Mighty Closet: Courtney Skott, Outfit 3

12th August 2009

Designer Courtney Skott

When Courtney was in Spain, she visited this Desigual coat obsessively before finally splurging. Courtney has always been budget minded. We agreed during the shoot that spending $100 on something is a whole deal. If I’m spending more than $25 on an item, I tend to think it over. Thrift shopping makes you a crazy person that way. Lately I’ve begun to realize that it’s better to come home with one perfect investment piece rather than a garbage bag full of not-quite-there second hand stuff, so I’m trying to be better about looking for clothes that are bargains, but maybe not steals.

Courtney says the coat splurge was worth it, because people stop her on the street to compliment her whenever she wears it. I love that, because the whole point of going shopping while you travel is having the “Where’d you get that? conversation afterward. “This? Oh! I picked it up in Barcelona.”

Designer Courtney Skott

These Cartonnier herringbone trousers from Anthropoligie are technically supposed to be “ankle length.” No hemming for the petite girl, hooray! This is a pretty typical work outfit for Courtney.

Designer Courtney Skott

The Dolman-sleeved sweater is from Crossroads, a second-hand resale chain that has so far featured prominently in the Mighty Closet posts. I dig the proportions of this outfit. Easy, but not baggy, with a well-defined waist.

Designer Courtney Skott

The necklace is from Crossroads too. Clearly we all need to spend more time at Crossroads.

Lace Up Oxfords

Staid lace-up oxfords by Biviel from Gimme Shoes. So sexy librarian.

Tomorrow, Courtney channels Dixie Carter circa Designing Women. Stay tuned.

34 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Courtney Skott, Outfit 3

  1. Renee

    Oh these Mighty Closets are killing me! I would LOVE to have style like these women but when I go shopping I am immediately lost. So I will sit here and drool and be jealous. I love this series. Thanks Maggie.

  2. nelking

    Mighty closet has me focused on improving my style and my shopping.

    Investments pieces are critical but I live for those items I get compliments on that I did get for a steal!

    I’m looking up crossroads next time I down your way.

  3. shan

    is courtney available for upscale dinner dates?
    she is one fine bottle of 1947 Cheval Blanc


  4. Megan S.

    I want those pants. Also, I want to live somewhere where those pants wouldn’t look out of place. Darn you, Southern California for your palm trees and sunny days!

  5. Mindy

    I would totally mug her on the street for that coat. Not really, but I’d seriously wish it were mine as I walked by her.

  6. jenn

    The coat is interesting, but I’m not sure it works with the proportions of the pants.

    However, those pants and that shirt (and that necklace!) work very, very well together. Oh, yes.

  7. larissa

    i love all of these sooo much. especially her hair. courtney – would you mind sharing what hair styling products you use?

  8. shauna

    What a beacon of style :) I love the red necklace. You have such classy, well turned-out friends! Are any of them bad dressers? Or is it a case of birds of stylish feather flocking together?

  9. Maggie

    I don’t particularly care for the pants. They remind me of what happens when you jump into a pool with all of your clothes on. She is swimming in those pants!!

  10. Heather B.

    I have purchased the most awesome items from Desigual. And I agree with loving being able to say, “Oh, I got this in Madrid”. People flock to Desigual items. Though now there is one in Manhattan which means that it will inevitably become like H&M.

  11. Alison

    Courtney, you are so stylish and cute. However, I have to agree with another commenter who is not feeling these pants. Wideleg pants are fine in theory but this pair makes you look super short, and I never would have guessed you were short looking at the other outfits. I hope this sounds constructive and not bitchy, ack.
    Also, what’s the bag in these pictures?

  12. misstraceynolan

    Again, love it. And the Dixie Carter tease, so exciting!

    Side note: Love the pink and white in her apartment, almost as much as the colours in her home office. Just goes to show you, style on the self, often equal style in your Mighty Haus.

  13. Ariel

    This makes me realize how BORING my clothing choices are, and makes me want to branch out. But then I get scared and wonder if I could actually pull any of this off… I feel like there is such a world of difference between SF and Boise ID… What looks awesome in NY or SF would probably get me REALLY weird looks here….whats worse is I’d probably look at my self like I was weird and that makes me sad.
    I don’t want to be a sheep!

  14. Claire

    She’s gorgeous! That sweater is very elegant. I’m petite myself, and I love “ankle length unless you’re short, then they’re normal length” trousers. Just scored a great pair on clearance at the gap last week.

  15. libby

    I absolutely love the jacket! If it were mine I’d wear it as a dress with a wide patent leather belt. Possibly a red or yellow one. I’m not crazy about the effect paired with the pants. I think this coat is just begging for a flash of ankle, or a skinny jean and stiletto look. The ensemble sans jacket is fabulous too. I would like to see a pointy-er shoe- the footless look that often comes with wide leg pants is a pet peeve for me.

  16. erin

    Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like some of these comments are missing the boat… the point of these posts is to CELEBRATE the style of these women, not to CRITIQUE it. This isn’t some anonymous model in a magazine, it’s a real person who is dressing for her real life. That’s what’s so inspiring, that these posts take the abstraction of fashion and make it personal. So you wouldn’t necessarily choose the same look, don’t think it fits with your own personal aesthetic… who cares? The whole point is to celebrate the way individual people have chosen to express their style, and perhaps to inspire all of us to be a little more thoughtful and a little less risk-averse along the way.

  17. Amy

    As a petite girl, I LOVE this outfit. And I agree with the person above who asked you to please share your hair products—as a curly girl, I’m always looking for suggestions.

    Thanks to both of you—I LOVE this series!

  18. Courtney

    I have fooled you all! I am only 5’3″. So, sometimes I appear to be short. I am. I tend to feel stubby in slim pants (runners’ thighs) but tall and elegant like Katharine Hepburn in wide trousers. Who doesn’t want to feel like that?

    The bag is Tano, Mona Lethal. It’s great because you can shorten the strap or move it to the top edge of the fold and turn the bag into a tote.

    The wall color is Benjamin Moore Hidden Sanctuary. It is the most amazing pinkish lavender.

    As for hair products, I use Kerastase Volumizing shampoo & conditioner, but only every 2 or 3 days. Nothing flattens my hair like total cleanliness. Then a pea-sized amount of Bedhead Curls Rock, finger twist the roots at the crown, and dry to damp with a diffuser.

  19. Alison

    I rescind my comment about your pants, because if they make you feel awesome, then I’m sure they look awesome in person. The footless thing just gets me. (I knew you were actually short, and I should have worded my comment more carefully, because I didn’t mean to say that short was a bad thing.)
    Thanks for sharing the bag name too!

  20. Michelle

    This is DEFINITELY my favorite. She looks amazing and I love the lines it gives her. Also looks as good with the coat open or closed, which is a rare feat!

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