Packing Light: Laura Mayes, Headbands


Yesterday’s cute headband was hardly the only one in Laura’s travel arsenal — this one is from Urban Outfitters. There’s something so Texan about all of her hair accoutrements; I kept expecting her to clip on a fake ponytail for fullness, or pull a wig out of her duffel bag. Then again, I’m the one who packed set of hot rollers for a beach vacation.


Her dress is White House Black Market and I love the full skirt. So comfortable when you’re traveling.


Also well suited to impromptu musical numbers. Do you get the impression that Laura has never worn a sweatsuit in her life?


Her houndstooth heels are vintage, and are clearly a commitment to cuteness.


Another simple sundress, this time from Target.


Her scarf is also from Target, though her shoes are Gucci:


When I was asking Laura about her clothing brands, I said, “Do you realize all of your stuff is either Prada and Gucci or Target and TJ Maxx?”

“That’s so me,” she said.


9 thoughts on “Packing Light: Laura Mayes, Headbands

  1. Laura looks crazy beautiful in every single photograph you’ve posted of her. Not to take away from your other Mighty Closet candidates, but she seems to select clothes that suit her body perfectly. Such a natural, flattering style.


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