9 thoughts on “Mighty Goods: Back to School for Grownups

  1. Aisha

    Love the list! The tea mug is definitely going to a friend of mine for Christmas – she’s a HUGE tea lover. Carries her own with her everywhere, always has a ceramic mug in her bag for hot water, etc.

  2. Megan

    Oh, hi! I remember that I requested your back-to-school picks for adults last year. I was really curious about what you’d pick.

    I’m here to also add a plug to have a public library card added to the list. I have this on the brain – can you imagine a large American city without a library? Devastating.


  3. Kate

    Megan, the library closing information is tragic! Especially since Carnegie is a Pennsylvania kind of guy, and he was a big, big, believer in the idea that libraries are an important civic resource!

  4. Jessica

    OHMIGOSH. My brother just helped me out HUGELY and is a big tea drinker, so I just shipped that travel tea mug to him in Indiana where he lives – I’m in Cali. (I’m the one who dreamt you set me up with the red head with the 7-year-old daughter. Yes – my dream world is so freaking odd, I have no words.)

    My brother flew out to help me with our Mom’s hip replacement and we had a great time and he was so helpful. I’m soooooo very glad you posted this – he’s gonna LOVE this gift!

  5. Lisa

    You know, I’m pretty sure garten is garden in German and kinder is child, so it’s not that big of a slip. Imagining the children as little turnips is about right. ;)

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