Mighty Closet: Courtney Skott, Outfit 2

Courtney Skott in her San Francisco apartment

Courtney is a champion thrifter and, shoes aside, this outfit is all second hand. The nautical-stripe dress has a ’50s vibe, but it’s actually a Vicky Vaughn piece from the ’80s. Perfect for standing purposefully on the bow of a ship, fisted hands on hips, grinning at the horizon.

Courtney Skott at her desk

Also, how enviable is her office nook? So tidy!

Red Striped Belt on a Blue Striped Dress, Courtney Skott

Courtney found the belt on the sidewalk in the Western Addition. I know that mighty sound alarming to some of you, but be ye not scandalized. People in the city just leave bags of belongings on the curb instead of lugging them to thrift shops, and decent stuff rarely sits outside for more than an hour or two.

Courtney Skott's White Necklace

The painted chain is from a white elephant sale. The moony eyes are from her mama, who did some catalog modeling in her day. Thanks for the good genes, mom.


These are Courtney’s go-to eyelet flats, which she realized she wanted to replace just as I was aiming my camera. San Francisco is a walking city, so flats get heavily abused. Comfy flats are by Rocket Dog, and she got them on Zappos.

Tomorrow, Courtney’s favorite jacket, which she purchased in Spain. Olé!

20 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Courtney Skott, Outfit 2

  1. I know this is supposed to be Mighty Closet and not Mighty Apartment, but I would LOVE to see a few more photos of the way Courtney decorated her home. I’m already swooning over those grey walls and red prints, and I’m sure the rest is just as amazing.


  2. A blue and white striped dress is at the top of my need to buy list. This is a great one! Can’t wait to see the favorite jacket.


  3. The apartment will be in a Sneak Peak on Design Sponge at some point. Maggie is really good at framing, so you can’t see the lighting fixtures on the floor yet to be hung, the wallpaper samples taped to the dining room wall, etc…Come on! We only moved in a year and a half ago!


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