Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 3

Margaret layers with divine inspiration. I would never think to pair a Grecian sheath with a pinstriped, tailored vest. It’s genius, because the dress is a little loose, but the vest defines her waist beautifully.

So many of us wear clothes that don’t fit, but Margaret has really figured out how to use clothing to bring balance to her figure. Her pear-shape requires higher waists and fuller skirts to flatter her tiny waist, and skim over her hips. She tries to emphasize her torso and defined arms, and the effect is lovely.

The dress, which is by Target (!) , is my favorite shade of purple, and so flattering on her. The banker vest is Gap.

(By the way, Target and Gap are both Mighty Girl sponsors, and apparently well-placed ones, but this post isn’t part of any campaign. As always, I’d tell you if it were.)

These shoes are Stuart Weitzman as well. I sense a pattern here. By the way, who rocks iridescent sandals? Margaret Stewart, that’s who. Also, I didn’t get a full-body shot of this, but the orange toenails look great with her clutch.

Margaret got this necklace from a street vendor in Buenos Aires. I got a few hand-painted butterfly brooches by the same artist. I know lots of you are travelers, does anyone know her name?

This clutch is a Martin and Barnett makeup bag. Do you see her working that out?

Margaret doesn’t worry much about the matchy-matchies. I lean a little more Doris Day, and used to be confused by artistic types who used surprising color combinations in their wardrobe. For me, it’s good to remember to loosen up once in a while. Hence, I’m carrying a clear ziplock bag as a clutch from now on. I can go from Day to Airport in no time at all, and that’s pretty much my entire goal in life.

Tomorrow, Margaret’s roll-out-of-bed wear, and her scandalous Girl Scout bag.

17 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 3

  1. i have a target dress almost identical to that – not quite as long, but the neckline and color are IDENTICAL. i’ve been wondering how to spruce it up, and now i’ve got an idea! thanks!


  2. I. Love. This. Series.

    I am inspired by each look of each fantastic woman you’ve featured. Please, please continue with the variety of ages, sizes, looks.

    Thanks so much for your style!


  3. I love the outfit, but I really want to know how she gets her curls to behave like that. It looks like we have similar hair… but mine is the evil twin.


  4. Hi Mag….re my hair, I struggled for years to get it to look like it’s meant to look without a lot of work. You’re talking to someone who hasn’t blown my hair dry in like 10 years. My secret is Aveda’s Be Curly product. I put it on my wet hair, curl with my fingers into locks, and let it air dry. That’s it. Oh, and I try to only wash it every few days 🙂


  5. I can’t look at anything but that gorgeous hair. That is the hair that my hair wants to be when it grows up. Wowza. Pretty, pretty.


  6. Wow, she has a great sense of style! And as others have said, awesome hair. Thanks for letting us know what you use to get such perfect curls. I’m going to buy some this weekend.


  7. Now, this I love. She looks gorgeous, head to toe (literally!) Although, to be honest, while the orange really sets off the purple the bag style is just not working for me.


  8. ooh, thank you Margaret for the hair tips. It looks like we have almost exactly the same sort of hair except that I am waiting, waiting, waiting for mine to grow to that length!


  9. I, too, was inspired by these hair pics. I have identical hair – even in color. This weekend, inspired by these pics, I put my hair up in barettes just like that. Many compliments followed. Yay for this series!


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