Broad Summit: Feisty Elle Favors


This is the adorable Leslie Yang of Feisty Elle, a San Francisco accessories shop I fell for when I was hunting down Mighty Goods posts.

A few months after posting her Red Dahlia Earrings, I ran into Leslie at the Renegade Craft Fair and told her I was planning the Broad Summit. I asked if she’d like to include her work in the gift bags, and gave her my mailing address. A few months later a gorgeous package showed up at the office.


Leslie had made wooden, laser-cut versions of her earrings, painted them gold, and used thin black elastic to secure them to craft paper boxes. The result was so chic, don’t you think? I think they’d make great packages for wedding favors, and I’ve had mine propped up on my desk since it arrived.



The packaging was so cool, we used them as turn-down favors at the retreat, and several of the girls even wore their earrings the next day, which is the ultimate endorsement.


Go Leslie! Thanks so much for the lovelies.

11 thoughts on “Broad Summit: Feisty Elle Favors

  1. I am OBSESSED with these earrings. My favorite part is how light they are — they’re made of felt, aren’t they? — because while I love wearing big danglies, the holes in my ears are quite low and anything heavier than the flapping of a butterfly’s wings causes them to stretch dangerously. So these earrings are perfect because they’re INCREDIBLY light. I’ve had at least three compliments a day on them since I started wearing them last week…..or at least I did until I lost the left one at SFO yesterday morning. I was so distraught that I half plan to BART back out there tonight and comb the terminals looking for it. Or, you know, maybe I’ll just buy another pair.


  2. Maggie, I love this post, I love hearing about the Broad Summit and I really love those earrings.

    But you and your great taste are very, very bad for my bank account.

    I’d write more, but I have to go buy earrings now.


  3. i decided when i was in seattle that daliahs would be the flower i shall take into my 30’s as my favourite. they look how i want to feel, so thank you for directing me to these. i bought the grey pair πŸ™‚


  4. Hey all! This is Leslie with Feisty Elle. Just wanted to say thank you so much to Maggie and all the fabulous Broads who’ve been rocking my earrings and have said such wonderful things about them. I feel blessed! Stay feisty. πŸ™‚


  5. Dear lauraelle (last picture) – Your lipstick is gorgeous! Any chance you’d be willing to share the shade and maker?

    I also love Leslie’s earrings, but can’t wear them, since my ears are no longer pierced. 😦


  6. Ahhh! Loved these Feisty Elle earrings so much, I shared this post with the readers of my new blog, Product Review Round-Up! The link is listed under “Eco-Cool Goods” in the entry:

    “Laser cut accessories from sustainable materials flaunted & feted at Mighty Girl”

    Yay! And, yee-haw!

    Thanks, Maggie, for always showing us the great stuff.

    Happy Trails!


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