4 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Mighty Haus

  1. tasha

    okay, can someone tell me what exactly you do with a tea towel? They are super cute and I guess I would use them as kitchen towels, but is there an official function?

  2. Elaine

    I have to say, MightyGoods is where I can reliably find jumping-off points to win the game of Christmas Present. (If present-giving was a recognized sport.) Thanks for all of your Etsy ideas. Christmas present for the hubs this year: Custom table lamps with the faces of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

  3. Jet Harrington

    I detest shopping in stores, and love shopping online or catalogues. That said, sorting through the volume of gear out there wears me out. Thank you for curating that volume into a wonderful, manageable, interesting collection. I love your sites.

    tasha: i use a fuzzy/terry towel in the kitchen for hands, and a smooth tea towel (like these) for: laying out dishes on if i have too many for the drainer; wrapping biscuits or scones when they come out of the oven to keep them warm without getting soggy, set in a basket on the table (want pretty towels for that);wrapping presents for my sisters; and (my nana did this) under the lid of a drained pot of boiled potatoes before mashing them (this takes extra moisture out them, making for ultra-fluffy potatoes).

    Maybe they were originally used to wrap a tea pot to keep it warm, before knitted or quilted tea cozies.

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