Can You Watch This?

25th August 2009


For those of us who still leave our laptops in the care of strangers at the coffee shop when we need to use the restroom, my most recent WePC post is a roundup of anti-theft devices for your computer.

My favorite is inexpensive homing software that lets you disable a stolen computer remotely until the police can track it down. There’s also a pricey electric briefcase that envoltifies would-be thieves, but I’m pretty sure your name ends up on some government list if you buy one. Sort of like checking out Mein Kampf at the library, or muttering under your breath about Dick Cheney.

Who I’ve heard is a very nice man, by the way.

6 thoughts on “Can You Watch This?

  1. Kristin Steiner

    My dad actually knows Dick Cheney (we’re from Wyoming). He IS very nice.
    No comment on his politics.

    Although it was pretty fun to say that the VP once drank a Coors in my kitchen.

  2. Kirstin

    The Dick Cheney comment must have gone over my head. Is the idea that now, under the Obama Administration, your name ends up on a government list if you mutter something under your breath about Cheney?

  3. Cat

    I have always found amusing the whole concept of asking strangers at a coffee shop to ‘watch’ your stuff. Please stranger, protect my stuff from, you know, other strangers. And yet, I do it on a regular basis.

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