Food Fight Footage

Margaret Stewart recorded the entire fight, including a mini-interview with me beforehand.

Tarps made matters scary slippery, so after some initial bailing, we all began to move like cream-covered zombies. Because slow and careful food fights make for good fun but sleepy viewing, may I suggest you forward to 4:35 when I finally realized that Margaret had been avoiding the mess by using her technology as a shield. Take that, Stewart.

You know Intel sponsored this, right? Yeah, I thought so.

9 thoughts on “Food Fight Footage

  1. How about Cool Whip food fights coast to coast? I’m in Washington DC and would love to do something like this. Any other readers in DC who are with me?

    Also I think immediately after the Cool Whip food fight there should be the Cool Whip Slip ‘n’ Slide.


  2. I walked my doggy charges in the park just after this all ended, and they thought the cool whip coated grass was the best idea ever. So, yeah. Bella and Shelby say thank you.

    And next time something like this comes up, I’m totally ditching my library school homework to come play. For serious.


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