Mondo Beyondo Online Course

My friends Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen are teaching an online course about dreaming big. I’ll be traveling for the first two weeks, but I signed up anyway because, for me, waiting until something is convenient is as good as deciding never to do it at all.

Andrea is a gifted teacher, and her posts about the concept of Mondo Beyondo have had an impact on me. Almost all of my first Mondo Beyondo list dreams have come true. I don’t know Jen as well personally, but a brief conversation with her the day we met convinced me to let go of all my labor anxieties. I’ve quoted her words to almost every pregnant woman I know.

I have a lot to learn from these two, and maybe you do too. If you’re still working on your Mighty Life List, or if you’re in the never-ending process of editing your list, I suspect this class will be ideal. I certainly can recommend the teachers. Good luck, Andrea and Jen! I can’t wait.

11 thoughts on “Mondo Beyondo Online Course

  1. Thanks for the info – I signed up for the October course …

    What info did she give you re: your labor? I’m just curious …


  2. ha! how ironic, b/c i was just reading dooce’s labor story part II and cringing at the prospect of animal-like howling and moaning and again freaking out about labor. perhaps i should have a similar conversation with these miracle workers!


  3. We all need to be reminded to dream big!

    My husband and I have recently been talking about how life has hit the accelerator and we’ve lost site of our dreams. We are so afraid to take our eyes off the road to enjoy the ride and check the map that we have gotten lost!


  4. I am delurking after many years of anonymous reading to say thank you for sharing this. I am in the early stages of becoming an opera singer, and need this kind of reminder/kick in the pants. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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