Soundtrack, Part 1

I’m headed to SxSW, and though I’m still sick, I’ve been spending a lot of time with the music you guys suggested. Speaking of which, wow. Thank you for all the suggestions. I’ve gotten through the first set of recommendations and I’ve also spent a little time with Pandora. For the record, apparently Nick Drake, Mumford and Sons, and Ryan Adams make people weep. Here’s what else has stood out so far.

Wishing Life Had a Fast Forward Button

Delicate from Damien Rice

Don’t You Remember from Adele

I just don’t think I’ll ever get over you from Colin Hay

Why from Annie Lennox

Good Woman from Cat Power

Casimar Pulanski Day from Sufjan Stevens

Shaking Your Fist at the Sky

Little Lion Man from Mumford and Sons

Call it Off from Tegan and Sara

The Cave from Mumford and Sons

Intuition from Feist

I Bombed Korea from Cake

Shine Like a New Pin from Camera Obscura

Dancing Around in Your Underwear

Raise Your Glass from Pink

Better Life from Keith Urban

Doctor Worm from They Might Be Giants

I Live In New York City from Sxip Shirey

All Day from Girl Talk
(Cover the kid’s ears if you’re clicking this without headphones.)

You’re so Damn Hot from OK Go

The Fratellis by Flathead

When I get through the next batch, I’ll post another roundup. Thanks, you guys.

Young Love Unrequited, The Soundtrack

This is the last gift sponsored by Sandisk slotRadio, so I thought we might actually talk about music. Since John Hughes passed, I’ve been thinking about how much more I enjoy movies when a director is passionate about the soundtrack.

My favorite Hughes scenes are about the music that’s playing in his characters’ lives. Remember Duckie lip-syncing to “Try a little Tenderness?”

Or Ferris Bueller’s “Danke Schoen” cum “Twist and Shout” on the parade float:

And of course, The Breakfast Club dance scene:

Then there are the Hughes songs that knock you flat and replay footage of your bedroom ceiling, circa 1985.

“Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds

“If You Were Here” by the Thompson Twins

“If You Leave” by OMD

So this present celebrates the music Mr. Hughes brought into our lives. If you win, I’ll send you everything you need for a nostalgic movie night.

The Ringwald holy trinity:

The Breakfast Club

Sixteen Candles

Pretty in Pink

An absurdly large box of Watermelon Flavored Pop Rocks, (Purchased after I ate the packages I bought for you at the corner store. Taste the Explosion!):


And, of course, a Sandisk slotRadio:

It comes with a bunch of songs already, but also gives you the option of picking your own music. Before you load your workout mix, I’d like you to check into these:

The Ultimate John Hughes Playlist
John Hughes Movie Soundtrack Hits

Leave a comment below, bonus points if you tell me about your favorite music-related movie scene. Be sure to include your email address in the field provided (so I can reach you if you win) by August 14 at 5 p.m. PST. Just one comment, please — I have to delete duplicates for fairness. will decide who wins. I’ll contact the lucky via email, and I’ll also tell you who won here.

Danke schoen to Sandisk for making this gift project a go. It’s been fun.