Momversation: Shopping

I’m officially Momversing again, after a brief hiatus so I could remain sane while furiously checking things off the Mighty Life List. This week, we’re talking about online shopping versus brick and mortar stores. Does the mall give you hives?

On a related note, you know what doesn’t taste nearly as good as I remember? Orange Julius. If you haven’t had one since you were a kid, keep those halcyon memories intact and maybe grab a Coke next time you’re at the mall.

17 thoughts on “Momversation: Shopping

  1. Thank you for posting this, Maggie! This one really hit home for me, even though I don’t have kids! I cannot express how much I hate shopping in brick and mortar stores. Especially during the holiday season, as soon as I step foot in the mall, I turn into mega-bitch…like, I need to get a cape, because it is a super power…that bad. I would definitely consider myself to be the bargain shopper, which is why I love online shopping. I might not start online, but I always always end up there. I have problems finding clothing that fits if I order online, so if I see a pair of shoes I can’t live without, or a pair of pants, I try them on in the store, then go online to find them cheaper…sometimes the item will be cheaper from the same retailer online!


  2. I love all kinda of shopping but I haaaaaaaate paying shipping and handling. I feel defeated and personally attacked if I can’t find a way out of it and the website wins. I will do anything, from spending hours online trying out obscure coupon codes to driving miles out of my way (giving no particular consideration to money lost on gas) to a brick and mortar store, just to avoid the fee. I’m like one of those animals at the zoo that would sooner starve than just eat the euthanized rat the zookeeper provides. Shipping and handling is the euthanized rat.


  3. OMG, this happened to me at the mall this past weekend! I hadn’t had an Orange Julius in years, and my memory of them was much better than the frothy crap I got in the cup.

    It used to be more orange cream sickle, but now it’s more water milk with melted orange concentrate.



  4. I am soooo with Rebecca on this one. Shopping is an adventure! You just never know what bargain you will find, and when it comes to clothes things always look and fit differently on your body than on the hanger so I must try-on. I love going to stores, except not so much during the holidays when they are madness and non-experts flood the malls. Then I will try to shop online, but I too HATE paying shipping and handling. Drives me nutty.


  5. I can’t imagine shopping online simply because I need that tactile experience of handling an item to decide if I want it. I need to try it on, or turn it over in my hands, feel the texture, the size and scale of it, the colour. Whether it’s earrings, or a wallet, or stationery, or shoes, I need to have a real life experience with it.


  6. I find shopping a difficult, non-adventuresome chore. If I had the money, I would offer to pay Rebecca and anyone else who loves it to shop for me. Just dreaming about that makes me feel lighter.


  7. OMG, Orange Julius! I actually think they recently changed the recipe, because I used to get one whenever I was at the mall on visits home (sigh), and until a year or two ago they still tasted like awesome. And then about 6 months ago I got one and it was disgusting–thin and sickly sweet and all wrong. I wonder if they started using concentrate instead of fresh juice, or something?


  8. I totally agree about the Orange Julius, they got really gross. When I was a kid we got this recipe that tastes just like the old OJ and I will share it with you.

    Put 4 Tbs. Orange Juice Concentrate, 14 Ice cubes, 4 Tbs. Sugar, 1 cap full of vanilla extract and 1/2 cup of milk into a blender and liquefy it. It tastes just like the old Orange Julius, but it’s super cheap to make! My mom used to buy orange juice concentrate in bulk because my brothers and I made this as often as we could, it’s so good!


  9. I was going to go and gush over how much I like Jamba Juice’s Orange Dream Machine because it’s better than my memories of Orange Juliuses, but I guess PositivelyAnna beat me to the punch. Just don’t look at that book of nutritional values they have sitting there at the store.


  10. I love shopping, both online and in stores. I totally get the adventure/support local business side of thing, but it is so gratifying to not HAVE to go out if I don’t want to. I also love the ability to get the discounts and coupon codes online.

    If anyone is interested in getting cash back while doing shopping online, check out my website. Free way to get extra discounts and cash back at what you already buy. Yes!


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