Modern Indignities

29th July 2009

Are you F*cking Kidding Me, (The Facebook Song) by Kate Miller-Heidke is very, very good. I would like you to put on your headphones so your boss doesn’t hear, and watch all the way to the end. It gets better and better as it goes along, the last line being the entire point of the song.

Via Sarah Brown, who is always right about these things.

29 thoughts on “Modern Indignities

  1. Annika

    YES. My sister sent this to me about a month ago and I still have not stopped laughing. Thank goodness none of my exes seem to be on Facebook (or at least, they have the good sense to not attempt to friend me).

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  3. Melissa

    She is so amazing. Those who enjoy this would also enjoy her song ‘Career Advice’ about Australian (and by extension, American) Idol.

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