You guys were right


Dear Greek Yogurt,

You smell great. Have I told you that? Man, you smell great. Whoa. I think I might still be a little tipsy from last night.

Anyway, let’s be straight. It’s not like the girls haven’t told me about you. I mean, you’ve been around, and I’m not an idiot. The bass player, the bartender, the Greek Yogurt, your exploits have become cliché.

So let’s not pretend here, Greek Yogurt. I know you’re all about waking up with a girl every morning (as long as she’s in Greece), and then dropping off the face of the earth the minute her plane lands back home. And whatever, it’s none of my business. I’m on vacation, and here you are.

And here I am.

Why don’t you throw an arm around me, and we’ll hit the beach? You are so soft. Seriously, what is that? It’s unreal.


I’m in Greece because Intel is sponsoring my Mighty Life List. I’m bringing them back some yogurt.

24 thoughts on “You guys were right

  1. And such a sociable charmer too – will mingle dazzlingly with the honey, the almonds and even the savouries, no problem.

    There’s a brand in the UK called ‘Rachel’s Organic’ which does a particularly fine Greek yoghurt with coconut which I’d like to marry. Or, you know, just bathe in its pillowy goodness.


  2. Yeah, I had heard about Greek yogurt for years but hadn’t tried it. I mean, honey in yogurt? Gag! (I’m very picky about my yogurt, preferring classic Yoplait above all others). I finally tried it for the first time several months ago, with some homemade granola and honey…sublime. I am officially a Greek yogurt junkie. I agree with the above commenter that Fage 2% is the best. I don’t like the fat-free version and the whole-fat version is just a little TOO rich & creamy for me.


  3. After living in Athens I will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER eat American yogurt by the cup every again. It’s sugary crap. Bring on the Fage with a little honey please. Euxaristo.


  4. Have you not been to Fraîche!? They have Greek-style AND frozen yogurt, 2 shops in Palo Alto & one coming to San Francisco on Fillmore St. in Septmeber. It is organic AND homemade, they make it right in the store. De-lish!
    You’re welcome. Now let’s see some more photos, please!


  5. Most grocery stores in the US carry Greek Yogurt which is fabulous because I too fell in love with greek yogurt, fruit and honey while on vacation in Athens.

    AND, if you’re really special some grocery stores even carry greek yogurt ice cream, which is basically multiple orgasms in your mouth.


  6. the greek yogurt! you can get it at whole foods! ohhhh, the way you have it up there is darn near perfect… bananas, walnuts, lots and lots and lots of honey… oh my gosh you are ruining my resolve!


  7. I’ve seen Rachel’s Organic greek yogurt at Meijer where I live!! And there was another kind too, that came w/ honey–probably the Fage that everyone’s been talking about..


  8. Okay, now I’m going to have to try it. I make my own yogurt, so does this mean all I have to do is drizzle some honey on fresh fruit over it? Because believe me, I will. You can’t stop me.


  9. Ah my sweet sweet greek yogurt. Be careful – my husband and I came home from our honeymoon in Greece super fat despite all the hiking, swimming and bumming around we did. I couldn’t fit into any of my pants and he had man boobs. We went on a self imposed diet of tofu and green tea when we returned – all the lovely full fat yogurt, lamb, olive oil, feta, retsina and ouzo just did us in.
    MMMMMM – so sweetly.


  10. I just “discovered” Fage Greek yogurt (w/peaches) a couple weeks ago, and *loved* it. Of course, I’m sure it doesn’t hold a candle to eating Greek yogurt in Greece!


  11. Pretty much all you need to do to make/approximate Greek yogurt is buy some good quality plain whole milk yogurt and strain out the whey. Et voila! Lovely stuff.


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