Do You Like to Throw Things at People?

Hello. You know how I have “participate in a giant food fight” on my life list? Well, let’s do that on Saturday. Shall we?

If you will be near San Francisco between 3-4 p.m., and you should be, I’m gathering a few people for a Cool Whip fight. You should come, because you are fun. I can feel it! Also? When is this going to happen again, right? I know.

Please send me a note (maggie at mightygirl dotcom) with “rsvp” in the subject header, and I’ll send you details. When you arrive, I will say hello, and throw something at you. I have always wanted to do that.

I’m doing this because Intel is sponsoring my Mighty Life List over the next few months, and this is on it. They’re the reason I got my act together to actually organize it. Thanks for the motivation, Intel.

36 thoughts on “Do You Like to Throw Things at People?

  1. Oh. I know I’ve said I hate you but that was just jealousy. I’d love to watch but I have a horror of food fights left over from college days when food was flung the length of a Gothic dining hall…


  2. ARGH! We’re having a birthday party for my son at the same time. Unless you want to move your food fight to Alameda and have a bunch of toddlers involved with the throwing of food? C’mon! It’ll be fun!


  3. I couldn’t come anyway, as I’m across the country and all, but if it were nearby I would be sad at your choice of ammunition. I am allergic to Cool Whip, and wouldn’t be able to come. *sniffle* But it’s a moot point anyway. Existential sadness, so to speak.


  4. Alas, I will not be in San Francisco between 3-4pm any time this year. I am really sad about this.

    FYI, your life list inspired me to make my own list a few months ago and I’m having a grand time going through it!


  5. Have you prototyped this? I am concerned that CoolWhip might not have enough heft for projectile maneuvers. Pudding perhaps.

    Note to AVB. Cool Whip is non-dairy. The primary components are HFC and tropical oils. So, it’s probably more akin to hair conditioner than real whipped cream.


  6. I would definitely be getting on a plane to come for this only, I’m actually jumping out of one on Saturday – part of my life list as well. Those things are motivators. I had no idea I’d be knocking so many things out this quickly but I’m delighted by the surprise of it all.


  7. Neil Gaiman’s oldest daughter had a jello fight with a group of her friends in their backyard a month or so ago — he has photos on his website. My favorite bit was seeing the little kid swimming pool filled with all colors of jello.

    Cool Whip sounds more portable and less stain-y. I wish I could teleport myself over! *sigh*


  8. I live near Sf but will not under any circumstances ever participate in a giant food fight on purpose. I was stuck in one as a freshman in HS and can still feel the flour/chocolate syrup/whipped cream in my nose and hair and ears and just yuck. But have fun! And make sure you have a way to get to a shower that doesn’t involve sitting in your car. Unless you never want your car to be clean again. 🙂


  9. Ok, Maggie. Lets talk, because your timing is *spooky.* Saturday is Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year, but you know this), and in the afternoon, around 3pm, Jews gather and do a ceremony called Tashlikh. What you do is, I swear to god, THROW FOOD (in this case bread) and meditate on casting off the things from the past year that you don’t need anymore – mistakes you made, things you want to move past.

    So you are, weirdly, having a cool-whil Tashlikh.

    And we will be there. We’ll come right from services, moving into the new year embracing life goals and fun, and letting go of what we no longer need.


  10. This sounds like the coolest thing EVER! Wish I could be there, but I second the motion for an Austin reenactment! Please tell us that there will be someone there taking LOTS of photos (can’t be you this time, since, presumably, you will be covered in goo!)


  11. There have been many times in my life that I wished I lived in SF but none rival the envy I feel right now. I’m so totally jealous of those who are close enough to attend this!


  12. Aaahh! I would come, I would, I swear!!

    But we have to go to Tahoe for a weeeeddddingggg! (Which will be fun too, but like you say – when will this happen again?) Have a great time!


  13. So, just thought I’d throw this out there, so your not ill prepared. When cool whip is in the sun.. it turns yellow. Soo.. don’t be scared.

    Also, I always wanted to have a food fight when I was a kid. (My favorite episode of Cheers was the thanksgiving episode where they have that food fight.) So, on a thanksgiving day in the early 1990’s my parents sent my sister and I out into the frigid Maine air, clad in old snow suits (Ah Maine.) and gave us all of the left over stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce.

    Easily one of the best days of my life.


  14. Amanda, I love your story. Your mom rocks. And I’d do that just to get rid of the leftovers from Thanksgiving, I swear!

    Also, your tip about Cool Whip in the sun? It’s San Francisco. Sun? Fuggettaboutit!!


  15. Maggie, you’re my hero. In multiple dimensions.

    Does Intel want to sponsor a trip to Milwaukee? For a food fight? Or anything? I’m game!


  16. This idea is cooooooooooooool.

    Listen, Maggie, you are really inspiring, what with your ticking your life list stuff off, one by one.

    I love that. I really do.

    In fact, it’s motivating me to do the same. And encouraging me to talk about it.

    This month: finish knitting my very first pair of socks. I’ve tried doing this for years, and this time? I really think I will finish. It’s taking me a while, and I have to keep coming back to it and concentrating, but that’s okay, knitting socks takes a long time. I’m filled with a new sense of purpose. Purpose, I say!

    It’s really… heart warming, to live like this. So thank you.

    Also, have fun at the food fight! I hope you get breathless with laughter and silliness, and I want you to know that if I lived in the area, I’d totally be doing this. In fact, I may send one of my friends down your way to participate on my behalf. Whee!


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