7 thoughts on “Mighty Goods: Bridesmaid Gift Guide

  1. 1. I gave monogrammed clocks (except they were not cool clocks they were something my grandmother would like)

    2. I wish I had had your gift guide back then

    3. Trying to decide if I could pull off the neon blue hinged wallet. I may just have to try it.

    4. When you do the grooms men check out these http://www.dbclay.com


  2. Thanks Maggie, this is a great topic for a guide.

    I struggled with this so much for my wedding! I really wanted everyone to have a gift that felt special for them but didn’t want to get completely different gifts for each bridesmaid. Then I found great clutches on Etsy by Shakuyaku. (This is the one I picked out for my maid of honor, who loves funky and orange… perfect! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=28612770) I was able to choose from varied fabrics, from conservative black-and-white to patterned peacock. Something to suit everyone’s personality. The artist was so pleasant to work with and her clutches were meticulously crafted and arrived wrapped in pretty tissue paper with boxes. I didn’t intend for it, but all the girls were excited about them and ended up using them at the wedding. I was just sad I didn’t buy one for myself!


  3. Man, I wish I had this when we were looking for my bridesmaids’ gifts. I ended up going with a Vera Bradley lunch pouch in one print for each girl (yes, I know, VB is probably quite uncool, but they are dead useful). I’m still thinking I might get something to put inside, though, and those scarves from the Gap might just do the trick.


  4. Thanks so much for featuring Joanna Mendicino’s etsy shop Pretty Random Objects! She is a good friend, a Bay Area local, and an inspiring artist! I own two of her vases (sadly not the jellyfish one) and their stark white forms are so eye catching on a colored back drop.


  5. when I was planning my wedding, I knew I wanted custom made jewelry both for me and my bridesmaids… i went hunting for an artist at the One of Kind Show and Sale in Chicago, where I was living at the time, even though the wedding was going to be in Toronto, where I am from)… i spotted some jewelry designs i fell in love with, in a booth run by Kath Frey (www.kathfrey.com, she also has an Etsy shop)… she is a former graphic designer who found her calling designing sculptural wire jewelry…

    the best part was it turned out her studio was a two-block walk from my flat in Roscoe Village (she has since moved her studio to another part of Chicago)… so over the space of several months and at my convenience, I visited her studio to make some choices about the designs I liked… i decided that I would get earrings made by Kathy for all my bridesmaids but I did let them pick out the designs they liked best… i gifted these earrings in a pewter studded box that was heart-shaped but not a perfect heart, more like half heart symbol, half human heart (I believe these are by Michael Aram by I could be wrong), which I found on clearance for about $10 each at the-then Marshall Fields…

    i also ended up having her create many of the thank you gifts i gave to family and friends who helped us with the wedding, including brooches, earrings and bracelets..

    i’ve returned to Kathy for jewelry gifts several times since — some for me, some for friends and family, including some fantastic reversible cufflinks for my husband, which pick up on the design of my wedding necklace and earrings…

    anyway, the overall cost was in the range i had planned for thank you gifts and in the long run, I’ve developed a friendship with Kathy that continues to this day… which reminds me, I am visiting Chicago soon, so perhaps it’s time to pick up some new pieces for my collection…


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