Make 1,000 Lovely Things: Fishy and Jellyfish Costume


Behold! The cutest little fishy on the face of the planet.


And his little fish bum too! Oh. My. Goodness. The glue-gun burns were a small price to pay.


Bryan was a sea captain.


And I was a jellyfish. I made my hat from a lampshade.


The joy buzzer was the best part of my costume.


The whole costume only cost me like $11. Before going out for the night I added tentacles and a sweater. Surprisingly, there were tons of jellyfish on the street, the best one being a girl who had affixed blacklights to the underside of a white umbrella. I practically genuflected in the street. Happy Halloween!

29 thoughts on “Make 1,000 Lovely Things: Fishy and Jellyfish Costume

  1. If I ever get dressed up for halloween again, can I steal your idea (with full credit to That Cool Girl Maggie Whose Blog I Read, Here, Let Me Give You The URL)? I absolutely LOVE it!

    PS: The costume you made for your boy makes me want to have kids AND to make stuff for them for halloween. No small feat!


  2. I think there was a Real Simple magazine bit this fall suggesting an umbrella jellyfish as a straight forward costume idea- might explain the numbers? Love your umbrella-less version though.


  3. Adorable goldfish! Hurray for a costume with a hat he would wear! Or is it out of the no-hat phase? I’m guessing it’s either that or the chocobribery worked again.


  4. So cute, so clever! I’ve added your site to my blogroll because you always have such good content- Love that you cover so many topics, not just one thing!


  5. Martha Stewart listed jellyfish as one of her easy no-sew costumes. I think Maggie’s is cuter than hers. I do love the idea.

    Hank’s costume, btw, made my ovaries twitch. So cute! I love the back view. It make me happy that people still make Halloween costumes instead of buying them.


  6. Lands’ sakes, you have a lovely child. I have seen Victorian paintings of beautiful women with less glow about them than he has.

    Also? I think the picture of the fish caught by the fisherman is pretty much the best father-son image ever captured. I am not teary about it, though. At all.


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