53 thoughts on “How cute is this?

  1. Cati Basmati

    This looks so super-duper! Congrats!
    Sorry boss, no more work for today, need to click everything here and make up my mind about my own site’s design :-)

  2. Christine

    Overall, I really like it! I love the navigation squares at the top and the way everything is so neatly sorted and categorized. I love the colours.

    Some things I don’t love, for your consideration:

    – The comments look a little funny to me, with so much white space but no real dividing line or differentiation between them.

    – Under “My Life So Far” the order makes it look like you were pregnant with Hank before you married Bryan, but we know this not to be the case.

    – I find the Mighty List very hard to read, with the white text on the blue. That might just be me.

    Overall, though, A+!

  3. Kimberly

    I ADORE the re-design! It looks fabulous–I’d expect nothing less from Mightygirl!

  4. Cara

    Love the new design. It has inspired me to do a little redecor in life… need simplicity and to be surrounded by happy colors!

  5. Maggie

    I like the new look. That Jefferson’s song is going through my mind, for some reason, “We’re movin’ on up….”

  6. Therese

    I like the look, love the colors but I wonder is the banner a tad too big? Do you intend to have a reader scroll down to see if there is anything new? I agree with one commenter about the space between the comments. I’m viewing on a PC with internet explorer and an extra google bar.
    Maybe I have an issue with scrolling.

  7. heather

    I remember your site when it was just your picture in black and white on the top left! The redesign looks really fresh and inviting and must be really exciting for you – congrats!

  8. Natalie

    Looks great! I love the color scheme and the geometric-ness of it all.

    The sub-navigation is not terribly intuitive for me, but it may just be that everything isn’t categorized yet. There also seem to be some problems with the Older and Newer buttons for posts. I’m sure all of this is just launch day stuff.

    Overall, it’s GREAT! I can’t wait to start reading all your posts on this jewel of a site.

  9. Meg

    So! Exciting!!!!!!!!
    I really can’t stop thinking about you and the life list. All night last night I’d just randomly say “Maggie Mason!” and the better half would say, “Yes, I know, exciting.” and then sigh.

  10. Megan

    I just spent an undisclosed number of minutes (denial) re-reading bits and pieces from your archives. Do blogs ever use favorite buttons? I reached for one several times.

  11. Rebekah

    I love it! I’m so excited for you with the life list news – you’ve inspired me to get back to my own list of goals and start hacking away at them. Thanks for always being so awesome, Maggie, and congrats!

  12. melissa

    I’ve read your site for a long time and am happy for all the wonderful new developments in your life, including a cool new site.

    Change, however, can be hard. I will miss the clever chunky color combination that greeted me on the old site. I wish you would have kept that.

  13. Michelle

    Adore that new logo!

    Sigh….remember when mightygirl was simple text on a blogspot account? You’ve come a long way, baby.

  14. Kate

    I want to know where I can find the hedgehog in the photo at the top of the page. Searching hedgehog and even porcupine did not give me any returns. Please. I must have the hedgehog. Or know that it is somewhere safe.

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