10 thoughts on “When Chatting Becomes Cheating

  1. Tessa

    I agree that if there are conversations going on that you would not be comfortable telling your partner about, you are having an emotional affair. Secrets breed suspicion and distrust. Super not healthy.

  2. kara

    Uh, Alison of a Gun: Huh?

    Maggie: I could not agree with you more. *what she said* to everything you said on that video.

  3. Amy

    Maggie, I think you were so right on in your point about there being a difference between emotional sustenance and having others in your life. There’s no problem with having friends, but if that’s where you’re deriving your emotional support, as opposed to your spouse, that’s an issue, in my humble opinion.

    Well done. Oh, and your outfit and earrings are adorable. No surprise.

  4. Betsey

    Mark Sanford anyone? From what he has said his affair started out as an emotional one and escalated to physicial. Either way, nasty mfer!

  5. Maggie

    I agree on the secretive relationship thing. If your spouse can’t know that you are in a relationship with someone, there is definitely more to it than that – and it can be only on an emotional level, but it is still not right. Excellent topic.

  6. Maureen

    There is nothing that I would ever do or say in the absence of my husband, that I would not do or say with my husband present. If there ever was potential for that, gee, I’d better think twice about it.

  7. Therese

    You know, I’ve thought about this before, and I think it’s a quick jump between some light flirting to an emotional affair.

    The stopper is the realization, like you said, that you maybe can’t tell your spouse about the conversation. Or that little ball of panic that builds when you think about what it would mean for your relationship if it went just one iota further.

    I think no one can come between two people but those two people. If there are problems in a relationship, there is wiggle room for someone else to fill the gap. You have to be careful, cause it can be pretty damaging.

    Like you, I’d have a harder time forgiving an emotional affair than a physical one.

  8. kates

    I think I may have just had a really short emotional affair with your hair because DAMN it looks really good in that video. How about a tutorial on updos?

  9. Mari

    I think another sign of an emotional affair is when you start talking about issues you have with your spouse with another man. In my experience, that type of intimate discussion can lead quickly to emotional affairs.

    I agreed with Maggie’s views on this segment of Momversation. Some of the others, such as Rebecca, I really didn’t agree with. My husband better not be telling other women things he can’t share with me!

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