Masons on

25th June 2009

Bryan and Hank made a Father’s Day appearance on the San Francisco street fashion site, Awww.

I was also on the site a few months ago when I ran out of the house to take some quick Bay to Breakers photos, so I was featured in one of my favorite dresses and zero makeup. Mai’s photo skills saved me from looking like I’d just recovered from a bout of stomach flu, and so I owe her lunch.

11 thoughts on “Masons on

  1. Mollie

    Hi Maggie,

    I love reading your site through RSS, but lately the entire posts haven’t been showing up in my reader, just snippets and it makes me clickthrough to see the rest. Is this an intentional change? Can you change it back pretty please?

    Cute photos – love it!

  2. Maven

    That is crrrrazy–I have the identical dress. I got it off a pile at Goodwill by the pound. And in fact, I think you lifted a picture of me twirling in it from wardrobe_remix. Looking good, alla youse.

  3. Jennifer

    You are definitely a snazzy crew. But why, oh why has nobody commented on the three super snazzy threesome standing on the hill behind you Maggie? One of them is wearing a fluorescent pink banana hammock, outside of his shorts. And the half shirt and tube socks? Too funny!

  4. Kristina

    I just realized why I like looking at photos of you so much. You are what I imagine a grown-up Ginny Weaseley would look like.

    I’m a dork. But yeah.

  5. Kate

    That’s your NO MAKEUP face?? Seriously? I hate you. But not really. You seem way too nice to hate.

    Cute peek-a-tures!

  6. Amanda

    I have to side with Kate in saying, “THAT IS YOUR NO MAKE-UP FACE?” I, along with my lovely pregnancy acne face are marking you down in our book of people we are disgustingly jealous of.

    Seriously. I don’t even look that good with make-up on.
    You win, Maggie Mason. You win.

  7. Rebecca

    Very cute dress. Also love the Mary Janes. Who makes them? Am so jealous you have color in your cheeks. Usually by 5pm, whatever makeup I *had* on is long, long gone and I look like death warmed over.

  8. Maggeh Post author

    Rebecca, I pinched my cheeks because I was having my photo taken. The Mary Janes are BP, and I wish I’d bought 40 pairs. They don’t make them anymore.

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