints a little, maybe a nice walk to the park with a picnic lunch to let the kids and dogs run loose for a bit, followed by an afternoon nap, a home-cooked meal made by my husband and me together and either putting the kids to bed and catching up on some good TV or having Grammy come over while the kids sleep and my husband and I catch a movie out in the real world. Wow, that actually sounds like a great day. I think I’m going to make that all happen next weekend!

  257. stefanie

    i had great plans for my staycation until i read yours, now i think i’ll just steal that idea. although it might just turn into a day of me watching secretary and house of yes over and over. which i may or may not have done before. i may or may not have enjoyed it too.

  258. JachiCue

    Mine would also involve pajamas. Breakfast all day long. Starting with cereal, proceeding to maybe an egg sandwich and then possibly pancakes. I would love to catch up on a show I haven’t had time to watch, like Lost.

    Comfort and TV. What more can you need?

  259. CourtneyP

    My perfect staycation includes movies, a fire, wine for me, hot cocoa for the kids and eating in the family room in front of the TV in jammies.

  260. Catherine

    My staycation would involve an eternally hot french press, spaghetti and meatballs, pie (please, double-crusted), broken-in flannel pyjamas, a comfy chair, a warm and toasty throw to guard against the the cold, stormy weather outside, a couple of good books, a few trashy shows on the DVR, an epic movie involving love and heartbreak and such, and a little fairy upstairs folding all of my laundry.

  261. Rochelle

    Internet and books (preferably horror or scifi) and family (husband, kids, dogs) and movies (also horror or scifi!) and oreos and milk and donuts and m&ms and vanilla ice cream and nachos and chicken nuggets.

  262. Kim

    My line up would be:
    1)Oh Brother Where are Thou (not many chicks, but great anyway)
    2)Mystic Pizza (love this one, don’t know why, I think it might be because of Julia Roberts’ hair)
    3)Cruel Intentions (guilty pleasure, don’t tell anyone)
    4)A Time to Kill (best of the lawyerly extravaganzas)
    5)Shawshank Redemption (can’t help but watch this if it is on)
    6)Princess Bride (standing fav)

    Probably more, but these are the first to spring to mind.

  263. Margie

    A whole day of my favorite guilty pleasure, The OC. Don’t laugh, it’s well written and I love watching 28-year-olds playing teenagers.

  264. Janet

    My staycation movie line-up:

    1. Amelie
    2. The Dinner Game
    3. The Family Stone
    4. (500) Days of Summer

    Plus some wine and treats!

  265. Diana

    My perfect staycation would be: Waking up and cooking breakfast with my boyfriend, followed by a good yoga session, followed by working in my garden. Then ordering in some Thai and relaxing on the couch and watching my favorite movies in the afternoon. Then we’d cook an amazing dinner and finish off the evening with a wine and games night with our best friends.

  266. Emily

    An excess of bourbon to drink.
    Plenty of time to cook whatever I wanted.
    Fuzzy slippers.
    Husband, son and dogs. (I’d be fine with or without the cat.)
    Seasons of The Office, South Park, Parks & Recreation
    And lastly I would crank the heat up as high as I wanted.

    Thanks :)

  267. Emily

    I would spend half the day baking and then tidying up the kitchen, then cozing up for some quality book reading and my well worn fleece blankets. and NO looming deadlines. That would be lovely.

  268. Jillian

    My perfect day…

    waking up a bit late; enjoying a bloody mary (or three). never putting on “real pants” and staying in my pjs all day. lots of cooking, lots of crafting, and my friends and hubby around to enjoy the day with. plus a good long snuggle with my dogs.

  269. BreAnn

    My perfect day at home consists of my boyfriend, me, a bed with freshly laundered sheets, a few good movies and snacks, and lots of napping in between.

  270. Laura Jane

    My ideal day includes sleeping without any alarms, a fully stocked bar and fridge from which to cook many delicious high-maintenance recipes, many movies, a nap, friends over for dinner and then out to see a fab concert or some theater.

    And please please please I hope I win. Because my boyfriend’s perfect day is an X-box 360. Period. :)

  271. Suzy

    I think my perfect day would be me and my husband spending the whole day together not really doing anything we would probably spend it in bed together reading snuggled up with our cat. I’d probably ask for hot cocoa at some point and then we would order pizza or chinese food for delivery because why leave the house if you don’t have to.

  272. Christie

    My perfect staycation includes the following:
    – a stack of new books
    – a roaring fire
    – chess games that last for days
    – a huge pot of soup simmering on the stove
    – walks at sunset
    – ice cream sundays with real hot chocolate
    – a huge organization project (like sorting photos or wrapping presents) while watching my favorite movies.
    – Trivial Pursuit
    – Bailey’s for coffee, Scotch for sipping, and microbrew for the homemade pizza I plan to make.

  273. Andrea

    My perfect day would be sleeping in, waking up to lots and lots of portrait orders on my website, paint said orders effortlessly and awesomely, then ride my horse all afternoon. Then? Eating a wedding cake. Yum.

  274. Jess

    If I’m staying at home all day I’ll throw a pork roast in the slow cooker to have pulled pork for dinner, bake cookies, watch TCM, nap in the sunshine and finish my current book. It would be all about me. No phone or computer.

  275. Cait

    My perfect staycation is actually planned for the Saturday after Christmas. My best friend in the entire universe is coming over (for an overnight! Oh middle school fun, you do not get old!), and we’re going to marathon all eight episodes of the British TV show Spooks.

    We will bake a pie, and also some cookies. Then we will eat pie, cookies, popcorn and ice cream, while catching up on all the cool things we’ve done that we haven’t shared in the last year.

    Then, we will make commemorative t-shirts. Between the gocco, sequins and a shoe box full of fabric paint, they may even be cooler than the shirts we made last year.

  276. MattB

    Perfect day at home for me would have my girlfriend and her homemade brownies, the couch and a few seasons of Lost.

  277. April

    My perfect staycation would have to be a fully stocked fridge and an entire season of some tv show I need to catch up on or want to revisit.

  278. Cathy

    Right now, all I want to do is eat Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel and wtach episodes of The Wire. That is my perfect staycation. :)

  279. Melissa

    My perfect staycation would involve lots of chocolate, comfy clothes, and rewatching every season of Sex and the City and The Wire.

  280. Sheri Griley

    My perfect staycation involves wine or margaritas or BOTH, my couch and Sex and the City episodes! What a great day!

  281. Stacie

    My perfect staycation would be lounging in bed with my husband, the paper and a pot of mint tea while the kids entertained themselves donwstairs. Then we’d get up and dressed and go on a bike ride along Miners Ravine and stop for a picnic lunch. After returning home we’d make a big plate of nachos and watch a favorite family movie like Ella Enchanted or The Princess Bride before the kids nodded off early leaving my husband and I some precious alone time. What a perfect day!

  282. Amy

    My perfect day would involve non stop knitting and crafting, watching my fav BBC shows – Doc Martin, Midsommer Murders and Kingdom (all canceled – sob!) and dinner cooked by a lovely woman from Sichaun.

  283. Jennifer B

    This list is hanging on my fridge right now – I see it everyday and reminds me of the things I want to do on my next day off. Updating it and crossing items off the list makes me happy.
    -Make a hearty soup from scratch.
    -Learn to make fresh pasta.
    -Audrey Hepburn movie marathon.
    -Organize my photos (it’s mostly reminicing).
    -A long walk with my dog.
    -Mani/Pedi or a massage.
    -Triple Latte from my local coffee shop.
    -Visiting an art museum on a weekday.
    -Play Radiohead on my iPod all day long.
    The list is longer, but this is all I remember right now….. Thanks!

  284. Becky

    My perfect day would be laying on the couch with the toddler letting me watch my stories. Having the husband cook my something with cheese> lots and lots of cheese.

  285. Cindy

    I’d be curled up on the couch under my super soft paisley blanket with a mug of hot chocolate, a couple of magazines, a book and the TV remote.

  286. aly

    my perfect staycation would involve being snowed in, fire in the fireplace, my dog, my husband, a blanket, our couch and some lord of the rings movies and/or any meg ryan movie (depending on who got the remote first). :)

  287. ehme

    Cozy pants, lots of yummy food, embroidery, funny movies, husband at the other end of the couch laughing at my jokes. So ummm…Thanksgiving. That is my perfect day home.

  288. Laura Brown

    Ahhh, golly a staycation sounds dreamy right now. It would include some combination of napping, tea and cookies, crafts and good movies. Most importantly, I would only do what I feel like doing at that very moment–that is my idea of relaxation!

  289. Melody

    Perfect staycation: bottle of Red, long, long bath while I read a great book and a great Cohen Brothers movie. Take your pick, they’re all awesome.

  290. Sarah Fairbrother

    Getting lost in the woods with lot of snow, snowhoes, my husband and the dogs. Coming home and snuggling up with hot cocoa!

  291. Wendy

    My perfect day at home would involve a clean house (so I didn’t feel guilty about not cleaning it), a sinful dessert, my husband, and a new season of the Wire.

  292. cate

    Kicking and Screaming. Best movie ever. No one has ever heard of it. Definitely on my perfect day list, perhaps while wearing a pajama top.

    also on the list: coffee, and snacks, and naps, and wine.

  293. Megan

    My current tastes are really simple, perhaps because as a grad student I have zero free time right now: Arrested Development and The Office over and over, some nonviolent video game action, amazing food delivered, great beer, tiramisu, puppy chow (?!), sleep, gelato…huh. Heavy on the food. Oh, and my husband. Right. Him too.

  294. Mia

    My perfect day at home:

    -sleep in
    -wear flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers all day
    -catch up on the last season of How I Met Your Mother while cuddling up with my boyfriend
    -make cookies and eat them with icecream
    -paint my toenails and nails
    -read through my magazines

  295. Christina

    jammies, The Graduate, a veggie pizza, and my adorable 5 month old daughter to snuggle in between slices.

    i may have to do this tomorrow, xbox or no xbox.

  296. mme_M

    Waking up early, heading to a farmer’s market, sampling through the stalls with my husband and daughter. Lunching behind the farmer’s pickup trucks and feeding fruit in the most darling little mouth I know makes me grateful. Oh wait. staycation ideas…if we’re staying home, making tea, eating comfort food, and watching a really good movie or playing a quest on WoW with your friends is hard to beat.

  297. jennifer

    I love you, M!!!

    My perfect staycation: a good red wine, True Blood marathon and maybe a footrub. :D I’m a simple girl.

  298. Elizabeth

    My perfect day at home involves lots of sleep, lots of delicious delivery food, and a fair amount of wine. Also, multiple seasons of the Office on DVD.

  299. Megan

    My staycation involves cocktails, friends, and possibly being snowed in! It would at least be very snowy, but maybe not so snowy that we couldn’t go to the store for more cocktail ingredients if needed, you know?

  300. Jacquelyn W.

    My perfect day at home would involve waking up later than usual, which would be around 10am. Then having a pancakes for breakfast and settling in on the couch to watch a mini marathon of one of my favorite tv shows. Read one of the many novels I have on my waiting list, play a few levels on a Playstation Game, take a nap, eat some cake/cupcakes, fix a big dinner for myself. And then settling back on the couch to finish the rest of the mini marathon.

  301. Meagan M.

    My perfect staycation involves some serious daytime relaxation involving a long massage and plenty of sunshine in the park. At night, I’d toast the day over cocktails at the bar on top of the W Hotel overlooking the city.

  302. Eunice

    I love the movie choices! Secretary was a seriously freaky movie, but I loved it too lol.

    As far as my perfect staycation, it involves a breakfast movie (last weekend it was Cocaine Cowboys- a must if you live in Miami), football from 1-11 pm, and many pancakes. 30 minute naps in between games. The end.

  303. Jim

    A couple 16″ BBQ Chicken Pizza, some Sam Adams, and a few of my friends over for a game of Texas Hold’em. That’s my staycation.

  304. Tiffany R

    Hell Fire Pepper Jelly on toast and crepes with chopped seasonal fruits and whipped cream for breakfast. (A PERFECT day would mean mangoes would be available in bulk!) Crepes and good jam on great toast (or bagels!) always start the day off right. I would have several books to choose from for reading, and it won’t be too warm for lounging around all day just reading, reading, reading. The kittens would refrain from knocking anything down for once. If I’m not reading, then I’m watching some movies like Delicatessen or Coraline, or reruns of Project Runway or Xena. Lunch would be light, probably just a salad, or anything with broccoli in it. Dinner will be either take-out Thai or unagi donburi. A late-night trip to Yogurtland for some Taro and Coconut yogurts topped with lychee. When I drive back home, traffic will be so minimal that driving will be a restful, invigorating experience because I love driving at night. Then I’ll wrap things up with more reading until I fall asleep.

  305. Bill Sharp

    My perfect day is lounging around in pajamas with my girl during winter, playing video games until our eyes are sore, and cuddling up to stay warm.

    It would be even more perfect if I could ever beat her at Soul Calibur… but then I’m crossing into the realm of impossibilities ;-)

  306. Jen

    My perfect staycation: wood for the fireplace, hot chocolate, cheeses from around the world, fondue, bread and all of the movie on the “on demand” channel are good – mostly comedies and nothing that will make me cry. :)

  307. Kay

    Perfect Day at Home: Dawson’s Creek marathon with snacks. Milky Way and Hot Tamales a must…other snacks negotiable.

  308. Katrina Anne !

    Ahhhhh, a long dog walk, not a dog stop and sniff every three feet walk, a yummy brunch with bacon, eggs, crispy hassbrowns and cream cheese and strawberry preserves french toast. ( A stomach to digest all those items ) A long day of movies, reality tv and my man candy. Ahhhhh man candy.

  309. Min

    The perfect staycation day would be a never ending pot of hot tea that is perfectly sweetened the way I like it. Lots of cookies of different flavors. A good book to read. And rain because than I do not feel guilty about not leaving the house.

  310. Carrie

    I actually was lucky enough to have a perfect day at home on Sunday. A light snow was falling in the morning so, after a romp in the yard with the kids and the dog, I made hot cocoa, started a the first fire of the year in the fireplace, and dug out the holiday music cds. The whole family gathered in the living room to decorate the tree, taking multiple strolls down memory lane as we pulled out the ornaments, stopping occasionally to dance and sing (badly) along with the music. My oldest is a teen now, so we don’t have many opportunities for family fun like this without it dissolving into some kind of drama. Dare I say, a Christmas miracle.

  311. KarinGal

    Perfect day? Grandma comes and gets the kids and takes them out for a fabulous day anywhere outside of the house. (Love them, but c’mon — this is a fantasy, right?)
    Meanwhile the husband and I have Eggs Benedict and Mimosas, naps, movies, sushi, and plenty of reading time. In bed. Wait, that’s a glimpse of life before children, huh? :)

  312. Sara D.

    My perfect day is sleeping in, yummy breakfast (that someone else cooks) with my daughter and hubby. Then I get a massage while someone cleans my house. In the afternoon I read books and play games with my 2-year old. Dinner is take-out (either Indian or Thai food), and watching a romantic comedy (how about Notting Hill again?) with my husband. My perfect day definitely does not involve any cleaning, football or dirty diapers.

  313. onlyconnect

    My perfect staycation involves warm, fuzzy socks, a blanket, two or three episodes of Top Chef to plow through, a chapter or two of some books on early child development, and a pot of nice hot tea, especially double bergamot earl grey. Ahhh!

  314. Kevin

    Leather couch, big down comforter, several bottles of wine, good movies (possibly on Netflix Instant Queue on the new xbox?), and the boyfriend! And the neighbors downstairs wouldn’t be poorly playing their instruments.

    I suppose ordering some take-out chinese food if we HAVE to eat

  315. Laurel Ciotti

    Dec 11 is my birthday so my perfect staycation would be to NOT have to answer my business phone for 12 hours. I hate to say it but I would be so thrilled to be able to ignore customers, read a good book and take a bubble bath in the afternoon, then dinner and a romantic evening with my DH. Not too much to ask but t’is the season to not have any time to enjoy each other. I think I should change my birthday to a Half Birthday on June 11! X-on!!

  316. Taryn

    Snow on the ground, sleeping in, a nice big breakfast, lots of tea, a great book curled up on the couch with a blanket, a fire, chocolate, and maybe a movie thrown in for good measure. That would be heaven.

  317. Sara

    Ultimate staycation would involve a bottle or two of tasty wine, a huge stack of interesting movies and books to pick through, and a fridge full of ingredients to cook meals with at leisure.

  318. Chi

    Mine would be having 5 movies from the top ten list of last year or this year (I am behind) with lots of chocolate and potato chips.

  319. Qzer

    My perfect day at home (or at least near home):

    A snowy morning spent snuggling in bed with Husband and Cat. A long run on the trail near my apartment. Then a hot shower, coffee, and oatmeal with peanut butter and brown sugar (oh my gosh, yum) and some quiet time reading. A walk in the snow later in the day, and then maybe some hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace. Inviting our friends over for a game of Catan (because we are a little geeky), wine, and dinner, and then listening to Hearts of Space on NPR, with more snuggling and reading and whatnot on the side. That sounds Perfect.

  320. Lauren A.

    My perfect day would have to start out with some fresh pastries and a hot cup of coffee. I would curl up on the couch with my two cats and read the morning away. Meanwhile, my boyfriend would be cleaning the apartment until it sparkled. We’d have some lunch. I’d bake some bread. We’d watch a movie. I’d make an elaborate dinner. We’d watch another movie and go to bed early.

  321. rachel

    omg, so many of these sound so good. mine: it’s snowing outside, i magically have a fireplace in my house, and my girlfriend and i stay in and watch scary movies, get chinese takeout, shovel the walk at some point, and drink a lot of delicious beer.

  322. jenn

    Breakfast in bed. A few hours to read a great book and watching hours and hours of Battlestar Galactica while snuggling with my sweets and a fire in the fireplace.

  323. W

    my perfect staycation consists of:
    the baby sleeping in till 7:30am
    family snuggling before my husband makes pancakes
    roast a chicken for lunch (it warms the house and makes it smell heavenly)
    play video games while the baby naps
    make some sort of creamy concoction with pasta for dinner
    early bedtime for all!

  324. Alyce

    Completely uninspired, but mine is same as yours. PJs, good food, and chick flicks. Though I prefer lowbrow for this purpose. None of this highfalutin’ thinkin’ stuff your movies require. On my staycation, I’ll watch movies with waistcoats and weddings and cheesy, cheesy declarations of love.

  325. Kait

    It varies with the seasons but in December, right before Christmas, my perfect staycation is snuggling on the couch with the husband. Watching cheesy Christmas movies and eating lots of horrible food, wearing jammies and drinking hot cocoa. I think it might be time for another couch date!

  326. pam

    start the morning with a chai latte, someone magically arrives to clean my house, a couple of hours alone to play on my computer and install some fonts (without people rolling their eyes at me), then lounging around for the rest of the day watching BSG, SYTYCD and other assorted shows with acronyms.

  327. Ewokmama

    My perfect staycation involves a back rub from my fiance, German chocolate cake, and a dish we call chicken crack (so addictive!). Snuggling under the covers in bed watching some serial drama like Mad Men or Breaking Bad. Awww yeah. I could use that right now!!

  328. m

    The house is perfectly clean. The kids are safely ensconced elsewhere, it’s a little cold, a little gray and a little rainy. And I have a regular soda, a stack of new magazines to read, good movies to watch and the dog is curled up with his furry butt warming my feet.

  329. jessica fantastica

    It’s a rainy Sunday (which I have off – I normally work, and it’s my favorite day), my best friends have stayed the night and we wake up hungover and silly. We have breakfast, mimosas and bloodymarys and watch movies all day. In pajamas. Then we watch cartoons. Oh and my house is cleaned up from the night before. And I didn’t do the clean up!

  330. Elsa

    It’s winter where I am, with snow on the ground and a storm due tomorrow. For the purpose of this conversation, I’m describing a winter staycation, too.


    A leisurely late breakfast at home: maybe scrambled eggs and toast, maybe waffles. Definitely a huge cappuccino for me, a huge glass of OJ for The Fella.

    Phone turned off. Spend a few hours on the sofa, snuggled in blankets.

    We each have a great new book to burrow into. I might read mine in the bathtub, taking a nice long soak.

    Dinner is simple, something we can make without much work. Maybe we order takeout, maybe we pull a homemade lasagne from the freezer.

    Movies are necessary, or maybe revisiting some favorite shows. We don’t get any cable or broadcast TV, so we only watch what we seek out on DVD or online. We might have a day of “30 Rock” or “The West Wing” or “Spaced.” Or maybe a day of film noir. My favorites are Double Indemnity and The Maltese Falcon, which I can watch over and over again.

    Popcorn. The Fella makes it in a wok, and it pops up so light and fluffy! I’ll never make it another way.

    Why, golly — a gaming system would fit right into this schedule, wouldn’t it?

  331. Linda

    My perfect staycation would be to enjoy all the things I love to do that I don’t normally have time doing. Such as…finish that book that’s been sitting on the stand for weeks! And going to that step aerobics class that happens to fall within your work hours. Or trying to cook that one dish that you said you’d “eventually get around to.” What a perfect staycation!

  332. Vanessa

    Sleep in, bubble bath, cuddle with my boys (2 dogs) while watching Netflix…. LOTS of Netflix, hopefully streaming Netflix on an XBOX 360…. all meals would be delivered, no phone calls, no interruptions, no family crisis, a cleaning service would stealthily come in while I was napping to tidy everything up and deep clean the crap out of my house (all dog hair? GONE!), also a fleet of gardeners and landscapers would come in to get me caught up on all of the yard work and landscaping that I’m so woefully behind on.

  333. Stephanie

    Ideal day at home?

    * With my family.
    * Wearing my favorite jeans and tee OR my Aeropostale sweats.
    * Eating a big salad with lots of fixins’ and homemade NY cheesecake.
    * Going on a long walk.

    If we were going to watch movies, I would pick…
    * Fools Rush In
    * the new Harry Potter movie
    * the new Twilight movie
    * the new Babies documentary

  334. Christine

    It all begins where I sleep in because my husband actually hears baby’s morning calls before me and attends to her needs. Then they surprise me with breakfast in bed where I watch ‘The Princess Bride’. Afterwards, I enjoy some meditation time on the back deck followed by a long bike ride on one of the bike trails near my house. When I return home, I cuddle up with my favorite blanket, drink some homemade hot cocoa and watch a double feature of BBC America’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Lost in Austen’. Finally, my day will end with a nice, long hot bath. I might even get to sneak in a few hours of ‘World of Warcraft’ before bed. :^p

  335. Amanda

    My perfect staycation can only happen in the summer since it’s currently cold and snowy here in Ohio, but it would include the family hanging out by the pool, swimming when it gets too hot, drinking kool aid slushes, eating ice cream, and having fun without any cares in the world! I could really go for a day like that! :)

  336. Liza

    My perfect staycation involves large quantities of snow, a fully stocked kitchen and bar and the complete series of The Wire to watch in bed under my down comforter. The hubby and dog and cat are more than welcome if they can all lie still and don’t crowd me out of bed.

  337. Leslie Van Every

    Staycation aside, you know that feeling when you are chatting to someone and they mention that unknown film/show/musician that just sends a ligtening bolt down your spine of kindred spiritness? Well, seeing you reference Kicking and Screaming right now just did that for me.

    Lady, you rock!

  338. Erika

    A snowy day (as we are having today in CT), a Law and Order marathon (which you can find pretty much any day if you look hard enough), good coffee, and no responsibilities!!

  339. Grant

    My perfect staycation would probably involve some combination of recreation, a little mastication, and some hibernation. Oh, and the absolute minimum of transportation and perspiration.

  340. Kristina

    My perfect day would be one free of guilt. I would not feel guilty about sleeping in. I would not feel guilty when I poured that second cup of coffee and watched the news instead of yet another episode of Imagination Movers. I would get a massage, freeing myself of all all the physical knots left by feeling daily that I am not doing enough, well enough to be as good as I could be if I just tried harder. I would take time for myself. But not just take it, I would enjoy it, savor it, and, most importantly, for once not feel guilty about putting myself ahead of my husband and four children. On my perfect day off, I wouldn’t be a guilt laden caboose.

  341. leslie

    Perfect day =
    rain outside +
    pot of Earl Grey +
    fave blankie +
    CALM puppy (hey, it’s my utopia, stop laughing) +
    great book +
    no other plans for the day


  342. Melissa B.

    My perfect day would require pajamas, a cold rainy day, 80’s movie marathon and a big warm fuzzy blanket.

  343. Laura

    My perfect staycation day would be to work my hometown like a tourist. I would love to get into the nooks and crannies of what makes my city so great, and uncover those hidden gems that are just sitting there for the taking. Of course “touristy” photos would be a must! Nobody needs to know that we are local…right??

  344. latenac

    My perfect day at home involves being home with the family having something fun for breakfast like ableskivers, playing board games, watching movies like Spaghetti Westerns are great day at home movies. Later making a nice dinner with good wine. And all of this involves not getting out of our pjs.

  345. Stephanie

    If this were a tweet: “As a woman, I prefer movies with women in them, and I particularly enjoy it when those women have speaking roles.” I would retweet it, maybe even twice.

    Staycation? I work full time, and sometimes take days off to get the house Super Cleaned Up and Organized. I LOVE the feeling afterward, so it’s time well spent.

  346. Ellen

    My perfect day at home would be sunshine streaming through the windows, my husband and my kitty cuddled up with me on the couch, watching an entire season of Lost all at once. Or maybe Dexter. With a coffee table loaded with chips and salsa, and beer. Okay, and kitty treats, also. :)

  347. Kim Smith

    I LOVE The House of Yes!

    My perfect day at home would be in bed, piled under my blankets with a good book and nowhere to be.

  348. Christy

    A picture of me on my perfect day at home (alone) would find me cuddled up next to my doggies on the sofa, watching the complete series of VERONICA MARS and surrounded by various snacks and some thai food.

  349. tamrabeth

    Ahhh… simple: lots of books, ranging from trashy romance to serious fiction, peace and quiet to read (therefore… a sitter :)), an endless supply of Soy Delicious peanut butter fudge ice cream, and a cozy blanket to snuggle under on the couch… heaven :)

  350. Lindsay

    My perfect day: Sleeping in late, and I mean LATE, like 11 or even noon – there is nothing like a morning of rolling over, ignoring the clock and falling back asleep over and over again. Upon waking, make home fries with lots of onion and rosemary, paired with mimosas, scrambled eggs with cheese, mushrooms and pickled jalapenos and english muffins with homemade jam. An afternoon of movies on the couch with lots of blankets, comfy jammies and pillows. Evening would include some sort of Asian takeout (delivered) and more movies (many of which are listed here!). A reading and internet break of at least 2 hours to break things up. Back to more movies with bedtime well into the wee hours. Bliss. Oh, and maybe a hot bath in there somewhere.

  351. Chris

    Perfect day..

    An afternoon fire in the wood stove, a burger for lunch grilled in the middle of winter, NPR on the radio and my husband and son’s lincoln log megacity all over the floor followed by an evening glass of wine, a new issue of the New Yorker and bed by 9.

  352. amybee

    Sleep late. Hubs makes his special brunch. Leave computer off all day. Cook with my daughter. Watch a flick, eat popcorn and drink cocoa.

  353. Katie

    My perfect staycation would be me, alone, in the summer (not the blizzard we’re having today) with lots of books and tropical drinks. Floating in the backyard pool, drinking and reading in the sun. Good times!

  354. Alison

    Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of that Audrey Tautou movie! I love her.

    My day would be like yours, minus a few movies and plus a few books. I can only handle two movies a day before I start feeling brain-melty. There is something to be said about getting brain-melty on vacation, but going back to work is always worse after that. Oh, and I’d have to cook something! of course someone else would do my dishes.

  355. Jenna

    My perfect day at home is a long day of cooking with my boyfriend. If it’s cold – a fire in the fireplace, some type of hot, alcoholic drink to keep us amused. If it’s hot out – margaritas and bad reggae.

  356. Lora

    Jammies, takeout, my man, my kittens, and dvds. Then later, wine and candle time with my man. I’d prefer the weather to be gorgeously sunny and warm, or cold and snowy all day long. No in-between.

  357. Kristi K.

    My perfect staycation would be a day home — alone, with no hubby or kiddos — watching movies by the fireplace.

  358. Elizabeth W.

    perfect staycation day=cheese, wine, husband, remote control, and a no-leaving-the-couch-under-any-circumstances rule. a babysitter and a pile of cash for takeout are assumed.

  359. Becky M.

    My movie-day lineup would have to include a spattering of Woody Allen and Jane Austen.
    Call me crazy.

  360. Jenny Eagle

    My perfect staycation is a part-time babysitter, a stack of good books, a cozy couch, and awesome movies. Throw in food I don’t have to cook, and I’m golden. : )

  361. Kristin G.

    My perfect staycation right now would be to be at home with my family and my happy/healthy new baby girl — she just has to get here (Due this Friday)! Nine months of waiting is long enough!

  362. Judi

    My staycation involves a bubble bath, reading the latest Real Simple, a glass of white merlot, and snuggling with the husband while catching up on the DVR.

  363. Dawn

    My perfect day at home would involve a tasty glass of red wine, some luscious dark chocolate, a bubble bath and a good book. Maybe after the bath I would pop in some sappy romantic movie. During the holidays my movie of choice is Love Actually!

  364. Saja

    My perfect staycation would be spending the morning in my pj’s, with my husband, watching movies and eating delicious snacks someone else prepares and cleans up after. We’d get up for a leisurely afternoon walk in the woods, and end the day snuggling by our fireplace with homemade s’mores. To make this amazing day complete: our five month old daughter would magically be capable of napping for more than 30 minutes at a time.

  365. Abbie

    Mmmm…staycation. Sleep in late, leisurely walk w/the dog, lay in bed reading. Dinner, drinks and movies with husband. Yum.

  366. abbersnail

    Making waffles in the morning with my honey, walking to Alamo Square and taking silly pictures of each other, a wine-and-cheese lunch, going to the Vogue theater for an afternoon movie, scrabble and spaghetti dinner, early bedtime.


  367. Megan Stout

    Staycation? Well, considering it’s a sweltering -10 degrees outside and I value my limbs, a staycation sounds just fabulous. If I could have it my way it would involve… pajamas, fuzzy slippers, wine, cheese/craker, chocolate cake and “Love Actually”. Oh, also add a couple girlfriends and obnoxious laughter and I’d be one happy camper.

  368. Jeanmarie

    Old college sweats, my husbands socks, a six pack of Pepsi, a huge bag of potato chips with accompanying onion dip and MOVIE MUSICALS – Grease, Fiddler, West Side Story, Oliver!, Meet Me In St Louis, Oklahoma…..does xbox have a karaoke game?!? That would be the only thing that would make my day even MORE perfect…

  369. Christina

    My perfect staycation would be comfy clothes, popcorn, hot cocoa, the house decorated, Christmas movies, and my three boys (1 hubby & 2 little ones).

  370. Tiffany D.

    Pj’s all day, popcorn and a reallly good book. hubby can come home in time to make dinner and do the dishes.

  371. Stephanie

    Comfy pants… a snow storm outside, so there is no reason to go out… movies on the tv, a round of video games that the whole family can play together, and then the whole family tells me to relax while they clean up the kitchen. :)

  372. Nancy

    A day where there is no laundry, no cooking, no dog walking, no office work-in other words, a day that will never happen.

  373. Rachel

    I’m thinking a LotR marathon with spicy popcorn: lots of butter and a sprinkling of cayenne and black pepper. There also needs to be a fancy but easy dinner (maybe lobster pot pies) and champagne. Yes, I think that’d do it.

  374. Susan

    Let’s see. My perfect day in would include making an outrageous breakfast of say, french toast stuffed with goat cheese topped with a chocolate beer sauce, because if you can’t have beer for breakfast on a staycation, I don’t want one (recipe here: After gorging myself on those little beauties I would probably need a nap and some quality time with some literature, preferably of the magical realism genre. When I got my energy back, I’d do all the arts and crafts I wish I had time to do during the work week while jamming out to some too-loud music. Then I would go to my boyfriend’s house and play the new Super Mario Brothers game on his Wii and eat cheddar nut thins and wasabi-soy almonds. At night, I might venture out of the house to get a fancy drink like a Framboise Flip with a farm egg with friends.

  375. Sara

    My staycation would include the husband making waffles for breakfast, reading all morning while the kids watch TV and leave me alone and don’t fight, paninis for lunch, family games in the afternoon (again with the no fighting), pizza for dinner and a family movie afterwards. Yay! Lets plan it!

  376. Lindsay C.

    My perfect staycation would currently involve listening to funky Christmas tunes (the good stuff- none of this Little Drummer Boy crap) and setting up Christmas decorations. I’m looking forward to a day or two of putting up the tree, being warm and cozy inside and enjoying some twinkling lights. This Christmas is going to be less… materialistic… than in years past, so it’s going to be all about the little things.

  377. mirela blajan

    My staycation would involve 3 days without showering/washing my hair, pajamas, a good book and great movies! Winning an Xbox would involve eternal love and endless kisses from my teenager son, check my website to see how cute he is :))

  378. Kurt Roedeger

    My perfect staycation depends on my mood and the season. Right now I’d choose a thermos of my own dark rum super rich hot chocolate and a hike along a local trail with the crunch of fresh snow under my feet. Though at other times letting myself get lost in an art or craft project with good music playing loudly fits me.


  379. Earl Cook

    The perfect staycation would involve my wife, good movies, good books, a wide variety of takeout (available at whatever hour we wanted it) and turning off our phones so we can’t be reached at all. Copious amounts of snuggling would also be a necessity. :)

  380. Gina

    The perfect staycation day for me, at this very moment, would be lounging around baking cookies and watching movies.

  381. James

    Playing rock band and watching great movies with friends. Of course there will be wine and liquor involved, but just enough to have fun and not be too trashy.

  382. jenny

    Much like yours, my perfect staycation involves good movies, a fireplace, snowstorm outside, wine, cats, movies.

  383. Jen

    Today would’ve been a great day to stay at home in NH – first big snow of the year! Had I chosen that road, my perfect day home would have included several cups of strong coffee, consumed in my fuzzy bathrobe while reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle; next would come an hour or so of Food Network, while browsing magazines and cookbooks for inspiration. After that it’s time to cook or bake. Chicken soup with dumplings? Sugar cookies and royal icing? Fudge? Other homemade gifts for the holidays? Next it’s time to get out in nature, tromp around in the snow, take some pictures, look at animal tracks, see what birds are at my feeders. Going back inside to a warm house with a fire is that much more rewarding when you’re a little cold and wet. Shower, change into jeans and a sweatshirt, maybe do my nails and put on a movie! I’ve been dying to see Julie & Julia after loving Julia Childs’ My Life in France…it’s in Red Box as of yesterday…I should’ve stayed home!
    Love your blog and have been lurking around here for quite some time. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  384. Stacey Ball

    A fire in the fireplace on a cold wintery day. A bowl of freshly popped popcorn, my husband and my dog. We can watch tv, we can read books, or we can just laugh at the dog. It’s all perfect.

  385. Knighton

    Spend all day in my kitchen, baking and making candy, listening to an audiobook, sipping mimosas in the am and switching to red wine in the evening. Feeding yummy treats to my handsome husband throughout the afternoon, and closing the day with a comfort-food dinner and an episode or three of Seinfeld or maybe Red Dwarf.

  386. Trish T.

    I would watch a Dexter + Burn Notice marathon (two shows that both my boyfriend and I enjoy) and pig out on chips, dip, and cheese popcorn. And delivery, lots of pizza.

  387. jenG

    Strangely, my perfect staycation already involves a (first-gen, refurbushed, p.o.s.-so-please-don’t-disqualify-me) xbox. The boyfriend and I live 2500 miles apart–our vacations are default staycations, as we prefer each other’s company to lots of travel and Best Vacation Ever pressure.

    * Red wine. Nothing fancy–just a plain California table wine.
    * Sci-fi TV marathons. When we first started dating 100 years ago, this was Red Dward on VHS. Then Babylon 5. Since reuniting, it’s been Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who. After that, I think it may be time for him to experience Lost. This time around, it’s all about xbox live and netflix.
    * Popcorn made on the stove. Salt only.
    * Pizza delivery
    * Long walks with a puppy
    * Silly xbox games: Katamari Damacy. Geometry Wars. 1 vs. 100
    * Housepants
    * Naptime
    * Irish coffee

  388. Kristen

    Movie marathon for this time of year:
    -National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
    -Home Alone (the original)
    -Muppet Christmas Carol (SUCH an underrated movie)

    Husband and I would watch in bed all day snuggling with the baby dog and pizza.


  389. slnoonanj

    Day would start with a sleep in, followed by a greasy brunch out. Way back when, we used to have a pullout sofa in our living room, so my ideal day would involve pulling a sofa out and watching TV all day while laying down (and NOT in bed) – heaven. Since my job as an academic is a brain intensive job, my key requirement for what’s on the TV is that it does NOT require thinking. Comedy, action/adventure, romance – okay, so long as no thinking is involved. I would also require lots of Diet Coke during the morning/afternoon, followed by good delivery and lots of wine to offset the effects of the Diet Coke.

  390. Suniverse

    Perfect Staycation:

    Sleep in and then have oatmeal for breakfast [for me] and bacon and eggs [for the husband] and bagels [for the daughter]. Watch a Daily Show / Colbert Report on the DVR and read the NYT to get caught up with the news.

    Play a board game [Scrabble/Cranium/Clue] and eat lots of snacks – popcorn, apples and cheese, barbque chips.

    Have of salad and any bacon left from breakfast.

    Start the Star Wars trilogy [no, not the new ones] and read magazines and books.

    Dinner of grilled beef, grilled asparagus, brown rice.

    Magically have someone else do the day’s dishes.

    Watch a fun, age appropriate movie or maybe not and watch a sort of scary one instead – like Sean of the Dead.

    Eat lots of ice cream.

    Play Rock Band.

    The end!

  391. Jamie

    Today is a snow day so I can live my stay at home vacation dreams (just can’t bring myself to use that bastardized word!). Having a good time at home necessarily requires reading good books in a warm bed while it snows outside, brisk walks with the dogs, hot chocolate, possibly baking or painting, cooking up something delicious for dinner, and then more bed and books.

  392. Meg

    Maggie, my day is exactly like yours, minus olive oil on popcorn (Reese’s pieces mixed in instead) and several of the movies: Walking and Talking with Catherine Keener at her BEST!!!!!! And for my Parker Posey fix, Broken English.

    Le Sigh.

  393. Ariel

    My perfect day would include sleeping until 10, taking my dogs to the park for the day, and meeting up with friends in the evening for wine and cozy good times.

  394. Jenn Weber

    Perfect staycation (echh, sorry i just gagged a little):
    me, on the couch
    children getting along swimmingly, playing at my feet
    husband bringing me a glass of wine
    movies you love to hate on the television (possibly with head phones so the children won’t be permanently scarred)
    two pints of haagen dazs (sticky toffe-please bring it back, and chocolate chocolate chip)


  395. karen

    My perfect day? My husband gets up with our boy and lets me sleep in til 9. Then we put on endless hours of old/good Woody Allen movies:

    Hannah and her Sisters
    Take the Money and Run

    While snacking on Totino’s Party Pizza and turkey franks rolled up Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. SODIUM, anyone?

    Later, we wrap ourselves in blankets and play backgammon.


  396. Heather

    Sleeping in, snuggling with the dog, having someone else do my hair, makeup, and wardrobe, and maybe cleaning my house while they’re at it. Definitely finding new restaurants with delivery would be AWESOME (in MN hardly anything delivers), and since we’re all about food & movies let’s throw in a DQ Banana Royale and Season 2 of True Blood (not yet released). And then a lottery win and lots of online shopping.

  397. Dawn

    My perfect day: Hit the Highland Cafe for a late breakfast, including homemade pierogi, find the perfect parking place and check out the boutiques on Grand Avenue. Hit Mai Village for a fantastic Vietnamese lunch. Take the kids to the Children’s Discovery Museum then out to an early dinner of sushi at Origami in DT Minneapolis, drop the kids off with a baby sitter, and go to a late movie with my husband.

  398. Emily

    My perfect staycation would involve a bottle of good wine, my bed and freshly dried sheets (you know, with the yummy fresh-out-of-the-dryer smell), and a marathon of True Blood episodes. Relaxation. No phone calls. No need to get out of bed except for more snacks & wine!


  399. Steph Fisher

    My perfect staycation is being at home snuggling with my guys (hubby and son) and of course some ice cream!

  400. lisa bickmore

    My perfect day at home means that it’s a snow day, so they’ve cancelled work (happens once in a blue moon, but it adds the je ne sais quoi to it all). It involves pancakes and coffee for breakfast, a walk with the dog when the snow stops falling and the sun comes out. It involves a marathon of some television show that I love, which just happens to coincide with the snow day–like The Closer or Damages, for instance. Or an entire slew of the best seasons of The Gilmore Girls. I would bake bread and make soup. My kids would call, but it would be between episodes of the show. Oh, and I would have a stock of good potato chips and lots of good fruit and somehow a BLT would magically appear right around lunchtime.

  401. Erika

    December staycation in NY? Snowstorm, christmas lights, roaring fire, sleepy kids, all day to bake, read and tackle one of the many awesome projects in my ‘to do’ folder … capped off with an evening of cooking, sipping wine and making plans with my better half.

  402. patricia

    My perfect staycation starts the night before, when I can go to sleep knowing I don’t want to wake up at 5:30am and that I can stay in bed for a little bit longer. Of course, once awake, I have enough time to do a bit of reading in bed. Then a nice long hot shower before heading out to meet up with a friend or two for lunch. Afterwards a trip to a book or crafts store is in order. The rest of the day would be taken up with more reading and some movie watching. It would be a nice balance between alone time and catching up with a couple of friends that I don’t get to see often.

  403. Annegirrl

    My ideal day at home by myself would involve Oreo cookies, a cold glass of milk and the very latest episodes of my favorite trash TV reality shows on the DVR. I would sit back and enjoy a marathon of Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, Top Chef, The Biggest Loser, and Dancing with the Stars.

  404. Alyssa Jones

    My Ultimate Staycation would be to have already had my baby (I am 38 weeks along) and to just be baking cookies while my husband plays Xbox and the baby sleeps.

  405. Lee

    Tasty breakfast prepared by the fiance, extra-long nap by the toddler, quality snuggle time with both my boys, a movie or two, and something tasty delivered to our house for dinner. Other requirements: some silence, some books, some NYT Sunday Crosswords, some uproarious laughter, some wine, some time at the park, and some tea.

  406. Megan

    Definitely sleeping in, followed by some back issues of The New Yorker, coffee, and hot-out-of-the-oven, not-made-by-me muffins. A little sewing, a little blog reading, a little nap. Out for dinner and home for wine and chatting, the perfect music playing in the background.

  407. Kathy

    My staycation would involve a diner breakfast, watching Buffy DVD’s, reading a good book, getting cozy and not worrying about the time. And yes, I would send the hubster to work and the kids to school. MY staycation!

  408. Emily

    My perfect staycation would include sleeping in (until past 7am), only smiles and cooperation from my two-year-old son, homemade cappucino and banana pancakes, window shopping online, doing something crafty, and reading a WHOLE book.

  409. sara

    My perfect staycation involves large bowls of peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce and really good laugh-out-loud movies. And tacos – maybe ice cream first and then tacos! I am so crazy.

  410. Lisa Marie

    Oooh! For this time of year, my staycation would include all of the following: a breakfast of leftover pecan pie washed down with half a bottle of red wine (left over from the previous night’s dinner party); a steaming bath, during which I may fall back asleep (see above re: wine); freshly-shaven legs, lotion, clean pajamas, and hours upon hours of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the series). Apply fresh wine liberally throughout the day.

  411. Jodi

    Perfect staycations happen around our house fairly often during the holidays– every Friday night from Thanksgiving until Christmas finds me in the car with the two kids (all clothed in pjs– no coats or shoes allowed)touring neighborhood holiday light displays. We call it Pajama Friday and it’s not just our staycation- it’s our special holiday tradition (tradeee-shuuuuuuun, tradishun!).

  412. Patti

    My ultimate staycation would be hanging out at home with the family watching good movies with all the housework done and the laundry put away. I am pretty sure if the laundry was put away in the correct places, there would be a choir of angels singing somewhere….

  413. meghan

    The perfect day would start with sleeping in with my husband and the dog, followed with tea/coffe, coffeecake and reading the paper. then onto a marathon session with video games and movies, while eating sandwiches from an awesome cheese shop near by. followed with more movies and a good bottle of wine and a home cooked dinner. now if only my husband and i would have the same days off from work together!

  414. Ashley

    I would stay in the kitchen all day, cooking and eating whatever I wanted. Someone else would have cleaned the rest of my house so I could enjoy kicking my feet up and playing card games with my husband over bottles of wine. I’m pregnant, so the wine will have to wait, but the rest may be doable.

  415. Kristina

    I’m such a geek. Dream staycation involves soup of the stew variety, beers, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Or all the episodes of Firefly with a screening of Serenity afterwards. And my duvet cover and yoga pants and muppet socks.

    I would like to go home now.

  416. stephanie lindley

    Perfect day is a day full of a good tv show on dvd. We can hole up for 6 discs of lost or battlestar galactica…. this is generally complemented with loads of unhealthy food, and cuddle time with the pup

  417. Lorie

    Best staycation ever: king-sized bed with great bedding, me and boyfriend in our underwear playing video games and watching Dr. Who. Yep, that’s it.

  418. ricer

    sleeping in as along as i want to on a summer day. jogging with the dog. watching movies on the couch while eating ice cream.

  419. carona

    For staycation I would have a day with yoga, kayaking and then a movie with a good friend here in my city.

  420. Barb

    Getting ready for a great cocktail party in the evening. Looking forward to spending time with great friends. Spending the day making new recipes and testing new cocktails.

  421. Erin

    This is not creative in any way, but it’s the first thing that came to mind and thus probably the most honest. I’d like to stay home and watch the extended editions of all three Lord of the Rings films, order pizza and breadsticks and drink good wine. I am a nerd.

  422. Meagan

    Hot tea, toast, and the Washington Post. Yoga. A few hours with a good book. Lunch at the bagel shop around the corner. A viewing of The New World. At least one nap (open windows, warm breeze). Something good on the grill and in the glasses. A circle of family and friends in the backyard, telling stories and tossing a frisbee to a well-behaved dog. S’mores. And a deep, deep sleep (line-dried sheets, rain on the roof).

  423. Sandra

    A perfect staycation would involve pie for breakfast – preferably strawberry rhubarb. Then I’d move the TV into my bedroom for a marathon of either martial arts movies (House of Flying Daggers, Hero, and Curse of the Golden Flower are a few favs) or True Blood. More pie would be consumed, and then somebody would come over and do my laundry.

  424. Esther

    my perfect day at home would consist of pajamas, delicious carb laden comfort foods (mashed potatoes and brownies anyone? not together though, unless that’s your thing) and watching all available seasons of 30 rock or it’s always sunny in philadelphia. since the semester is over in a little over one week, this will soon become a reality. and there’s nothing like morphing into a useless lump while laughing your head off after reading obscure masturbatory theories with no real world application. the next day, you’ll want to engage in anything active, just to make sure you’re still alive! win win.

  425. Lindsay Masten

    A perfect day requires no less than a roaring fire, Mexican hot chocolate (you don’t know love if you don’t know this), and – since we’re focusing on films – the following: Zoolander (“what is this, a school for ants?!”); Pretty Woman (the REAL hooker with a heart of gold); the Brothers Bloom (have you seen this? it’s made of amazing); and something scary to round out a wintry evening… maybe The Orphanage (it’s Spanish, also awesome).

  426. Angela Wenglar

    A cold and very raindy day where we (husband, two kids and I) watch movies all day with hot chocolate and popcorn. Kids go to sleep early and we switch to wine while watching more movies or the Travel channel.

  427. Krysta

    My perfect day involves boyfriend + pj’s and a yummy breakfast! Followed by movies and some video game playing. Xbox game playing would be super sweeet!!

  428. merry jennifer

    My perfect day at home would start with the alarm clock turned off and sleeping in until at least 8am (never thought that would be sleeping in, but with kids, it is). I’d lounge around, watch Today show, drink coffee. After a shower, I’d read and maybe write a bit. Throw in an afternoon workout, and then takeout chinese and a movie before bed. Perfect.

  429. Hayley

    Perfect staycation… there’s just too many options! With the weather being a balmy 23 degrees out here, I would have to say inside with a never ending supply of peppermint mochas, a huge roaring fire, brie cheese, fruit, a lengthy novel and my fiance to sit with and stare at the snow beginning to fall knowing that we’re warm and toasty inside!

  430. Sarah

    Homemade pizza, bottle of red wine and a cribbage tournament. Winner gets to pick which season of West Wing finishes the evening.

  431. Emm

    It needs to be a rainy, cool day. All of my roommates need to be at work. Then, after sleeping int, oatmeal with chocolate chips in bed, then a face mask while catching up on 30 Rock, a long shower. PJs on the couch with a tub of hummus, with episode of “How I Met Your Mother.” Then, before everyone gets home from work, Breathless while eating tomato soup and toast.


  432. Laura

    Perfect day at home would be hot chocolate with a splash of brandy and a good book with a luxurious nap on the couch in the middle the afternoon with the orangey flecks of sunshine on my closed eyes!

  433. Andrew

    Sleep in a little. Watch a movie while eating breakfast. Fart around on the computer or play videos games. Get a giant burger and fries to go, and watch another movie. Maybe go for a walk after lunch. Take out sushi and another movie for dinner.

  434. Christina

    My ideal perfect day of my dreams?

    I would send my husband and kids off to the zoo first thing in the morning, so I knew they were having a good day – I would not be able to enjoy myself if I were worrying about them.

    I would take a bath as long as I wanted, with a book, candles, a fizzy drink.

    I’d curl up on the sofa in front of a guilty pleasure movie, like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes with a crochet project.

    I’d stop for lunch – make myself a gruyere and cheddar grilled cheese on sourdough with tomato/basil soup.

    I’d head out to the park down the street with a sketchpad and pencils and draw for a while. Then I’d head home and spend the afternoon playing wii – mostly boxing, and maybe mario kart.
    Hopefully then my kids and husband would be home and we would order out Thai.

    That would be an awesome day.

  435. mar

    Hmm … sleeping late, a shower with hot water that lasts for the whole time, my favorite fleece pants and slippers, a nice croissant and chai for breakfast, being able to catch up on everything I have on my Tivo, a nap, and having a lovely homecooked dinner – that I didn’t cook.

    Oh, and no guilt over the whole thing.

    That last part is important!

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