Mighty Life List: Participate in a Giant Food Fight? Check.


Rockstar before.


Rockstar after.


See how one little food fight makes everything seem so much more fun?


It was incredible — in an “everything I ever hoped it would” be kind of way.


It was also undoubtedly the most family-oriented whipped cream fight on record. Update: This is not Hank! This is Brody, my friend Bonita’s son. Hank was there, but he wanted very little to do with the festivities, as he does not like to get food on him. You may recall the ice cream incident.


(Nate Bolt took this, and it’s my favorite photo of the day.)


The rest of the photos are over here.


Someone did manage to lose a wedding ring in the fray (and I can’t believe that only happened to one person). All of us pitched in to search for it without any luck, but the ring was found the next day! I still can’t really believe it. Lori wrote a post about it.


I’ll upload some video later today, and will soon post a how-to for putting together your own food fight, which you should do. Today.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to fight. Special thanks to the Mighty Girl readers who gamely faced the unknown with tubs of Cool Whip in tow.

As you can see, Intel is making my site more interesting by sponsoring my Mighty Life List. If it weren’t for this campaign, it would have been years (and years and years) before I got off my bum to plan this. Hooray for deadlines!

31 thoughts on “Mighty Life List: Participate in a Giant Food Fight? Check.

  1. How your lipstick still looks perfect after a major food fights must be one of life’s biggest mysteries.

    seriously jealous of the fight.. and the makeup.


  2. Ok, that photo of Hank is completely priceless. And the ladies in the matching yellow frocks are clearly the day’s big winners. Sad I missed the event by but a weekend! San Fran on Friday.


  3. I was sitting in Delores Park Saturday afternoon and saw some of those folks walking by (I believe the ones in the yellow dresses) and was totally jealous when they mentioned where they’d been! Looks like total fun.


  4. I sooooo wish I could have been there! What fun!!Question: Who are the guys in drag, and why??? Oh, I forgot…it was in San Francisco.


  5. Oh man! I so wish I had read about this beforehand! I definitely could’ve used a giant whip cream fight on Saturday.

    Do it again sometime, k? Pretty please?


  6. Hank seems to be the only non-whipped-cream-covered one in the group shot. Did he want no part of the messiness? Looks like so much fun!


  7. Thank you Maggie. I’m hoping when my girls look back on their childhoods this memory will spring to mind. Also, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but can I please be invited to the bubbles on the bridge #lifelist event. Pretty please!


  8. In high school it occurred to a friend of mine and me that we had lived seventeen years without ever experiencing a pie fight. We went out and bought some pie shells, filled them with Cool-Whip, and smashed them in each other’s faces after school one day. It was as awesome as we had anticipated. These pictures remind me of that afternoon, times a thousand.

    He lives in SF now; perhaps he was there?


  9. Hi Maggie,
    This looks like the most G-rated fun you can have with whipped cream!

    You have inspired me in two ways by tackling your Mighty Life List and with your book. And so, I have set myself a little challenge… I’m going to take a stab at every single blog post idea in your book. 100 posts in 150 days is the modest target.

    Have a look if it seems like something that might be interesting to you (name link).


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