Young Love Unrequited, The Soundtrack

11th August 2009

This is the last gift sponsored by Sandisk slotRadio, so I thought we might actually talk about music. Since John Hughes passed, I’ve been thinking about how much more I enjoy movies when a director is passionate about the soundtrack.

My favorite Hughes scenes are about the music that’s playing in his characters’ lives. Remember Duckie lip-syncing to “Try a little Tenderness?”

Or Ferris Bueller’s “Danke Schoen” cum “Twist and Shout” on the parade float:

And of course, The Breakfast Club dance scene:

Then there are the Hughes songs that knock you flat and replay footage of your bedroom ceiling, circa 1985.

“Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds

“If You Were Here” by the Thompson Twins

“If You Leave” by OMD

So this present celebrates the music Mr. Hughes brought into our lives. If you win, I’ll send you everything you need for a nostalgic movie night.

The Ringwald holy trinity:

The Breakfast Club

Sixteen Candles

Pretty in Pink

An absurdly large box of Watermelon Flavored Pop Rocks, (Purchased after I ate the packages I bought for you at the corner store. Taste the Explosion!):


And, of course, a Sandisk slotRadio:

It comes with a bunch of songs already, but also gives you the option of picking your own music. Before you load your workout mix, I’d like you to check into these:

The Ultimate John Hughes Playlist
John Hughes Movie Soundtrack Hits

Leave a comment below, bonus points if you tell me about your favorite music-related movie scene. Be sure to include your email address in the field provided (so I can reach you if you win) by August 14 at 5 p.m. PST. Just one comment, please — I have to delete duplicates for fairness. will decide who wins. I’ll contact the lucky via email, and I’ll also tell you who won here.

Danke schoen to Sandisk for making this gift project a go. It’s been fun.

531 thoughts on “Young Love Unrequited, The Soundtrack

  1. Melissa

    Can you believe I’ve never actually seen Pretty in Pink? Can I still be considered a Hughes fan?

    Favorite music/movie moment actually comes from Empire Records, a mid-90s movie about kids who work in a record store, the one where Lucas runs down Warren the Shoplifter to the tune of “Money (That’s What I Want).”

  2. Aarika

    My favorite music moment is almost the entirety of the movie “That Thing You Do.” Amazing!

  3. Cyndi

    I graduated in 1984, so that’s a big chunk of my life you’ve posted there. :) Right now the only music-related movie moment sticking in my head is from Footloose.

  4. Meredith

    I agree that John Hughes used music in his movies brilliantly. Another filmmaker who does the same thing at least as well is Cameron Crowe. And John Cusak standing outside Ione Skye’s window holding up the boom box playing Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes is just a defining movie moment of my generation.

  5. Elizabeth

    First of all, I want to say Melissa is awesome for mentioning anything from Empire Records, since that is one of my favorite movies. BUT I think my favorite movie/music moment is when Nicely Nicely sings Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat in the movie version of Guys and Dolls. I just like the passion in the song.

  6. Stacy

    DEFINITELY Sixteen Candles at the end scene. John Hughes had such an amazing gift of music/movie scene melding. Even without the passing of John Hughes, this is still my favorite music/movie moment.

  7. Jodi

    The high school dance scene in Sixteen Candles, with Anthony Michael Hall as Farmer Ted is priceless. Or when he sings a Beatles medley to Molly Ringwald in auto shop… Even my thirteen-year-old son is developing an appreciation for Hughes’ prowess as a movie maker.

  8. Annika

    Oh, but I have so many! ONE OF my favorites is Liv Tyler running down the street screaming while “That Thing You Do” plays on her radio in That Thing You Do.

  9. Andrea

    Cliche but I love the scene in Say Anything where John Cusack holds up the boombox and plays In Your Eyes in front of Ione Skye’s house. I still love that song and had the pleasure of see Peter Gabriel perform it in concert.

  10. Beth Barnes

    I graduated in 1987, and my much younger cousin always laments the fact that she didn’t have someone like John Hughes to chronicle her high school years for her. And it’s true. My memories of those years virtually blind me whenever I hear one of those songs from his movies. (Which more and more frequently, distressingly, is over the Musak system at the grocery store. I mean, New Order at Kroger? Seriously?)

    I will say that I have always been weirdly attached to two little Ducky moments that are seared in my brain, and the almost incidental music playing in those scenes that was nonetheless beautifully thought out.

    First, when he is disconsolately sitting on his sad mattress on the floor and it’s raining and he’s flipping cards into a hat and you see how poor he really is for the first time – It’s “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” by the Smiths playing quietly on his radio. Perfection. The second is when he’s outside sitting on the newspaper box and it starts to rain on him and he just puts his head down – the music that starts to play, just for a few seconds, is a Thompson Twins song that’s not on the soundtrack. You don’t even hear any lyrics. But that little refrain is perfect. John Hughes, I will love you forever.

    Here’s a link to a lovely and surprising blog post from a girl who was a pen pal with John Hughes for many years, that shows him in a new light and makes me love him even more:

  11. Michelle Simons

    First off RIP Mr. Hughes! You gave us fun great movies. and second, My favorite music movie part is in Grease. The song “Look at me I’m sandra Dee” where all the pink ladys were in the bedroom and having a good old time. Love that.

  12. Catherine

    Okay, this is a TV related music scene, but I haven’t been able to get the closing scene from last season’s Scrubs out of my head. It’s a pseudo-montage set to Peter Gabriel singing “Book of Love.” I’ve watched it SO many times and tear up every time. So good.

  13. Laura B.

    Not a movie per se, but I found the scene at the of the third season finale of West Wing where Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” is playing to be an incredibly powerful interplay of music and cinematography

  14. She Likes Purple

    What a great prize!

    My favorite movie-related moment would be Almost Famous. And, not actually the Tiny Dancer scene but two other: Cat Stevens “The Wind” and Elton John’s “Mona Lisas and Madhatters.” Probably because Penny Lane is one of my favorite movie characters of all time.

    And, admittedly, my first music-related movie memory is of “An American Tale.” I used to sing “Somewhere Out There” constantly.

  15. swankette

    Grosse Point Blank. When John Cusack goes to visit his childhood home and it’s been replaced by a mini-mart. The scene opens with him out on the street and Gun’s & Roses’ cover of “Live and Let Die” and then, as he enters the convenience store it segues perfectly into a Muzak version of the same song. It is awesome and perfect on so many levels.

  16. Christine

    My absolute most favorite music-related movie scene is from Breakfast at Tiffany’s when Holly and “Fred” are in the 5&10 and trying to find items to shoplift. The choreography (if you can call it that) is such fun to watch!

  17. Laura

    I’m going to have to go with the final scene in Dirty Dancing, where they dance to “I’ve Had the Time of My Life,” with special emphasis on the moment where Patrick Swayze makes the funny face and rocks out in a very understated way. Alas, I can’t recall the line at that moment.

  18. Rachel

    Well, that’s not fair. You already mentioned Jon Cryer’s Try a Little Tenderness scene…ooh, the cute little creepers sliding across the floor on the way in, the girls’ jaws dropped in semi-disgust, the neighbor banging on the wall, ahh. That scene got me into Otis Redding.
    OK, so I will pick one not already mentioned in your post.
    The Big Lebowski psychedelic dream sequence with the entire song Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition….complete with virtual bowling alley and Julianne Moore as a Viking empress with bronze bowling ball breastplate.

  19. Sara

    One of my favorite music-in-a-movie scenes occurs in “She’s Having a Baby.” Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” is the perfect soundtrack to the heart wrenching scene when you aren’t sure if Kristy is going to be OK after complications from childbirth.

  20. Alexis

    I wanted to be Molly Ringwald. Love those movies!

    I love all of the movie music scenes in Dirty Dancing. Can’t pick just one. Its a movie I’ve watched a zillion times.

  21. Laura Brown

    You got it the first time: Duckie’s scene. He is so fantastic (she should chosen him!).

  22. Earl

    I really loved the music by Tangerine Dream for the movie Legend.
    It was unique and very much fit the fairy tale setting.

  23. Stacee

    Too many to choose from! Maybe “A Million Miles Away” by the Plimsouls in “Valley Girl.” All this John Hughes love has me nostalgic for all the teen flicks from my youth.

  24. Judi

    I fell for Concrete Blonde after hearing their version of “Everybody Knows” on the soundtrack from Pump Up the Volume.

  25. aly

    honestly? 1982’s movie annie and the song “let’s go to the movies”. i could sing that entire movie by heart (still, even today) but that song still makes me happy. also: any song from the movie labyrinth. (man i’m a dork)(but!! david bowie in leather!).

    i have to say, i completely concur with laura b– that scene in west wing was insanely powerful and i still get a little choked up thinking about that one… :)

  26. beyond

    i loved éric serra’s music to le grand bleu. i would listen to it for hours as a twelve year old. (just saw that the US version had different music by a different composer?!?)

  27. Jessica

    My favorite has to be the Toga party in Animal House. It just seems like the most fun, exciting place to be in that moment, and “Shout” is definitely a huge part of that.

  28. Carrie

    I so wanted to be Molly Ringwald! My fave was the end of Sixteen Candles…Just doesn’t get much better than “If You Were Here!” Fabulous!

  29. Kelly

    Now I’m in an 80’s movie kind of mood. I love the scene from Say Anything where Lloyd holds up the radio, playing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel.

  30. Ris

    The Dirty Dancing scene from Ferris Bueller has always been my favorite and my love for it has been renewed since moving to Chicago. It means so much more now. That orange statue thing Cameron and Sloane stand in front of is now my landmark for finding the post office of death! The building Bueller’s dad works in is across from the building my boyfriend works in! The stairs those kids dance up are actually the stairs up from the Blue Line! Oh John Hughes, you were brilliant.

  31. Amanda-Jayna

    Sweet Transvestite in Rocky Horror. I love when Frank comes down the elevator tapping his awesome boots.

    “I see you shiver with antici… pation!”

  32. Laura B

    As a Broadway fanatic, it would have to be “I Could Have Danced All Night” Audrey Hepburn, My Fair Lady. *sigh* I used to dance around in my bedroom to that song. Heck, I still dance around in my bedroom to that song :)

  33. Christi

    I’m a huge fan of The Muppets and love all of the songs in The Muppet Movie. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really learned to appreciate Rowlf and Kermit’s duet of “I Hope That Somethin’ Better Comes Along.”

  34. ronica leege

    What a great playlist. I initially thought about the end of “Pretty in Pink.” Blaine telling is telling Andie that he will always love her–heart-wrenching! But then I read the comment about “She’s Having a Baby,” the scene where we are left wondering if she’ll make it. SO good. After watching that movie, I spent a fair amount of time listening to “This Woman’s Work.”

  35. Megan

    This exact song but in the movie The Commitments

    2nd runner up: the scene from the blues club in Adventures in Babysitting

  36. steph

    Favorite music related movie scene… I have to say I loved the dance sequence at the end of “Slumdog Millionaire.” On the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, I love the opening scene of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” when Joel is driving to Beck’s “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime.”

  37. Lindsey R.

    Hmm… well I don’t so much love the movie as a whole, but I love the car scene in ‘Cruel Intentions’ where Bittersweet Symphony is playing in the background.

    My birthday is Thurs and this would be a rockin’ (literally!) gift!

  38. Yolanda

    The scene in Heaven Help Us when Andrew McCarthy and Mary Stuart Masterson dance to “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” by Otis Redding has sleighed me since I was 10 years old and first saw it on HBO.

  39. Amy

    It’s not as heart rendering as most of the other comments, but my absolute favorite music-related movie scene is when Goldie Hawn is in Dudley Moore’s apartment in the movie Foul Play and “Stayin’ Alive” comes on. I always giggle when I think about it.

    Otherwise, it’s when Andie sees Jake after her sister’s wedding and “If You Were Here” starts up. I won’t lie, I danced to that song as my first dance at my wedding.

  40. Claire

    My favorite, make your heart flutter, musical scene is in 10 things I hate about you where Heath Ledger sings – I want you baby…I just introduced my boyfriend’s pre-teen/teen daughters to this movie and it was this scene that made them fall in love with Heath…much like many women who are now in their late 20’s.

  41. lisa bickmore

    Well! there have been some good ones cited above, so I’m going to go ahead and pick a recent one that’s been sticking in my mind–in Rudo y Cursi, when Gael Garcia Bernal sings his cover IN SPANISH of that Cheap Trick song “I Want You To Want Me.” Very very very very funny and also poignant, too.

    Also, I am a mother of five, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of our family’s favorite movies.

  42. Sarah

    I loved reading everyone else’s comments – such nostalgia. I, too, was a Molly wanna-be. My mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair, so I used sun-in to turn my brown hair red. Sorta worked . . . My favorite music scenes from movies from my adolescence have been well-covered by others, so I’ll give a couple of more recent ones: the music from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou and from Once is fantastic. And to go even older, “The Music Goes ‘Round and ‘Round” from the Five Pennies.

  43. Megan

    Favorite cinematic music moment:
    Singing in the Rain – my love for Jimmy Stewart will never die..

  44. Kiki Smith

    Oh, there are several. An off the beaten path track I love is “Coconut” sung by Harry Nilsson from the relatively lame movie, Practical Magic. I love the soundtrack to Hope Floats, Garden State, and many others as well. Coconut inspires me to dance around the house like a nutter though. Gotta love that…

  45. Nicole

    I’m such a sucker for Disney musicals, especially the highly underrated Mulan. I am shamed by this, but we all had cartoon crushes on Donny Osmond on college. *shakes head*

  46. Lynda

    John Hughes’ movies are certainly memorable! I loved how he could fit music into the film and match it to the character(s). His music of his movies became the soundtrack of growing up in the 80’s.

    As much as I enjoyed them, other movies where I love the soundtracks are Top Gun – there’s nothing like the bar version of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” and August Rush…when the main characters meet on the rooftop while “Moondance” is playing below is simply magical.

    For a good time feeling, “Footloose” is a crowd pleaser too. Is it true that it is being remade? Interesting.


  47. Rina

    I’ve wondered over the past two years if my youth really allows for my participation in your incredible world. Perhaps this contest attests to that fact — most people responding will have grown up with John Hughes directing their lives, while I, being only 21, have grown attached to Hughes’ work “after the fact.”

    In any case, Maggie, I think you do incredible work, and I will continue reading your posts for as long as humanly possible.

    And I want to win this. The end. :)

  48. robyn

    i can’t think of one, so i asked the husband. he said, “i’m going to have to go with South Park The Movie’s ‘uncle f*er’ song.”

    which made me hurl a little bit. so i’m going to have to vote myself. i’m going to say when Jennifer Garner gets the entire party to do the
    Thriller Dance in 13 Going On 30.

  49. Sarah

    The Movie: Say Anything

    NOT the In Your Eyes scene. No.

    The scene where John Cuzack is packing his duffle bag, and saying goodbye to his sister and nephew. His nephew’s wearing his karate uniform, and looks sad. Cuzack gives him fistbump (or something like that), and turns up the stereo on the way out.

    The song playing – loud – is “Within Your Reach” by The Replacements. Hands down, one of my favorite loud and moody songs.

  50. Tamera

    It is amazing how many people are remembering John Hughes. I went to Lollapalooza this past weekend and Vampire Weekend performed a song dedicated to his memory.

    One of my all-time favorite movie music memories is from Toy Story 2. When Sarah McLachlan sings “When She Loved Me” during the Jessie Cowgirl scenes I always start to tear up. Yep, I’m a huge dork, but I’m ok with it.

  51. Rachel

    The final scene in 16 Candles with Jake Ryan and Samantha sitting on the table, with Thompson Twins “If You Were Here” playing as they go in for the kiss.
    “Make a wish”
    “It already came true.”

  52. ellbee

    I love the ending of Garden State when Large decides not to leave. Just as he and Sam begin to kiss, the first notes of Frou Frou’s “Let Go” start up. Brilliant!

  53. Heather

    It’s not a Hughes film (though I’m a fan of them all), but the dancing in “Footloose” just makes me want to get up and be foot-loose and fancy-free myself. The tapping toes, the crazy jumping and dancing – it’s a sacrilege that they’re thinking about ‘remaking’ it. Sigh. (Thus, why Hughes was better in the long run, I know…)

  54. Becky

    It might be cliche, but I have to go with Say Anything, when he’s holding the boombox playing In Your Eyes. That song makes me tear up every time. Something about it just makes my chest tighten up.

  55. Sania

    Wonderful tribute! My favorite music-related music scene is from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Beck’s “ybody’s gotta learn sometimes”

  56. ashley

    My favorite movie music has to be off of “A Lot Like Love”. It has Brighter Than Sunshine by Aqualung which is just an amazing song and the rest of the lineup is right in tune with what I grew up too.

  57. Sara

    my favorite movie music scene has got to be the scene in Say Anything where LLoyd Dobler is outside holding up the radio playing “In Your Eyes”. I still get teary when I hear that song.

  58. jessica fantastica

    I love hearing music I already love in soundtracks and even more I love to discover new stuff because of a movie. I really love in The Big Lebowski when The Jesus is bowling and the spanish version of Hotel California is playing by The Gipsy Kings. Of course that is probably because John Turturo is so awesome.

  59. Wendy

    It is certainly not my favorite movie music connection, but I can’t hear the music that always accompanied Darth Vader without feeling like I’m 7 years old again! Let the mocking commence.

  60. Katie

    My favorite movie music moment would be almost any scene with Duckie in Pink movie, Try a Little Tenderness scene & Please please please, let me get what I want during the the card flipping scene. When Duckie sings John Lennon’s Love is Real into Andie’s hairbrush while she’s downstairs getting him a juicebox just KILLS me to this day. I was a female version of Duckie Dale in high school…ahhh, memories!

  61. One Barefoot Bride

    ’80s? movie music? since so many of John Hughes’ (may he rest in peace, brilliant chronicler of my high school years) scene/ song pairings have been mentioned, I’ll have to say Prince’s Purple Rain – all of it!

  62. Rebekah

    Um, I hate to point this out but Megan (#53 in comments), it’s not Jimmy Stewart in Singin’ In the Rain — it’s Gene Kelly… Sorry, but that is an amazing movie/dance/music number and I have to give credit where credit is due.

    Now then, my favorite movie scene/music combination? That’s tough… some of my favorites are:

    Urge Overkill’s performance of Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” before the OD scene in Pulp Fiction…

    I adore the end of Fight Club matched to The Pixie’s “Where Is My Mind?”

    Without a specific song in mind, the score to American Beauty and Requiem for a Dream are each equally amazing.

    Thanks for this great question Maggie! Even if I don’t win, I loved thinking about my answer on this one!

  63. Christine

    Fave music movie moment – “Once” when the group ends up laughing and playing on the shore because their recording session was that good

  64. Kristin Steiner

    Okay, this is really random, but the first scene I thought of was from Indecent Proposal with Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson. When they win big at the casino and she rolls around in the money in her underwear and they start to get it on, Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” is playing.

    That scene is hot!


  65. Jess

    That dance sequence in The Breakfast Club has ALWAYS been my favorite! That’s my favorite movie of all time. I also enjoy the movie montage in The Sweetest Thing. :)

  66. Isabel @AlphaMom

    Yes, the Hughes movie music scenes are seared into my mind’s eye.

    The other best:

    The final scene in an Officer & a Gentleman played to Joe Cocker’s “Up Where We Belong,”


    Top Gun when they play Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away.”

    I was a teenager during the 80s and am now grateful.

  67. charis

    Pretty much “Some Kind of Wonderful”, or “Pretty in Pink”…I could watch those over and over *sigh*

  68. Marianne

    Oh man, the entire soundtrack to the Big Chill…I could- and do – listen to it all the time and grew up on it. The Tracks of My Tears is such a winner, oh man. Jeremiah was a bullfrog? What? YES!

  69. Kate

    I love “I Go Crazy” from “Some Kind of Wonderful” Definitely the red-headed step-child Hughes movie.

  70. Jan

    One: “Somewhere That’s Green” from the movie version of “Little Shop of Horrors” (does it count if it came from a Broadway show first?) in which Audrey (Audrey I, that is) sings her fantasy of what it would be like to be married to Seymour.

    Two: “Suo Gan” from “Empire of the Sun” – a Welsh lullaby sung by a young British boy who’s an inmate at a Japanese POW camp in World War II, as kamikaze pilots take off. It’s not only a beautiful song on its own but we see the various characters’ faces as Jim sings, and the counterpoint with what’s happening the movie plays with your head; but of course – it’s Spielberg.

    Three: “Pinball Wizard” from the movie version of “Tommy” (does it count if it came from an album first?)

    There are others for me, but they’ve been mentioned and I don’t want to water down anyone else’s chances at winning by duplicating them. I will say, though, that the “Twist and Shout” parade scene in “Ferris Beuller” is classic – thanks for picking that one, Maggie!

  71. misstraceynolan

    I know it’s a long ass biopic on a heavy topic, but somehow for me it’s movie comfort food. Curling up under a blanket with my DVD of Malcolm X always makes everything better. NOBODY is better at integrating music into his films than Spike Lee and in Malcolm X he manages to do that over and over. First with the brilliant score written by Terence Blanchard and again with a series of popular songs from the war years through to the mid-60’s. The one that stays with me the most is John Coltrane’s raw civil right anthem Alabama, played over a scene where Denzel Washington, as Malcolm is sitting in a hotel room watching news footage of the riots in the South. It’s chilling and in a way, inspiring.

    Couldn’t find the clip from the movie online, but here’s Coltrane performing the song:

  72. Kerry

    Well, RIP John Hughes. You will be missed! As far as music-related movie scenes go, how about “High Fidelity”? The whole movie is wonderful and reaches back into the 80’s for a little nostalgia and then also presents “new” stuff, too. I love that movie!

  73. Rachel

    The first movie-music memories that came to me were from High Fidelity.

    The first being when Lisa Bonet is singing “baby I love your way” and Jack Black says “Is that Peter effing Frampton?!”

    The second is when John Cusack puts on “Dry the Rain” by the Beta Band and everyone in the store starts groovin’–it almost seems like it could almost be a musical moment, like everyone is going to burst out in song and dance at the same time.

  74. Lenore

    My all-time (current) favorite music-related scene is from the movie Once when Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová are in the music shop, and they create music for the first time together. The song is “Falling Slowly” and I get tears every time I hear it.

  75. Petitedov

    When I was a little kid I loved singing to the Disney movies, especially Little Mermaid & Beauty & the Beast (where the town greets her). When I became a teenager and fell in love with John Hughes movies – I loved the dance scene in TBC, in fact I still model my dancing when I go out after Claire.
    I also love the classic music scenes – My Fair Lady & The Sound of Music stand out, but I don’t know if they count since they are musicals.
    Wes Anderson does a great job incorporating music into his films. I love Elliott Smith “Needle in the Hay” scene in The Royal Tenenbaums is so haunting.

  76. JM

    The Big Lebowski: the slow-mo of Jesus bowling, set to the Gipsy Kings’ rendition of ‘Hotel California’

  77. Niamh

    This is quite a challenge. I have to say that I also love a director who pays careful attention to soundtrack, and that is one of the major reasons I love Wes Anderson. I’m going to go with Sigur Ros, “Staralfur,” playing as Team Zissou sees the Jaguar Shark near the end of “The Life Aquatic.” It is a startlingly beautiful, tender, and funny moment.

    Applause to Rachel for mentioning High Fidelity. “I will now sell five copies of The Three EPs by the Beta Band.” Fantastic.

  78. ladyloo

    The most recent moment of movie/music love was with Slumdog Millionaire and the scene where the kids are running through the slum. Those drums!

  79. Sarafina

    Oooh, I love this! I have to say that my favorite musical scene in a movie is the dancing scene with John Travolta and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Claaaaassic.

  80. Ms. Huis Herself

    Ok, now my head is all clutter-y with all of the wonderful/poignant/hilarious/meaningful songs in other movies that the previous 99 commentors have mentioned. Rather than a favorite, can I just say that, while I adore the movie “Ladyhawke,” whenever they go into a big musical bit, it almost always makes me want to laugh?

  81. pseudostoops

    Like Megan, I’m a fan of the Commitments version of “Try a Little Tenderness”. Though Ducky’s is awesome, too. And there’s a movie called Kikujiro which I saw probably 10 years ago which had a score that was so perfect for the movie it just knocked me flat. First and only time I’ve ever gone out and bought an instrumental soundtrack after seeing a movie.

  82. Laura Jane

    Hands down: Lloyd Dobbler holding a Peter Gabriel-busting boombox over his head to get the girl.


  83. abi

    Someone already said this, but – I love the music in the film “Magnolia,” especially Aimee Mann’s “One” in the opening credits and the full-cast “Wise Up.”

  84. Tracy

    My favorite movie soundtracks have to be “Harold & Maude” (Cat Stevens), “The Graduate” (Simon & Garfunkel), & “About a Boy” (Badly Drawn Boy). The parade scene in “Ferris Bueller” was brilliant…actually, all those John Hughes films were brilliant music movies!

  85. Alison

    I love John Hughes and swear I would settle in for a movie marathon weekend with popcorn, vodka and junior mints if I win.

    My favorite movie/music scene is probably when Max Fischer et al slow dance to the Faces’ ‘Ooh La La’ at the end of Rushmore. It makes me cry every time.

  86. Lilian

    My favorite song is called ‘Do Re Mi’ from the Sound of Music. It’s from the scene where Maria introduces music to all of the Von Trapp children. For me, Maria taught me English =)

  87. April

    Quentin Tarantino is also one of those directors who puts A LOT of thought into the music for his movies. Reservoir Dogs is pretty much spot on throughout, but Stephen Wright is excellent as the DJ and when “Stuck in the Middle with You” is playing and the camera follows Michael Madsen outside to his car and then he comes back in and does a little hip shake dance before he cuts the cop’s ear off… Yeah. That’s fucking classic.

  88. Lisa Villiarimo

    Aloha Maggie & Ohana~
    I’ve been a long time lurker~ have enjoyed your site for years. I fear commenting since I love your style and it would consume me to comment as cleverly as I’d like to be every time.

    My first instinct of what movie song stirs me~same era as John Hughes and BOY do these songs take me right back. Time Warp!!!

    I love the final scene in Dirty Dancing. I guess the boldness of doing “their” dance—love that they flipped off the establishment….just sends shivers !

    Really love all the new things you’re doing! Very inspiring.
    If you guys come to Maui~ please let us show you the sights.

    Mahalo Nui,

  89. Meadow

    I have two current favorites, both from watching these shows with my daughter. Dance Magic Dance from Labyrinth. Awe-some. And a little more traditional for a three-year-old, the fair song from Charlotte’s Web (the fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord orgasbord). But, I also love John Hughes. I have all those movies on VHS (eek) but could use the upgrade.

  90. ana

    10 things i hate about you. Heath Ledger being goofy and singing i love you baby ( is that how it’s called?)

  91. Karen

    Def. the Heath Ledger scene in 10 Things I Hate About You … and actually I really like the entire soundtrack of Romeo + Juliet (1996 Baz Luhrman version).

  92. Daffodil Campbell

    The soundtrack that I still have to stop and sing along to is the Commitments. Although it is fairly limited in scope and style, the songs are classics.

    Am I the only person who will daydream about the soundtrack to my life ? It makes me feel like such a dork……but I’ll hear a certain song and think “I would play this song during the scene when…..” For example, I would have to play “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morrisette during the scene when my first husband left me. Bastard.

  93. SaraCarroll

    Ah… I love me some John Hughes, but since I was BORN in 1985 I’m not so sure some of you “true 80’s girls” would take me seriously if I picked a song from one of those flicks. If I were being honest about my FAV movie scene song (?) It would hands down be the movie Lucky Seven (with Patrick Dempsey and Kimberly Williams-Paisley) the scene where he takes her as his wedding date and the band plays “So are you to me” (I think its by EastMountainSouth-RANDOM, I know!) That song literally moves me to tears every time I hear it, so its what I walked down the aisle to when I married the love of my life =)

  94. ponytail

    I am right there with She Likes Purple. The Tiny Dancer scene from Almost Famous is not only my favorite music scene in a movie, but my favorite movie scene period. It made me want to be Penny Lane. The Shins, for some reason, keep ignoring my calls though…

  95. MichelleM

    Oh, Duckie, how I loved you. Try a Little Tenderness wins for me. Although I do confess that I totally ON PURPOSE danced like Claire for quite some time after seeing the Breakfast Club.

  96. Annie

    My most recent favorite music scene is in (500) Days of Summer when Joseph Gordon Levitt dances in the street to Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams”- complete with a cartoon blue bird on his shoulder!

  97. Liesel

    Oh god, pretty in pink is such an amazing movie. Love the car scene in that movie, with the underwear. Classic. Or pretty much the whole movie. Yeah, that’s what I’m going with.

  98. Kelly

    Heartfelt favorite: In your Eyes, Lloyd holding the boombox for Diane.
    Very, Very close second: The entire Singles soundtrack.
    Gotta’ get the ipod out now. :)

  99. Alexander

    I am a fan of Hughes and his films, some may say the biggest, and if I were to think of a song or music that instantly takes me into a film or vice versa, i would have to say PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME GET WHAT I WANT from the Art Institute of Chicago scenes in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but specifically when Cameron is staring at Seurat’s painting…I am required to go that painting each time i return to the Art Institute, and that is the music that plays.

    If I had to do a second moment, it would be Johnny B Goode in Back to the Future..whenever I hear that song, I think of Marty McFly and a quick call to Chuck Berry from his cousin Marvin.

    Thanks for this.

  100. Janelle

    I really love “Singin in the Rain.” Bad-ass dance moves and hilariously quotable lines… And the dancing during the theme song? Awesome.

  101. Victoria

    I think it’s impossible for me to pick just one! I love musicals and so that makes it hard. Maybe Dirty Dancing though. Um… all of it? No, the bedroom scene…. or the practicing in the water scene. Or, when he drives away! Waaaaah!

  102. Kat Evans

    I must admit, my favorite of these is the parade sequence from “Ferris Beueller’s Day Off”. The fashions of the ’80’s were pretty bad, but I did like his snazzy vest in that film, too.

  103. Jessica T

    As far as John Hughes’ movie music goes, I think that scene in “She’s Having a Baby” with the Kate Bush song (“This Woman’s Work”) has been permanently imprinted on my brain and heart.

    I get all choked up every time, even though I know she lives!

  104. Rachel H

    I love the moment in A Little Princess when Sara is asleep and the windows fly open and the snow blows in and she just runs out on the little balcony and spins around in the snow.

    Makes me cry happy tears and gives me goosebumps every single time.

  105. Summer

    I still can’t get over just about every song used in P.T. Anderson’s Magnolia. Aimee Mann rules.

  106. Toni

    The Thompson Twins “If You Were Here” during the scene in Sixteen Candles when Sam and Jake have their first kiss.
    Dear, I really love Pop Rocks so please pick me.

  107. Christy

    My favorite is definitely Lloyd in Say Anything with the boombox. I’ve had way too many daydreams about that happening in real life.

  108. susanna b

    I love the My Sharona scene at the convenience store in Reality Bites.
    Do not care for pop rocks – really. The movies just remind me of Saturdays and Sundays growing up in Buenos Aires. I think Canal 13 played The Breakfast Club every other week.

  109. Kate Andrews

    The soundtrack of Pretty in Pink is the soundtrack of my teenage years. So full of angst. And none more angsty than “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”.

    (Kind of applies here too.)

  110. EricaLucci

    Favorite movie music scenes:

    1. All the fight scenes in The Matrix when it gets intense and the really great techno music kicks in.
    2. Donnie Darko & Tears for Fears – Mad World

  111. Gloria Chen

    I graduated high school in 1985, so I certainly come of age watching John Hughes movies. OMD’s “If you leave” and Simple Minds’ “Don’t you forget about me” are among my favs.

  112. Jamie

    Sigh. The Thompson Twins brought back lots of good memories.

    My favorite soundtrack moment though? Last of the Mohicans, racing away… :)

  113. Tatiana

    The very beginning of Saturday Night Fever. Watching John Travolta playing the oh so cool Tony Manero, strutting down the street in Brooklyn to Stayin’ Alive.

  114. Sandra

    A Man without Love from Romance and Cigarettes! Watching James Gandolfini burst into song just trumps every other musical movie scene I can remember.

  115. Joel

    I had a Ferris Bueller poster in my room! Snagged a couple when I took a date to it’s opening night. I’ll bet she was very impressed.

    Anyway, I always loved the soundtrack as it nailed my musical tastes at the time… The Smiths during the museum scene is a fave for some reason. Made me, as a 16 year old small town kid, feel kinda cosmopolitan for recognizing the song and forever after associating it with art museums. Silly.

    I also read a particular fantasy series while listening to OMD over and over, so now when I hear OMD I think of Thomas Covenant and vice versa…

  116. Arin

    I’ll always remember the scene from Pretty in Pink when Duckie is in his room brooding over his unrequited love for Andie and we hear the strains of The Smiths’ “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” in the background. Who among us can say they did not have a moment (or years) like that in high school?

  117. Michelle

    People are mentioning “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” from Pretty in Pink, but I’ll always remember it from Ferris Bueller’s, when they’re going through the Art Institute. It’s an instrumental version of that song, with an oboe carrying the primary melody.

    So wistful, so melancholy. Even as a teenager it made me feel nostalgic for my teen years.

  118. Nora

    The other day (okay, over a month ago), my sweetie and I were walking to the Kabuki theater when we passed an outdoor screening of Dirty Dancing in that new plaza on Fillmore street. There were kids and grandmas and preeteen girls eating Italian ices, and it was perfect.


    Yes, Mickey?

    How do you call your loverboy?

  119. Cara

    Gosh there are so many songs and movies to choose from in the 70’s & 80’s… there aren’t so many now though which is sad.

  120. Atsuko

    For me it’s a toss up between the dance scene from The Breakfast Club and pretty much all the dance scenes from Dirty Dancing. Well, no, I’d have to go with Dirty Dancing, all of it.

  121. nicole

    my favorite movie/music scene is when susan sarandon sings “Ain’t No Mountain” with her children in Stepmom. Moving to say the least.

    I enjoyed watching these videos!

  122. Claire

    I loved all those 80s movies. That was my adolesence! Brings back great memories looking at those DVD front covers.
    I love musicals so it’s difficult to choose a music related scene favourite but I do love the ‘toot sweet’ scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with loads of dancing, dogs and mayhem! Yay!

  123. Cait

    Okay, I was born in 1985, so I suppose I have no business commenting. But Sixteen Candles is one of my favourite movies of all time.

    Ferris twisting and shouting is probably my fave music scene, but who can forget Heath Ledger belting out Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You on the bleachers in the soccer field in 10 Things I Hate About You?

  124. Meredith

    I think music can make or break movies. I love in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” where they all break out into song over lobster. My sister actually accomplished this at her work once (and it was a military office!). She’s my hero.

  125. Sarah

    My favorite scene of all time is actually the final dance scene is Strictly Ballroom. OMG, this comment is lamely-written. Really, I just want to win the shwag!

  126. Andrea

    My most powerful memory of this sort is also from TV. Specifically, the last scene in finale of Six Feet Under where each character’s death is played out to Sia’s ‘Breathe Me’. Haunting, emotional, and satisfying considering the show’s theme.

  127. Susan

    Hughes really was a pioneer in integrating the music and the storyline — how perfect was the scene with Ducky on the roof and the Smiths “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”?

    Pretty in Pink is miles better than current dreck like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which panders and poses and seems to exist only to have a “cool soundtrack”, caring little about the relationship between the songs and what little plot there was.

  128. Barbara

    Dirty Dancing. I’ve wanted to dance like that ever since. “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”

  129. Cass

    I think I may put a birthday cake on my table and sit on it this month just to see if a hunky guy will stop in for a bite and a kiss.

  130. latenac

    I love the Pretty in Pink soundtrack but all of my favorite Jon Hughes musical moments are in 16 Candles with the ending scene being my favorite. Such a great song.

  131. helmetnona

    I’m not the first, but I agree with Emily (159). John Cusack and a boom box is better than anything in the movies these days. Plus, when he describes to her father how he doesn’t want to sell anything bought, or buy anything sold…

  132. Traci

    When we heard John Hughes had died, my friends and I got together, put up a screen in their backyard, and did an emergency, plein-aire screening of Sixteen Candles.

  133. Jeanmarie

    Pretty in Pink soundtrack on the BQE at 11pm, going into the city – standing on line at Palladium, trying to get the bouncer’s attention, with my fingerless gloves, leggings, Doc Maartens and bustier, hair teased within an inch of it’s life…dancing on a speaker to New Order and the Smiths…

  134. Tracey Butterfield

    My favourite is in another John Hughes movie – Some Kind of Wonderful.

    When Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) is testing Keith’s (Eric Stoltz) kissing skills before the big date and “She loves me” by Stephen Duffy plays in the background. The kiss and the song – great combination.

  135. kate

    Definitely the Jack Black as snotty record-clerk scene from High Fidelity. “Do you even KNOW your daughter?? There’s NO WAY she likes that song.”

    That scene makes me laugh so hard, every time, because back in the day of the record store, every single one had at least one clerk just like that.

  136. Heather

    Don’t You Forget About Me – Totally the theme for my 8th grade graduation. One movie scene, too hard. All of Grosse Point Blank.

  137. Kim Smith

    Can you even talk about music and movies without mentioning Say Anything’s In Your Eyes from the boom box?

  138. Karen Goodspeed

    What a hard decision! I, too, am a teen of the 80’s. I will go with The Smiths’ “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” from Pretty in Pink. (let me get the prize!)

  139. Meg B.

    I love the music throughout The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou – obviously all of the Seu Jorge/David Bowie stuff – but my favorite is when Sigor Ros’ Staralfur fades up as we’re suddenly face to face with the jaguar shark. Love it!

  140. Emily

    Who ISN’T a huge Duckie fan? Seriously.
    Also the Twist & Shout scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… priceless. Lip-syncing like that is a SERIOUS talent. :)

  141. Jennifer

    There are too many to choose from. One of the funniest music related scenes I’ve seen recently is when Hilary Swank’s character in PS I Love you is at the Karaoke bar with her hubby and gets tangled in the cords and breaks her nose.

  142. Kristine

    I didn’t see most of John Hughes’ films until I was in my early twenties. But I quickly fell in love. They are just as good twenty years after they were made.

    I grew up watching a whole lot of Disney. Perhaps I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but I could probably sing most of the songs from most of the movies by heart. I used to dance around my room singing Ariel’s song in “The Little Mermaid” on a daily basis.

  143. Sarah

    There are so many scenes I can think of and all my favorites seem to be from the 80s. Ferris Buehler, Top Gun, and so on but my favorite is the ending scene of Dirty Dancing.

  144. Melinda

    One of my most favorite movies of all time is Empire Records. The soundtrack is amazing, and I couldn’t even pick one favorite song if I tried. Love it.

  145. Katie P.

    Since it’s my favorite musical on Broadway as well as when it came to film, I’ll have to say Rent’s “Seasons of Love” scene.

  146. Katie

    My favorite by far is the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing. Although I have to say that I still want to get up and dance during Ferris Bueller’s twist and shout.

  147. Leah

    I LOVE the scenes in Elizabethtown when Orlando Bloom listens to the mix tape made for him by Kirsten Dunst for his road trip home with his father’s remains. Great pop and blues classics, and I cry every time it gets to the part where he spreads part of his father’s ashes in front of the hotel balcony where MLK Jr. was assasinated.

  148. susie

    I love the Empire Records soundtrack, as well as the Donnie Darko Soundtrack. My fav scene/music combo comes from the latter, when Tears for Fears takes the viewer on a quick romp through that bizarre town and to the highschool.

  149. Maggie W

    (Not John Hughes, but…) without a doubt, Heath Ledger lip-synching “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” while dancing on the unrealistically beautiful stadium bleaches at Padua High in 10 Things I Hate About You. What girl wouldn’t relent after that??

  150. Krista

    I still love that classic movie moment when John Cusak holds up the radio playing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel in “Say Anything”……so romantic!

  151. Teresa

    I love all those films. My sister was a huge fan of the 80’s movies and since I worshiped everything she did I loved them too!

  152. Christy

    So hard to choose just one but I’ll go with a DAZED AND CONFUSED moment. Matthew McConaughey, as Wooderson, walking into the Emporium (in slow motion) to Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane” is the ultimate flash of cool.

  153. Melanie

    Not John Hughes, but the scene in “Empire of the Sun” with Jamie singing his choir song as the kamikaze pilots prepare to take off is one of my favorite movie moments.

  154. Jessi

    The Ducky scene is my favorite by far. That was the most entertaining part of the movie for me. I love him!

  155. wendy

    well i’m a fan of The Big Chill soundtrack but my favorite music/movie moment has to be the volleyball scene from Top Gun. at least it was my favorite back when i was young, single and skinny. LOL


  156. Lesley

    So hard to pick…probably the Penis Son during The Sweetest Thing. It is so ridiculous it cracks me up.

  157. Marla

    Oh, I was so sorry to hear about John Hughes. Pretty in Pink was so great! I remember being in the theatre sitting between my boy crush and my girl crush, barely watching it at the time because my heart was leaping about so. And now, through the magic of Facebook, they’ve become a couple, twentymumble years later! I was at their house recently, and revealed I had just had the revelation that I used to be Andie and now I’m Iona. I even work in a funky vintage store, and the little Andies and Duckies walk in all the time (but never any Blaines). But I came around to the idea that my dear husband and I are actually more like what would happen if Andie and Duckie grew up and found each other. That was comforting. And my favourite musical moment? When Duckie’s demise is foreshadowed – he says he hates OMD’s If You Leave when he hears it on a tape (a tape!), foreshadowing his later disappointment when Andie and Blaine finally get together at the end of the movie. John Huges was a genius.

  158. Dy

    Best music related scene, simply for the “cheese” factor, is Renee Zellweger singing in Empire Records. I heart that movie.

  159. rene

    Anytime I hear Dreamsome by Shelby Lynne I swoon and can vividly picture Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy cooking her birthday dinner in her tiny little kitchen…lovely.

  160. Cory

    Without a doubt, the scene in Sixteen Candles after the wedding where the cars pull away and Jake Ryan is standing there. The first bars of If You Were Here by the Thompson Twins give me goosebumps.

  161. Lisa

    Hey, thanks for the chance to enter!

    I know I have some favorites but I’m currently drawing a blank on movie musical scenes.

  162. Melissa Anderson

    My favorite movie music moment is in “Moulin Rouge” when Ewan and Nicole and montaging 80s/90s love songs. I love anything I can sing along to. Pick me!

  163. Ellen

    The Say Anything boombox scene makes me cry each and every time. And that song…oh, that song hasn’t been the same since.

  164. Peggy

    I love, love, love John Hughes’ movies. My favorite scene is from Sixteen Candles at the end of the wedding when Sam is standing outside of the church and all of the cars pull away and there’s Jake waiting for her. Ah, made my teenage heart (and now my 40 year old heart) all mushy. Not really music related, but still my favorite!

  165. j_lovescoffee

    Well, I’m not sure it’s my favorite, but the “In Your Eyes” Cusak scene is quite memorable.

    I love the music – pretty much all of it – in Grosse Pointe Blank. That’s another movie that payed attention to its music.

    Oh, and pick me! Pick me!

  166. Sam E.

    Now, it’s hard to beat out those you’ve already mentioned – John Hughes really knew how to use a musical number, didn’t he? – I’m going to throw in a vote for Hugh Grant’s dance as the Prime Minister of England in “Love, Actually.” Faaaabulous.

  167. Emily

    absolutely hands down the boombox scene from “Say Anything”. john cusack (and peter gabriel of course) melts my heart every time!

  168. Julie

    So many to choose from:

    In Marie Antoinette I loved the use of New Order’s “Ceremony” and of course Bow Wow Wow’s “I want candy”.

    I will always love “Invincible” by Pat Benetar for the Legend of Billie Jean.

  169. Jeff

    I’ll have to echo the comments about Grosse Point Blank – the entire film. While it could have happened anywhere, I grew up in a different suburb of Detroit and had my high school reunion about the same time to nearly the same soundtrack. Although I didn’t kill a hit man in the hallway by my locker, the rest of the evening had a vague similarity.

  170. Nora

    I love it when the director is really into the soundtrack… I’m a sucker for dance movies. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is a great one for songs that bring the story (wonderful/horrible costumes and all!) to life.

  171. Liz Anderson

    Without a doubt the Flashdance soundtrack conjures up the scene where the chick has water dumped on her chest from above while she’s splayed on a office waiting room chair. Tell me this isn’t major!

  172. Shannon

    I also love everything about Empire Records, but especially the scene near the end set to Sugar High. I had (have?) such a crush on record store boys.

  173. nicole

    oh… this is SO TOUGH! i have to go with my favorite movie VALLEY GIRL and the scene at the club when the PLIMSOLS are playing… first, when randy takes julie to the club and they are so in love and then later, when he returns to the club after she’s dumped him and they play ‘million miles away.’ lovement!

    another close second is ALTERED IMAGES ‘happy birthday’ in sixteen candles. you can’t understand the pride i felt, walking in to target, my 2 year old on my hip, when she started singing “if they were me, if they were me, and i was you. and i was you, i would like a present too.” double lovement!

  174. Jen

    What an awesome prize! I kinda sorta looked like Molly Ringwald during high school, but my then boyfriend called me “Molly Ringworm”, sweet huh? Anywho- I loved the music from “Weird Science”, Oingo Boingo rocked it out- so much fun!

  175. Kait

    The classic final dance scene in Dirty Dancing. Oh how I wanted a pink dress and Patrick Swayze! A tie for that would be the scene in Once when they first sit down and play that “I don’t know you but I want you all the more for that…” song together. Goose bumps every time!

  176. Sandra

    My favorite John Hughes music moment is “If You Were Here” in “Sixteen Candles”, hands down–picture perfect moment, dreamy song and dreamy Michael Schoeffling!

  177. noelle

    I love movies where the soundtrack plays a large role in the story. My most favorite is Magnolia, where sometimes the words to the song are louder than the dialogue. The first time I saw it was confused at first.. then I realized that the idea was to listen to the lyrics as they were the most important part of the scene.

    Thanks to you and scandisc for this wonderful prize!

  178. Maggie

    Annie Hall, when Diane Keaton sings “It Seems Like Old Times” and then especially when they reprise the song in the final scene. It makes me cry just thinking about it.

  179. Danielle

    I know it has been mentioned already, but my favourite music scene is from That Thing You Do when the band hears the song on the radio for the first time.

  180. Whitney

    I love the part of True Romance when Clarence is on the pay phone and lip synching Hello Baby by Big Bopper.

  181. Alison

    This is the cutest contest. My favorite scene is in High Fidelity when they play Dry The Rain by The Beta Band to see how many customers will buy the record right then. It’s a great song.

  182. Kizz

    So many to choose from but the one that comes to mind first is the one that shattered all my movie illusions with the turn to DVD. I sat in the theater and watched Rose Troche’s breakout movie, a little independent romance called Go Fish. The consummation scene is set to kd lang’s Wash Me Clean and it sold me irretrievably on the movie and the song. Years later the movie came out on DVD and I waited and waited for the song. The scene I thought it went with played out to something different and far less satisfying so I blamed my memory and waited some more. Guess they couldn’t pay for the rights for the song on DVD. It ruined the whole movie for me, so sad.

  183. Lizzie

    I’ll say that the first time that I really noticed what a difference music made in a movie, i was about nine and watching Fred Flintstone tiptoe to the edge of a bowling lane to some staccato tchaikovsky-esque music. That’s nowhere near my favorite movies or movie-music, but it’s easier to remember that first one than pick out of many great moments!

  184. birdgal

    Pretty much the entire movie ‘The Commitments’ is my favorite musical memory–that movie ROCKED.

  185. Kelley

    I love the movie “Some Kind of Wonderful”, so I would have to say the kissing practice scene. Music is “She Loves Me”, by Stephen Duffy.

  186. Erin

    hmmmmmm……. I am a lover of all things John Hughes. I think it’s inescapable for all children of the 80s. I had one friend tell me that they didn’t relate to his movies and I literally gasped.
    BUT! My favorite movie soundtrack is from the movie Crooklyn. Love it!

  187. tracylea

    I’m a bit young to have LIVED the john hughes movies but they were the dialogues and soundtracks to my childhood. I’m not much of a news goer and I must admit this was the first I’d heard of John passing and it’s knocked the wind out of me. His movies are the classics that I already have my 3 year old watching. Thank you for your post.

  188. Linda

    The John Hughs canon was an intregal part of my high school years. I was a little too Ally Sheedy for my own good, though.

    Despite this, my favorite music movie overall is still The Commitments. It’s based on a wonderful book and has great music. However, the best scene in the movie doesn’t have a song; it’s the one where the band is first meeting in the back garden. The three girls, “The Commitmentettes” are climbing down a ladder. The trumpet player says:

    Praise glory, brother Rabbitte. Will they be wearing black dresses?

    Brilliant line.

  189. jenna

    so, so many. reading through these comments has been so much fun.
    The final scene in 16 Candles.
    Say Anything – In Your Eyes
    Almost Famous – Tiny Dancer scene

  190. Rachel

    I can’t declare that it’s my absolute favorite, but one particular favorite is from Stranger than Fiction when Will Ferrell is playing “Whole Wide World” and then the real song blasts in right as Maggie Gyllenhaal kisses him. It’s too wonderful :).

  191. Amy

    I have to admit, the volleyball scene from Top Gun. I loaded Kenny Loggins “Playing with the Boys” into my ipod for those times when a girl needs a little mental uplifting. It’s like visions of sugarplums dancing in my head!

  192. Jamie

    I have always liked the “Twist and Shout” scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day off. But of course, now that you’ve asked, I can’t remember the many others that I know I’ll be mad I didn’t mention.

  193. carrie steele

    I watched Dirty Dancing with my mother a thousand times. Such good memories. I couldn’t pick just one.

  194. amy

    Not John Hughes related, but I love the scene in “The Royal Tenenbaums” when Royal goes out on the town with Ari and Uzi to the tune of “Me and Julio” by Paul Simon. It fits so perfectly I get goosebumps. Actually, that whole movie has a great soundtrack.

  195. Abbie

    I think the first time I was really moved by a soundtrack was Pump Up the Volume in 1990. I felt so moved by the characters–esp those feeling out of place, even when things look find from the outside. And, oh, yes, my first celebrity crush- christian slater.

  196. The Bug

    “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” in Notting Hill – I just love the scene where they show the passage of time in the market…

  197. Stephanie

    Ferris Bueller and his amazing day off. There were a couple of songs in there that still hit home for me!

  198. Allisone

    I’m fickle. I always love best, the movie I’m watching now.
    John Hughes was the master. He has had way more influence in our house than Michael Jackson. I never sat my daughter down and made her listen to Thriller – but there have been required viewings of Ferris, 16 Candle and Pretty in Pink (all of which she loves now).

  199. kate

    I don’t know if anyone said this but, bohemian rhapsody in wayne’s world. best movie song. ever.

  200. Meagan

    Man, was there anything John Hughes didn’t do right? His movies are such a classic part of my past I don’t think I can hardly narrow it down, but if I had to pick – it would be when Sam and Jake are sitting on the table around her birthday cake listening to If You Were Here. I had big plans to have my first kiss to that song.

  201. Aly

    I loved She’s Having a Baby (and all other things Kevin Bacon). The song that stands out in that movie for me is the original version of Women’s Work by Kate Bush. The Maxwell remake of it was just featured on So You Think You Can Dance in the Tyde Diorio routine about breast cancer – fabulous!

  202. Julie

    I adore the use of Bi Mir Bist Du Schoen at the end of Swing Kids. Such happy music accompanying horrific events.

  203. MattJank

    I love the opening music (and whole soundtrack) from Pulp Fiction. It just sets the scene for such a great flick.

  204. Megan

    i absolutely LOVE the scene at the parade where ferris bueller is lip syncing danke schoen. john hughes was amazing. i’m trying to remember something musical from sixteen candles, but all that keeps popping up is when the geek is dancing with molly ringwald at the gym. that music! ha.

  205. Robin

    I’m a bit young to be a true John Hughes fan, but thanks to older brothers, I experienced all his glory by proxy. Empire Records for my generation…then graduating on to Garden State and Dan in Real Life soundtracks.

  206. MKN

    Hands down favorite…Ducky in his crappy little room, feeling sorry for himself, with Morrissey singing “Please, please please, let me get what I want this time…” How many similar mooning moments did I have with the Smiths during that era?? Ah, youth!

  207. Becky

    I like the song in the movie She’s Having a Baby: This woman’s work by Kate bush. It is during the scene when she is giving birth. It is a very touching moment in the film.

  208. Natalie

    I bought soundtracks after seeing “She’s Having a Baby” and after “P.S I Love You”. I am a Chicago girl and loved that John Hughes’ movies were filmed here. Speaking of “Woman’s Work” from the above movie, that song was recently used on my favorite TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” and it was used in a dance showing the struggle of a couple when the woman is sick with breast cancer. Powerful stuff

  209. SuperJen

    Oh man, great picks for the songs! I’m going outside the theme for my favorite movie music – Impromptu is my all-time favorite movie featuring and about music. Hugh Grant is even, dare I say, good!

  210. Kirsten

    Best scene ever is from “Say Anything” when Lloyd Dobbler blasts the song “In your eye” by Peter Gabriel outside the girls room. I don’t even remember the girls name. But I still swoon for Lloyd Dobbler.

  211. Jennifer Floyd

    Oooh, I think the opening to Cruel Intentions – Every You, Every Me by Placebo is a favorite and gets me bouncing every time. Also, Darth Vader’s theme in Star Wars: A New Hope. I remember being so damn happy and proud that my “song” (with my 8th grade boyfriend) was “In Your Eyes” – *before* Say Anything came out – and I cried to that scene (we’d already broken up – ah, first love). And the ending of Pretty in Pink. Oooh, great songs playing through my head this morning!!

  212. Elizabeth

    This is amazing. My favorite movie music scene is from “Young Einstein” (starring Yahoo Serious! Remember him??!) after he invented the electric guitar and sand “Rock & Roll Music”. True story. Lame, but true.

  213. Larua

    I could probably list a thousand favorite movie-music moments, but the first one that came to mind is the scene near the end of Harold & Maude, when Harold is driving his Jaguar Hearse with “Trouble” by Cat Stevens playing over the footage. I love the pairing of that song with the cinematography in this scene. There’s a moment where he sticks his head out the window to let the wind hit his face that hits me right in the gut.

  214. Tracy

    Great post and give away!! I feel a two hour session with youtube and awesome eighties videos coming on… One of my favorite eighties movies with THE greatest musical montage scenes… “Some Kind of Wonderful”… from Eric Stoltz dancing around in the shower to “Amanda Jones” to the kiss with Watts in the garage while “She Loves Me” plays… to the end scene where he says “you look good wearing my future” and “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” is playing…. Totally Awesome!

  215. Smellody

    Upon reflection – this actually took me some time to narrow down – I would have to say my favorite music scene in a movie is the Tiny Dancer scene in Almost Famous. I remember getting chills as they sang and feeling really one with the movie.

  216. Elaina Winter

    I was sad to hear of John Hughes death! I love every one of his fabulous movies! All time favorite: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!! I think I know all of the lines! I would love this!! Thanks for the give-a-ways!

  217. Carrie

    My favorite movie soundtrack is High Fidelity. Such a great soundtrack. But my favorite movie scene that revolves around music is when Capt. Von Trapp sings “Edelweiss”.

  218. Amy

    My favorite movie ever is Songcatcher, an amazing film about the music of the Appalachian mountains. Oh my… now I think I have to add it back to my netflix queue to watch it again very soon. I love every song, every moment, it’s freakin’ awesome (at least for those of us with a love of old Irish folk music!)

  219. Nina

    My favorite movie music scene is in The Bodyguard when Kevin Costner’s character takes Whitney Houston to a country bar to hear his kind of music. When they walk in you hear John Doe of X singing “I will always love you”.

  220. Susan

    My Sharonna by the Knack in Reality Bites. The characters are in a mini-mart and the shot is from across the parking lot…all you see is bouncing heads. Hilarious.

  221. Kristin

    What a great topic! So many fabulous choices from the eighties. Growing up in the Chicago ‘burbs, it was always great fun to take a day off and hit all the sights Ferris did. We did most of them, but sadly, the stopped having parades during the week because it messed up traffic too much. So we never were able to have our ‘Twist and Shout’ moment–still my favorite. RIP John Hughes.

  222. Kelley

    It isn’t an 80s movie, but I love, love, LOVE the soundtrack to The English Patient…it’s mostly instrumental, sweeping, epic kind of stuff that gets to the romantic in me. Of course, I love all of John Hughes’ stuff, too.

    Awesome giveaway!

  223. Rebecca

    I do love the John Hughes movies.. but I think I was just a couple of years young enough that they didn’t really hit me the way they could have. The music movies from my teen years were Pump Up the Volume, Dirty Dancing, and

    But my all time favorite movie moment is in Cameron Crowe’s movie (that’s somewhat autobiographical), Almost Famous, when everyone on the bus sings Tiny Dancer.

  224. Cindy

    Crap! I can never think of favorite movie music scenes when I’m under pressure. There are just too many. I can say that I am on of those people that feel music and with out it I think most movies would be worthless. I do remember a summer spent at a lake with a dock that you could swim out to. My sister and I spent hours out there listening to the soundtracks to Mermaids and Good Morning Vietnam.

  225. Lisa

    It has to be the scene in Say Anything where John Cusack is holding up the boom box, blasting “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Every girl’s dream!

  226. Brandy

    My favorite John Hughes music moment is Jon Cryer channeling Otis Redding. That scene was the spark of a never ending crush. Oh how I pined for Duckie.

    Non John Hughes music moment would have, have, have to be John Cusack and his boombox in ‘Say Anything’. “In Your Eyes” was the soundtrack to a n intense college relationship – the song still opens the floodgates of good memories.

  227. Megan

    It’s too hard to choose! I guess I’d have to go with the dancing scene in the Breakfast Club…or Duckie…okay, I can’t choose!

  228. Jae

    My favorite music scene is the montage in Forrest Gump where he’s thinking of Jenn-ay during the ’70s-KC and the Sunshine Band “Get Down Tonight” and “Free Bird” by Lynard Skynard. Don’t know why but they’re so perfect together.

  229. ChrisC.

    My favorite movie music scene is a tie. I’m a child of the 80s, and a girl, so of course the boombox scene in Say Anything has to be up there. (On a side note, I actually HAD A BOY DO THIS FOR ME ONCE. Too bad he was SO not someone I had any interest in. My dad made me go outside and be nice to him, but oh boy was I more mad than swept away!) I also really love the bus scene in Almost Famous, where everyone starts singing along to Tiny Dancer.

  230. Laurie

    I have always loved Ferris Beuller. I only found out recently that Ferris was just a figment of Cameron’s imagination!!! I was told that you have to watch closely, but that it was true! I will have to watch it again.

  231. Donna

    I’d have to say that one of my favorite scene/soundtrack combinations is from Goodmorning Vietnam. It’s the scene where Robin Williams character dedicates Louis Armstrongs It’s a Wonderful World to two soliders he met earlier in the movie and while the music is playing, idyllic scenes of the vietnamese country side is flashing by showing the gorgeous scenery and the daily life of the people. Then the pictures change and begin to focus on the unrest and violence of the war in this beautiful setting and the contrast between the beauty of both the song and the secnery with the beatings and executions of civillians, and bombings of villiages is just such a powerful image. One of the all time best scenes that would not have been anywhere near as powerful without the perfect soundtrack. The whole movie is great, but this is my favorite scene.

  232. Ailidh

    Movies with awesome soundtracks: garden state, high fidelity. And I like the use of music in about a boy, too.

  233. Stacey Ball

    Oh man, I have to go with Flashdance on this one! There are so many great moments that are completely centered around songs :o) Or the song “Holding Out For A Hero” in Footloose. Love it! Oh, also the Men at Work scene in Footloose.

  234. Louise

    I love the ending to Beaches, when Bette Midler’s character CC is singing “Glory of Love”, as her friend’s daughter watches from the sidelines. The words from the song resonate with me even now

  235. Diana

    Empire Records definitely has one of my favorite movie soundtracks (though the much more recent Garden State soundtrack is a close second), but I think my all-time favorite movie music moment (and John Hughes movie scene) is the ending scene of Sixteen Candles. Jake Ryan was just oh-so-dreamy.

  236. Lydia

    Dirty Dancing for me. It’s corny, but I can’t hear any of those songs, without immediately thinking of the movie.

  237. Rebecca

    Dirty Dancing, “Stay Just a Little Bit Longer.” Seriously, nobody puts baby in the corner.

  238. Jessica Mae

    My favorite music-movie moment is in When Harry Met Sally, when Harry is singing Surry With the Fringe on Top and runs into Hellen. It kills me every time when Sally says “It’s my voice!” I love how self centered Sally can be. =)

  239. Erin

    I’m another Empire Records fan. It’s hard to pick a favorite scene, but I’ll always associate “This is the Day” by The The – which plays over the ending and the credits – with my senior year of high school thanks to dozens of screenings of the movie with my friends.

  240. Swedish Pankakes

    My favorite music-related movie scene is in Garden State. Of course that movie is chock-full of great tunes, but I especially loved how it worked The Shins right into the script (you know, the dr’s office scene where Natalie Portman gets Zach Braff to listen to New Slang by The Shins because “it’ll change your life”?)

  241. Lindsey

    Mine’s a total cliche but I love the scene in Say Anything where John Cusack holds up the boombox and plays In Your Eyes in front of Ione Skye’s house.

  242. M. Marmon

    About to go up to my camp reunion (it’s been 23 years since I was in the oldest bunk), and I can’t think of a better way to relive those glory years than winning the John Hughes swag and watching all of the movies ad nauseum before I head up to Maine.

    Favorite movie/music moment? There are so many. Probably the montage where Sylvester Stallone runs through Philadelphia to the theme from “Rocky”. (I am from Philadelphia, so I feel the need to include that.) Also, every scene in “Once” where Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova are collaborating on the demo (it’s such an excellent movie).

  243. Pam

    As the most annoying phrase known to man at this present time goes, Loves It! And, does Dirty Dancing in it’s entirety count as a scene?

  244. Danielle

    I love the entire Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack, but get chills every time I hear “Midnight Radio”. It’s such a beautiful, moving ballad.

    My favorite John Hughes music moment is definitely the “If You Were Here” table scene at the end of Sixteen Candles. Oh, how I would have loved to be Molly Ringwald *sigh*.

  245. Kimberly

    For the barely-15-year-old, never-been-kissed me, Johnny & Baby’s first bedroom scene in Dirty Dancing shook me to my core. That song was “Cry to Me” by Solomon Burke. I can hear it in my head RIGHT NOW.

    “Dance with me.”

  246. Shane

    I’m going to go with “I Go Crazy” by Flesh for Lulu in Some Kind of Wonderful. That song, like the movie, seemed to perfectly catch my teen angst and frustration. (Although, not being as cool as the characters in the movie, ultimately, I got neither the Amandas nor the Watts’ of my young life.)

  247. Sheila

    My religious upbringing wouldn’t let me watch such heathen movies… so surely GOD wants me to watch them now!

  248. Nicole

    I want the steel drum (or whatever it is) intro to True Romance to be my walk-down-the-aisle music ( :

  249. Laura

    Is it wrong that my favorite music/movie moment is from a musical? When the nuns sing How Do you Solve a Problem Like Maria? it gets me every time.

  250. Alissa

    Love the Hughes memory trip! I love those movies, what teenager didn’t feel better watching them.

    As for favorite movie/music scene, mine comes from an unlikely movie. American Pie, the one where they get married. The scene where they are having their first dance, and they are dancing to Joe Cocker’s Into the Mystic. I love it!

  251. Trish T.

    I must admit that I loved the Chaos Theory movie soundtrack, which introduced me to The Damnwells. The final wedding scene with the music overlay is absolutely perfect. Good and sappy, but not overly saccharine.

  252. Amy

    Oh John Hughes. Sigh. Weep. My favorite movie song scene may be the Reservoir Dog walk of drama. Or really any John Hughes movie scene. Sigh. Weep.

  253. Liz

    The montage scene from Dirty Dancing where Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes” plays while Baby is learning to dance is the montage all other montages wish they could be.

  254. Renata

    I would have to say “Amelie” is my favorite movie for music – I never get tired of being transported to Paris with that soundtrack!

  255. Alex

    One of my favorite movies is Next Stop Wonderland, and the soundtrack for the entire movie is gorgeous, but I especially love the subway scenes with Claudio Ragazzi’s “Crossed Paths” playing in the background. And the fish heist at the New England Aquarium with the sneaky-sounding “Os Grilos” by Marcos Valle.

    And for a John Cusack tribute, I also like the line “I will now sell five copies of The Three EPs by The Beta Band” in “High Fidelity.”

  256. Aura

    oh, any scene at all in “Singles”, which I love, love, love! It always makes me ache for that time, that place, that exact moment in life. Especially good is the scene with Waiting for Somebody by Paul Westerberg.

  257. Sarah L.

    I almost can’t listen to the OMD or Simple Minds songs they’re so powerfully connected to my early teen angst. These days, one of my favorite movie music moments comes from a little obscure Australian romantic comedy called “Hotel de Love.” Near the end, the protagonists finally kiss, to the beat of the old Tim Finn song “In Love with it All.” So sweet!

  258. Kristin

    Pretty much all of Moulin Rouge, but especially the love song montage. I am a big movie soundtrack fan and I firmly believe that Baz Luhrman, Quentin Tarantino, and Zach Braff are movie soundtrack gods.

  259. Kathy

    There are just too many great movie scenes with great music to list. I loved reading through the list of comments and remembering the scenes/music the others listed. Not a fan of the movie, but the version of “Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge has stayed with me, which then makes me think of Eddie Murphy singing it in 48 Hours…

  260. Nikki

    The Wedding Singer’s: I Want to Grow Old with You. It captures everything about my husband just right. That was our first song at our wedding. :)

  261. Amy

    Soundtracks are my absolute favorite kind of music to purchase. When I find a song I love, I often try to figure out where I would put it in the soundtrack of my life. You know, when they make my movie.
    It’s hard to pick a favorite since there’s so many. So I will instead embarrass myself and admit that I would rewind Sister Act on VHS and sing the part where they finally show the neighborhood what’s up with their choir.

    Nuns are great. Nuns who sing and dance are awesome.

  262. elaine

    pick me! pick me!

    sixteen candles is one of my all time favorite movies, and the background music that was used for that movie was brilliant, as it is with most john hughes movies.

  263. aubriane

    While Duckie is and will always be one of my favorite movie characters of all time, I have to say that a recent movie has created a scene that tops my love for “Try a Little Tenderness”.
    That movie is (500) Days of Summer, when Joseph Gordon-Leavitt dances to Hall and Oates’ “You Make My Dreams”.
    I wish that spontaneous dance scenes with strangers were a regular part of human life.

  264. Melissa B.

    The movie Garden State has one of the best soundtracks ever. I also have a special place in my heart for the last scene in 16 candles.

  265. monkeyinabox

    The Ferris Bueller ‘Twist & Shout’ has always been a guilty pleasure. It’s not ever close to his voice, but you want to believe it’s him anyway. ;)

  266. marlene

    It’d be so great to win this! I could list so many favorite movie soundtracks, but I have always loved Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and all that great music!

  267. Amelia

    You Can’t Always Get What You Want from the soundtrack of The Big Chill really hit me for some reason. I went out and bought the soundtrack immediately…that song wasn’t on there. It’s a great one still though.

  268. Donna

    My favorite song related movie scene is in GoodFellas when DeNiro is at the bar thinking and they play the beginning of Cream, Sunshine of Your Love. amazing scene

  269. Gillian

    Awesome prizes! John Hughes gave us so much great music and so many great quotes. A: You can never go too far. B: If I’m gonna get busted, it is *not* gonna be by a guy like *that*.

    Thanks Maggie!

  270. Vilma

    I always wondered why “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” never had a soundtrack release. The music so totally completes this movie. Fave music scene is “Twist and Shout” from “Ferris Bueller”

  271. Lorie Gordon

    All time favorite song from the past that changed me forever…

    Grease – ‘Summer Nights’
    Summer lovin’ had me a blast
    Summer lovin’ happened so fast
    Met a girl, crazy for me
    Met a boy, cute as can be

    Ahhhh, sweet memories. Little known fact – Marie Osmond was first offered the role of Sandy and thank goodness she turned it down.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  272. Christine

    All time favorite – the scene in Sixteen Candles when Anthony Michael Hall is trying to dance with Molly Ringwald and drops down to a split. Hilarious! A close runner-up is the “driving to Chicago in the Ferrari” scene in Ferris Bueller. No clue what the song is, but it’s something about a Big City.

  273. Mairead

    It’s not quite a music-centered scene, but I can’t help but laugh at the wedding band in Old School dropping f-bombs all through Total Eclipse of the Heart. Cracks me up everytime.

  274. Holly

    Cool contest, and great ’80s video memories in your post! Other than the Hughes favorites, my favorite movie/music moment has to be the wedding scene at the beginning of Love Actually, when the best man surprises the couple with musicians scattered throughout audience playing “All You Need Is Love.” So sweet.

  275. Jeanne

    My favorite movie/music scene is from the great, but often overlooked, John Hughes film, “She’s Having A Baby” starring Kevin Bacon. Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” is playing over a montage scene of memories Kevin Bacon’s character is thinking about while is wife is in surgery attempting to give birth to their child. The baby is breached. He’s holding her wedding band in the waiting room. You see a tear roll down his face, then you see a drop of blood hit the floor in the ER room. It’s totally gut-wrenching, but amazing…and that song is the perfect touch to a very touching scene. Made me fall in love with Kate Bush’s voice/music!

  276. Emily D.

    I can’t hear Rockin Around the Christmas Tree without thinking of Home Alone. As a kid that movie was priceless.

  277. Annie

    How can you not love the scene in Say Anything where adorable John Cusak stands with the boombox and plays “Your Eyes”. That scene has set many men up for failure – it set the bar :)

  278. Chaya

    I love the scene from the Royal Tenenbaums where Gwyneth Paltrow walks in slo-mo to a Nico song, These Days.

  279. Tami in NY

    Oh so many!! The Eighties were ripe with great music in movies! I was so lucky to be a teen in the eighties! Grease, Dirty Dancing, all the John Hughes movies, Say Anything John Cusak (yummy!), Footloose, was St. Elmo’s Fire a Hughes?, Less than Zero made me not want to ever try coke and I never did, I could go on and on.

  280. julie d

    it’s not a john hughes movie, but i love the opening scene to adventures in babysitting where elisabeth shue is dancing in her room. my favorite john hughes scene is the final kissing scene in the parking lot in pretty in pink. andrew mccarthy was so yummy! i saw him in a lifetime movie recently and he’s still pretty hot :>

  281. Jami

    Oh, movie music! *swoon* My favorite music scene from a movie is definitely when Diva Plavalaguna sings in The Fifth Element. Sometimes I just watch that scene because it is so amazing!

  282. Ashley

    I’m still a sucker for Dirty Dancing. I’ll watch it every time it comes on television despite my husband’s pleas.

  283. jenG

    Okay, I love and was raised on John Hughes, but my favorite movie-music connection is not Shermer, Illinois-related.

    It is that Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine” is a musical indicator in at least two movies that Patrick Swayze is about to get it on with a young woman whose affections may cost him his job and/or his life: Dirty Dancing AND Roadhouse.

  284. Chris

    About Last Night with Rob Lowe and Demi Moore – Living Inside My Heart – Bob Seger. I wanted to be Demi Moore in that movie

  285. Stephanie

    Breakfast Club rules them all. A close second is High Fidelity, although not a John Hughes film.

  286. AmandaL

    I have to ask, have you seen Some Kind of Wonderful? That movie had FABULOUS music. Also John Hughes-related. I thought this movie had the most “teeth” of any of them. The music in the Firefly series always gets me, too.

  287. amybee

    I like Wes Anderson’s use of music in movies. Especially Life Aquatic’s David Bowie numbers. Spike Jonze flicks too. Loving the preview for Where the Wild Things Are.

  288. dawnl

    My favorite music related scene in a movie…I am not sure but the one that popped into my head first was Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing …The song was Love is Strange by Mickey and Sylvia and he is teaching her how to dance and they are singing to each other and crawling across the floor…the soundtrack really made that movie.

  289. Becky

    Great songs! You know, I think one of my favorite movie music moments is when Jack Black sings “Let’s Get it On” at the end of High Fidelity.

  290. smallstatic

    I still get worked up when I see the William McNamara/Jodie Foster (as Billy Wyatt/Katie Chandler) montage set to And When She Danced in Stealing Home:

  291. amber

    John Hughes movies made me want to be a teenager in the 80’s. I, however was a teenager in the 90’s…I agree with what others have said above in regard to Wes Anderson.

  292. Erin

    Ahh, Pretty in Pink. I had the haircut and everyone told me I looked like her. (I do not, nor did I ever, resemble Molly Ringwald.) Any time I hear “If You Leave” I’m instantly 16 again, watching that movie over and over at my friend Sandy’s house.

  293. Melissa

    My favorite John Hughes film is “Some Kind of Wonderful”. I fell in love with the music and immediately went out and bought Flesh for Lulu….the cassette TAPE. :)

  294. Amelia

    Has anyone else mentioned “Say Anything” and Peter Gabriel’s “In your Eyes” I was never the same after watching that. I worked in a video store one summer and had the joys of watching my fav scenes over and over. Lucky me.

  295. Stephanie Scollo

    I love the end of Breakfast Club when John takes off his diamond earring and gives it to Claire then “Don’t you…forget about me” starts playing! Ahh, so good!

  296. houpley

    i have to say i was blown away with the whole soundtrack of In To the Wlld. I know Eddie V did the whole thing but it just really made every scene so powerful and poetic at the same time. i thought it was well done and not heavy handed.

  297. katrina

    not a movie, but the west wing episode where Simon Donovan gets shot and the ‘hallelujah’ song plays has me bawling every time it plays.

  298. maureen

    At leat one other person mentioned this too: Prince’s Purple Rain. The acting was just appalling, but the musical performances within the movie (and so many of them!) were absolutely electric.

  299. guigsie

    maybe not along the same theme… but oh, I love how david lynch uses music in films and television.

  300. Monica

    I have to second every single movie music scene already mentioned, so fun to read through these comments.

    A couple more that I love:
    -Audrey Hepburn singing Moon River in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
    -Dazed and Confused when the slo-mo cars are driving into the parking on the last day of school set to Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion
    -Reality Bites when Ethan Hawke walks by Winona and Ben Stiller making out with Baby I Love Your Way playing

  301. Emma

    I love the scene in the royal tenenbaums when luke wilson lets the hawk fly away and “Hey Jude” plays.

  302. Laura

    I get chills from Baz Luhurmann’s Romeo & Juliet with the Quindon Tarver’s remixed version of “When Doves Cry” and also of course Exit Music (for a film) by Radiohead that first turned me on to that wonderful band.

  303. Sarah

    Hands down, no contest: John Cusack, Peter Gabriel, pouring rain, giant boombox. In Your Eyes scene, Say Anything. Talk about setting the bar high for real-life romantic gestures.

  304. Flora

    The end of “Amadeus” where Mozart is dictating the Requiem on his death bed. SO beautiful and heartrending…

  305. Olivia

    I love all the musical scenes in “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. Especially the final montage of shows at the hotel set to “Finally”. Also in that vein…love, LOVE “Strictly Ballroom”. The music for the paso doble at the end and “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” are fantastic.

  306. Jennifer

    My best friend and I were (and kinda still are!) such huge Spandau Ballet fans, that at the age of 11 we thought it important to always watch Sixteen Candles through the end credits to see Spandau Ballet mentioned in the music credits. Good times!

  307. Leah

    Oh, I love those movies!

    And my favorite movie music scene is also the boombox scene from Say Anything. Love John Cusak :-) Not surprised to see that it’s a common favorite.

  308. Michelleq

    My favorite song ever from a movie is the Terms of Endearment Theme Song. You know the one…piano instrumental. Always brings a chill. I always think of Tyra Banks dancing on a bar (Coyote Ugly) when I hear “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” And I loveall the movie songs from Grease and Grease 2.

  309. Erica

    Ooh La La by The Faces playing over the closing scene in “Rushmore.”

    Also, for my money you can’t beat Robert Johnston’s “Devil Town” playing over the final scene of the Season 1 finale of Friday Night Lights.

  310. Jennifer

    #24 Sara stole my first choice, but second choice has to be from “The Full Monty.” I do love the final stripping sequence, but I almost think the accidental rehearsal to “Hot Stuff” as they wait in line for their dole checks is even better!

  311. Elise

    Hands down, my favorite movie music scene is the finale in Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze plucking Baby from the corner and performing to “I’ve had the time of my life.” I still cry every single time I catch it on TV.

  312. katherine

    Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 Weeks, especially Bryan Ferry’s “Slave to Love” – of course, the only way we knew how to appreciate all of that sophisticated sex stuff was because we were suckled at the teat of Hughes throughout our high school careers.

  313. Pamela

    When “The Outsiders” special DVD came out a few years ago, I had to have it – it’s one of my favorite movies. But while watching it, I realized they added a lot of lyric-based songs to the soundtrack, and it didn’t appeal to me.
    Now I know I’d rather watch the original. I guess I’m emotionally attached to the swells and dives in the instrumental parts more than I thought.

  314. lois

    i just saw (500) days of summer, which had some great music – i love a dance scene out of left field!
    but i think my fave fave is “my sharona” in the food mart from reality bites! gas card!

  315. Sarah

    The opening credits to “Some Kind of Wonderful” where she’s drumming and he’s getting ready for school, and of course “The Breakfast Club” dance scene.

  316. Karen

    This is fun! One of my favorites would have to be Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear and lip syncing to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock ‘N Roll” in Risky Business. Probably rather cliche now but man oh man! It’s a CLASSIC!

  317. Cara

    My sister just quoted “Footloose” to me yesterday, so I’ll pick the scene where Kevin Bacon is trying to teach Chris Penn to dance. Priceless.

  318. Meg

    Favorite movie soundtrack: Garden State. Love it!

    Also, a close second would be the Footloose soundtrack, simply because I listened to it until it wore out when I was younger and Let’s Hear It For the Boy will always have a place in my heart.

  319. Jennifluff

    Sadly, Jon Cryer’s dance is what opened my eyes to Otis Redding! I suppose that alone is worth a hearty thanks to Mr. Hughes. Never mind the fact that there was a point in my life where I could recite every word of The Breakfast Club, thus causing all of my friends to boycott watching it with me. I couldn’t blame them!

  320. Amanda

    The scene with “Tiny Dancer” in Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” is my all time music/movie favorite, though I always have to through up a Judd Nelson inspired fist pump whenever I hear “Don’t You Forget About Me”.

  321. Elsa

    Without a doubt, my favorite musical movie moment is the Delores Del Rio scene in Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. Though there are many other instances of movie music that cheer me up, inspire me, or make me want to dance, this is an eloquent statement about art, about film, and about consciousness, all wrapped up in a brief performance.

  322. Katie

    Duckie throwing cards into his hat in the alley while Morrissey’s “Please, please, please let me get what I want” plays. I was a moody teenager :)

  323. amy

    Too many! But to stick within the 80s, I’ll 554th the John Cusack as Lloyd/boombox outside the window/”In Your Eyes” scene in Say Anything -oh so romantic!

  324. Tara

    Its hard to narrow down:

    Walking on Sunshine – High Fidelity or
    If you Leave – Pretty in Pink

    And to the person who mentioned music on the West Wing, lets not forget Yo Yo Ma in the 2nd season holiday episode “Noel” when Josh has PTSD and Mrs. Laningham dies. Tear jerker.

  325. Susannah

    I was always sorry in Pretty in Pink that she didn’t go for Duckie. He was FAR preferable than that BLAINE character. Who wouldn’t want their own personal daily Duckie drive-by?

  326. Sara

    How about Julia Roberts singing Prince’s “Kiss” in the bathtub in Pretty Woman? And don’t forget Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman” during the shopping scene.

  327. Heather Z

    The final song from the Princess Bride is my favorite but hearing all of these comments make me rethink my netflix choices for the week…

  328. Matilda

    My favorite scene is in “A Room for a View” when Helena Bonham-Carter’s character is being kissed by the Julian Sands character while the aria from “Gianni Schicchi” (aka “O mio babbino caro”). (#2 is the Lloyd Dobbler boombox, as I’ve been reminded of in these comments.)

  329. Eliza

    Man, there are just so many! But I have to say one of my favorites is Kevin Bacon’s angry gymnast dance scene in Footloose. It’s so deliciously dramatic.

  330. Denise

    Pick me, oh Random Gods, pick me!Last scene of Sixteen Candles is something I’ve replayed in mind thousands of times..from age 12 to 30! I’ve never gotten over my awkward, frizzy-haired youth!

  331. Sarah

    Breakfast club, by far. Dance scene. Also best part ever: “It’s Snowing!” I laugh my butt off every time.

  332. Carla VanBemmel

    She’s Having a Baby. Not the best or even a particularly memorable John Hughes film. The two things I remember about it are a tender scene involving I believe a turkey baster…and Van Morrison singing Crazy Love. I burst into tears right there in the theatre. Over Van, not the turkey baster. Must have been the hormones, though, since I was pregnant a the time with my first child. Although Van Morrison still makes me swoon.

  333. Michelle

    Ahh posted too soon. I meant to say:

    One of the most gorgeous scenes I’ve seen is at the end of “Michael Collins” where Sinéad O’Connor’s “She Moved Through the Fair” is playing.. Amazing.

  334. Joles

    I don’t think anyone gets into the movie music the way Rocky Horror fans do, so that’s my favorite.

    “F*ck that bird, grease that pole, eat that bagel!”

  335. Chelsea

    My absolute favorite music-related movie moment is the Great Balls of Fire piano scene in Top Gun. I love how much fun they’re having, and how awesome Meg Ryan’s southern accent is.

  336. Valerie

    Let’s see….

    How about “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News in Back to the Future. Loved Michael J. Fox in that movie.

    Hands down though has gotta be Duckie and his Tenderness dance. How could the girl not give it up to him!! Alo love that song when Blaine and Andy walk in the bar where Duckie and Iona are. It’s the song that the band is playing in the background…what is it? I love that song…I don’t think it’s on the soundtrack.

  337. Lindsey

    Mine has to be from The Big Chill. When the whole gang is washing dishes to the Temptations’ “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” It just screams love and community and friendship. :)

  338. Krista

    Oh my gosh, I love every, single John Hughes movie EVER made. I really felt like he could see into my teenaged, high school soul!! He completely understood teen angst!

    Favorite movie scene: You nailed it! Duckie lip syncing to Otis Redding’s “Try a little tenderness”

  339. Ronna Gail

    Oooo! I hope I win! I actually married my “Duckie” 20 years after we graduated. We love that movie.

  340. Linda Noble

    I LOVE that clip of Duckie lipsynching ‘Try A Little Tenderness’! That has to be my favorite scene in the movie! (The other is when Iona dresses up in her old prom dress later in the movie!)

    I have to be honest and say that my most memorable movie moments that are directly linked to music are in the movie Platoon. The use of Samuel Barber’s ‘Adagio for Strings’ forever burned that piece of music into my mind. The scene where Elias is running out of the jungle getting shot; later in the movie when they show Charlie Sheen’s character, Chris, crying in the chopper as he is leaving; ‘Adagio for Strings’ will always make me think of Platoon. And although it is a hard movie to watch (my brother said he will never watch it again) I’m so moved by the movie, and that particular piece of music IN it, that I will watch it whenever it is on TV. I LOVE ‘Adagio for Strings’. It may be my all-time favorite classical piece and I would say it’s in my top 5 all-time favorite songs or pieces of music (and, for the record, my musical tastes span from modern rock, to alternative, to musicals, to industrial, to folky rock, to just about anything except country music.)

  341. Kirstin

    My favorite is probably “In Your Eyes” in “Say Anything.” And then I can’t get “Falling Slowly” from “Once” out of my mind, and I’ve never seen the movie.

  342. Kristina

    Without a doubt, and I’m sure it’s already been mentioned, but Duckie in the record store wiling out to Otis Redding. The way that he dances? That’s how I feel all the time listening to my favorite songs. Doing that somewhere, anywhere, when my jam comes on, is on my life list.

  343. Laura

    Best song in a movie for me has to be “in your eyes” in Say Anything. Oh, the memories!!

  344. jenn

    My absolutely favorite 80s soundtrack movie is actually 1997’s Grosse Pointe Blank. It’s the older love unrequited (or young love revisited, still unrequited).

    The scene where Blank is staring into the baby’s face while Bowie & Queen’s “Under Pressure” playing, building up — completely captured what it’s like to be going on 30 and wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life.

  345. Caitlin

    Yes please, yes please, yes please!!! And since I’m sure I can’t come up with anything as creative as folks have already written re both Hughes and Empire Records, ditto.

  346. DameEmma

    From John Hughes to John Sayles… NOTHING in common as film-makers, except an obsession with getting the sound track right. The whole Men with Guns soundtrack is magnificent, and put to magnificent use in service of the story.

  347. Ness

    My favorite is the end of The Breakfast Club, where Molly Ringwald gives Judd Nelson her earring, and he puts it in his ear as “Don’t you forget about me” starts to play. :)

  348. aspenwall

    My favorite is the Karaoke scene in Lost in Translation where Bill Murry is singing More Than This while wearing his mid-life crisis shirt inside out.

  349. Traci

    My absolute fave was also Captain Von Trapp’s Edelweiss, and alot of my others were mentioned, but a few other good ones:
    Beautiful Girls, no music is playing but he asks she can imagine anything better than making love to an attractive stranger in the ice fishing shack, and she replies, “Going back to Chicago. Ice cold martini. Van Morrison.”
    And Denise Richards in Drop Dead Gorgeous, singing “You’re Just Too Good To Be True” and dancing with the Jesus on the cross, on wheels.

  350. Elaine

    I’m going to go with Benny & Joon for favorite music-heavy movie, and the “500 Miles” scenes. Plus, hello there, bonus feature: the music video? disturbing and awesome, as only twins can be.

  351. Alicia

    I love movie musicals- from My Fair Lady and The Unsinkable Molly Brown to Moulin Rouge and Enchanted!

  352. Alicia

    I love movie musicals- from My Fair Lady and The Unsinkable Molly Brown to Moulin Rouge and Enchanted. For a non-musical I would have to say the iconic Say Anything scene with In Your Eyes.

  353. Kath

    I love the scene in “Say Anything” where John Cusack holds his boom box over his head under Ione Sky’s window and plays “In Your Eyes.”

    I love it so much that the song was my first dance at my wedding.

  354. COLiz

    “The Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice, at the end of “Closer”. Goosebumps every time!

  355. Kristy

    Besides the John Hughes classics . . . Flashdance. The ending dance scene to “What A Feeling.” Especially when she has to start the record over cause she messes up – I still find myself going into cheer mode every time I see that scene. “You can do it Alex, no strip clubs for you!”

  356. Annabelle

    Love this post! I agree with oh so many above… my favorite tape in high school was “Pretty in Pink” soundtrack on one side and “Breakfast Club” on the other. I still have it. No way to play it, but I have it. (Agree on the Empire Records Sugar Rush scene mentioned above. Love that movie.)

  357. Kate

    Not to jump on the bandwagon, but my favorite is the “In Your Eyes” scene in Say Anything. I used to have a black-and-white movie poster of John Cusack standing there, in that trench coat, with that boombox over his head. *sigh*

  358. heather

    the “please, please, please let me get what i want” montage in ferris bueller is awesome.

  359. CT

    Time Warp from Rocky Horror…I can’t help but laugh, every…single…time.
    Also? Pop Rocks are the best candy, of all time!

  360. Ami

    Tough question — the song from St. Elmo’s Fire is emblazoned in my head for various reasons, but maybe my favorite soundtrack is the Shrek 2 soundtrack b/c I can play it with my kids and dance around and they don’t think I’m a dweeb for singing to FunkyTown. Won’t you take me there, slotdiskradio?

  361. Sarah

    I love the scene in Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise is driving and flipping through radio stations–he can’t find anything that fits his mood so he can sing along. Finally he hits Tom Petty’s Freefalling and he’s a happy man. I can’t tell you how many times I felt that way back before I had satellite radio.
    I also really like the subway scene in the movie version of Rent–the song is Santa Fe, and Jesse L Martin’s voice plus the cool choreography made this fun. I usually go for the stage production over a movie, but this was exceptional.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Maggie!

  362. Chasinash

    Yep, you nailed it. Duckie. Makes you kind of hate the end of the movie… how could you choose the preppy dweeb when this guy will lip sync to Otis Redding? HOW?!

  363. Deva

    I’m pretty sure my favorite music-related movie scene is the one near the end of Wedding Singer, where he sings Wanna Grow Old With You to Julia. I’m totally playing that song at some point during my wedding.

  364. Eilis

    I’m a sucker for Grease “You’re the One That I Want.” I used to rewind it over and over. Was diggin’ on Travolta in those days.

  365. Melinda

    I love “The Breakfast Club.” I have always loved “The Breakfast Club.” I will always love “The Breakfast Club.”

  366. Amber

    God, I love John Hughes. Thanks for all of these links! My favorite music scene for a long time was the infamous Lloyd Dobler boombox scene from Say Anything (not Hughes, but clearly influenced by him), and recently I’ve been completely and totally charmed by Mamma Mia. I love a good, campy musical.

  367. Kat C

    As much as I love Pretty in Pink, I am more a child of the 90’s, so I have to go with the final rooftop dance scene from Empire Records. That, or Gina singing Sugar High. Such a great movie.

  368. Mara

    Growing up in Chicago, I felt like John Hughes was a distant uncle who understood exactly what I was going through. His musical taste made it all better.

  369. Amber

    I love Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles! I think part of the brilliance is the lack of action. It is a very simple story in each film based purely on dialog and character development and is so easy to relate to for all ages reflecting on high school. Whenever these are on TV I can not walk away from watching. I agree the music goes impeccably well with the film.

    My favorite songs in film:

    In Goonies the film starts out with Cyndi Lauper’s “Goonies R Good Enough,” and after some plot returns to this song when the kids are taking off on their bikes for their adventure, my favorite part being when Brand’s tires are flat and he has to take the tiny girl next door off her pretty pink bike with training wheels and she proceeds to scream and stomp. I watched this film on VHS over and over again as a kid. We would shout out which character we were going to be (kinda like shotgun) and argue about who got to be Andy. That song will always be the first one that comes to mind for childhood adventure. Plus it is just fun.

    Bridget Jones’s Diary is another one that has perfect music. When she is sitting alone in her apartment singing “All By Myself,” drinking and checking the phone constantly, it reminds me of my early 20s in my first apartment. Her air drums and gestures with the music while she is trying not to cry, surrounded by self help books…it is such a funny and sad snapshot. I would always sing with the radio in the privacy of my place sans being drunk. It makes me have one of those teary eyed happy cries whenever I watch it.

    Danny Elfman’s music in Edward Scissorhands is perfection as well. I love the scene at the end when Winona Ryder is dancing in the snow.

  370. Lelia

    I couldn’t think of one, so I asked my hubby. He says that the music in the wedding scene in The Deer Hunter is the best.

  371. Steph

    I have so many favorite movie/music scenes, but I will pick one from John Hughes (RIP, you will be missed!)… I am going to have to say the scene when Molly Ringwald’s character walked into the prom in Pretty in Pink. That was so awesome. I saw that in middle school and replayed it in my head walking into my own prom, feeling just as spectacular. (Glad you included that song here – If You Leave, OMD)

  372. delia

    Trainspotting -Lust for Life by Iggy Pop. Although listening to it during Carnival Cruise line commercials has almost ruined the memory of what a sexy heroin addict I found Ewan McG to be

  373. amanda

    I really loved Bill Murray’s karaoke in Lost in Translation and still have a soft spot in my heart for the last song in Breakfast Club. Don’t, don’t, don’t you… forget about me.

  374. TamiA

    For me it would have to be the soundtrack for Empire Records. I loved that movie as a teenager in Argentina, didn’t get most of the jokes and references of American culture, but to this day I love it! Those are great prizes Maggie!!

  375. Rose

    The Shake Your Tail Feathers (not sure that’s what it’s called) dance scene in the Blues Brothers. Also, I didn’t realize everyone else loved Empire Records too but the Dire Straits Romeo song might be my favorite part of that movie. No one mentioned Mama Mia? Honey Honey in that. Great giveaway!

  376. kathleen

    I simply ditto this!

    Yeah, the Duckie “Try a Little Tenderness” is hands down my FAVORITE movie music moment ever… ah Jon Cryer.

  377. Stacey

    I’m especially partial to the last scence of Breakfast Club and the kissing scene in Some Kind of Wonderful, two of my favorite movies ever. Slightly more cheesy choices would be the last scene in the bus station of Can’t Hardly Wait (Only You by Yaz) or Cool Rider from Grease 2, an old family favorite. But the music moment I’m going to choose is the scene in Running on Empty (another fantastic movie) where the family sings and dances to James Taylor’s Fire & Rain at the mom’s birthday party.

  378. Coraniaid

    So one of my favorite Hughes movies before I hit teen angst was Mr. Mom. He didn’t direct it but he wrote it.

    I remember that my parents got a new vacuum shortly after we had seen the movie & my brother & I named it ‘Jaws’.

    Also, I just moved & in the process I found my ‘woobie’ which I packed away shortly after that movie because I didn’t want to be 20 & on the street trying to score some electric blanket or quilt.

  379. Lisa

    My favs are the entire soundtrack to B’fast Club. I love the way the music brings not only the movie to life, but also my life to life!

    The Ferris Bueller song is also a great one. Fantastic music perfectly played into those movie. They bring some awesome memories!

  380. Rebecca

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. As I look a great deal like 1980s Molly Ringwald (sans her 1980s fashion choices), it is always a bit fascinating and disturbing to watch her in movies/clips.

    Although difficult, I managed to tear myself away from the halcyon days of 80s music scenes in movies and think about more recent gems (about olders days). I particularly delighted in the scene of ‘Almost Famous’ where the band + bandaids begin robustly singing along to Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ while riding in their old tour bus to their next destination. It reminds me of those road trips (or even school fieldtrips) where a song comes on and everyone catches the mood and belts it out.
    Here’s to belting out good tunes on road trips!

  381. wendi

    John Hughes was a genius!! I loved how he wrote the story of all our lives even though we’re all so different!! There was always someone we could relate to! And the music!! He was brilliant and I will miss him!!

  382. Pinkie Bling

    I always have trouble with superlatives, so I can’t say it’s my all-time favorite (and so many people have mentioned other faves already)…but one scene I love is from City of Angels. Sounds a little kinky, but it’s Meg Ryan in the bathtub thinking about her “angel” (I know, leave me alone), and the song is “Feelin’ Love” by Paula Cole. That song is UH-MAY-ZING!!! Made for quite a steamy scene. (ba-DUM-dum)

  383. Jen

    The scene in School of Rock where the kids perform their song gets me misty every time. I’m all, “yeah! Nerds can overcome. Woot!” I wonder if I take these movies to personally? Hrm…

  384. Paula

    In total agreement with the ones many others have chosen from Almost Famous and Top Gun. But to be a bit more recent, The Visitor had some good music scenes, I especially like the one of them all playing the bongo drums in the park.

  385. Kristen

    I think the number of repeats here is testament to how good some movie soundtracks are. I have to echo Footloose, Purple Rain, Reservoir Dogs, and Grosse Point Blank.

  386. Beth

    I’m embarrassed that I’m having a hard time thinking of anything that won’t make me seem like a total loser. (My Heart Will Go On, anyone?)
    Ok, I love the score to the Harry Potter films. Ugh there I go again!
    I really do like music. Ok, here we go.
    My Best Friend’s Wedding has a scene where the whole cast sings Say A Little Prayer and I will sing along with that song from now until the end of time while pretending I’m there with them.

  387. Raych

    OF THE THREE, I have only seen ‘The Breakfast Club.’ I KNOW!

    But the ‘Come What May’ scene in Moulin Rouge always makes me cry.

  388. kristy

    I love the soundtrack from Sliding Doors (1998 – Gwyneth Paltrow, John Hannah), and especially love the song On My Own by Peach Union. It’s during that song where Gwyneth gets that rocking short and sassy haircut that sent me straight to the salon!

  389. Jill

    Although it’s been said, Lloyd Dobler and the boom box playing “In Your Eyes” in Say Anything was crucial in my formative years.

  390. SpeedyB

    My Best Friend’s Wedding – The Say a little Prayer scene. My sister and I have always wanted to pull that off at someone’s wedding. My sister is getting married next summer, maybe I can get some family in on it and surprise her?!

  391. Susanne

    I’m really digging the dance scene in (500) Days of Summer. Also, any old movie w/ Dean Collins and Jewel McGowen in it gets my vote.

  392. Lara K-W

    So as to not repeat the “Say Anything…” scene (which is the first that comes to mind), I’ll go with one that’s not a “music scene” per se. It’s in Hughes’ “Sixteen Candles” when Samantha comes down the stairs on the morning of her b-day. She’s holding a notebook with “The Rave-Ups” written on it. When I saw it, I knew I had to seek out that band, and I’m so glad I did. I think the very fun song “Happy Birthday” by Altered Images starts to play right after this part of the movie. Just love it!

  393. Elis

    The concert scene in *Velvet Goldmine* when Brian Slade & Curt Wild play “Baby’s On Fire” together…that energy & that song absolutely kill me. The entire movie is fantastic & has a phenomenal soundtrack, but it’s worth watching for that scene alone.

    And of course, Uma Thurman answering the door to Dusty Springfield in *Pulp Fiction.*

  394. Kate

    I smile for the Bohemian Rhapsody opening scene in Wayne’s World :) And everything about “The Last Waltz”, a movie documenting The Band’s last show. Especially Van Morrison’s kicks!

    Love the Hughes movies of course…

  395. catherine

    i’m really surprise that Empire Records was mention so early on in the comments! i always think it’s less known then apparently it is. my favorite music scene comes from it too but it’s the one where everyone starts moshing around to AC/DC If you want blood. perfect!

  396. Embe

    It’s not a John Hughes film but my all time favorite teen angst movie music song is:
    ‘I’ll stop the world and melt with you’ by, Modern English from the movie Valley Girl and featured in another dozen or so teen angst movies… But you gotta love Nic Cage sleeping on your lawn to prove his love for you… Mmmmm dreamy… Well, at least he was back in 1983.
    btw: IMDB says they’re making Valley Girl into a musical…. Hmmmmmm?

  397. sethonious

    Maybe not a movie moment but John Hughes helped me find the love of my life. We went to a costume party seperately I was dressed as Duckie and she was dressed as Andie. Not that it was love at first sight, but it was the first time she ever noticed who I was. Thanks John!

  398. Tammy

    This is more recent, but I have been enjoying the music from Mamma Mia. That is a fantastic trilogy of movies. Molly Ringwald (and the others) did teen anguish so well.

  399. Barbara

    Not to go all melancholy, but I always tear up at the end of Philadelphia when we see old movies of Tom Hanks’ character as a child – the song (don’t know the name/artist) they play during that scene KILLS me every…single…time!

  400. Vashti

    I spent HOURS as a kid practicing the Molly dance from The Breakfast Club.

    And Allison looked SO much better before Claire got to her with the makeup bag. Seriously. I wanted to be Allison, up until the moment she kissed the jock. Ick.

  401. Amihan

    It’s been mentioned already, but my favorite movie song from oh so long ago is Dirty Dancing, the end when Baby gets to dance.

  402. Jenn Bo

    I love all the classic movie moments in this post. A more recent one I love is the ending montage in Love Actually with God Only Knows (Beach Boys). It was perfect for the movie. The director mentioned that another choice was The Loving (XTC) – another great song.

  403. Candice

    There are so many but this was the first one to pop into my head, from “My Best Friend’s Wedding” when the boys start singing John Denver’s “Annie’s Song” on the tennis court.

  404. Laura

    My mother LOVES musicals and especially movies with music and dancing. As a consequence, I spent most of my childhood running in and out of my bedroom as mom would let watch only certain parts of Dirty Dancing. Heh, I bet I was 25 before I actually watched it all the way through and realized what the storyline was really about.

  405. Melissa R

    I have many, many, MANY musical moments in movies that are memorable to me, but two of my favorites are the “Say Anything” boombox moment…In Your Eyes. I love Peter Gabriel’s gravely voice.

    The second is from Pretty Woman: Richard Gere in the limo, heading the airport and It Must Have Been Love is playing. He changes his mind and goes after the girl.

  406. LisaB

    I have to admit my favorite movie/music scene is in My Best Friends Wedding (a movie that bugs me otherwise, actually) when everyone sings “I’ll Say a Little Prayer”. That’s my dirty secret.

  407. Amy

    Thinking of “older” movies and musical scenes that stay with you….I love the scene in Stealing Beauty when the young Liv Tyler character dances to Billie Holiday on the record player at dusk at a lovely Italian villa party. Mmmm.

  408. Beth

    In keeping with the 80s, I have to go for the final dance scene in Dirty Dancing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched that movie/scene.

  409. ellen

    I feel like I’m completely blanking on some other amazing music film scenes but … Definitely “Empire Records” – but I’d also have to add in “Singles,” which is a very under-appreciated movie from Cameron Crowe – featuring a fabulous 90’s era soundtrack.

  410. Aisha

    My favorite music related scene is the opening sequence of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, where Norah is rocking out to Devendra Banhart as classes end for the day. The whole story and movie revolves around music, and that song is so catchy that you find yourself hooked. Even if the book is 10x better than the movie, the movie has a great soundtrack.

  411. Molly

    It’s not a great movie, but Can’t Hardly Wait came out the summer before my senior year of high school, and the soundtrack was positively crammed with fun pop songs. My boyfriend and I saw it in the theater and promptly went out and bought the soundtrack, which was on permanent rotation in his car that summer.

  412. Claire

    I’m a huge eighties movie junkie and I love this amazing eighties movie mashup (prominently featuring many John Hughes movies) set to one of my favorite Phoenix songs. Watching it now reminds me how much I loved–and still love–all those movies and what an amazing man he was to have made them.

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