Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 2

24th June 2009

Chalk is hilarious!

Actually, this is the first outfit we photographed, and Margaret wasn’t totally at ease yet. So I think I’d just asked her something penis-related in the above photo. For whatever reason, male genitalia references really throw my friends for a loop. Also, this totally counts as Margaret’s casual wear. I told you she was a fashion superstar.

Shirt by Banana Republic.


How great is this photo? Oh, Isabel, you’re always in the right place at the right time. Margaret’s skirt isn’t vintage, by the way. Shocking, right? She purchased it in Boston, and the brand is ½ Un-Demi. That crisp tie in the back kills me.

These are Margaret’s Lego earrings. I suspect she bought them as a nod to all the engineers when she was working at Google proper. Also, because she’s a nerd. (Fist bump, nerds.)

The earrings are by *eo*ware.

These shoes? Yes.

I’m hideous at shoe shopping, so I try to drag Margaret along when possible. She’s responsible for my pink boots, and my bronze cowboy boots. She’s always right when she insists you buy something.

These straw-soled wedgies are also by Banana Republic.

This is where the sexy part of secretary comes in. She’s erasing so. very. slowly.

Tomorrow she uses a cosmetics bag as a clutch. Be still my heart.

18 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 2

  1. Sarafina

    Oooh, I love that second photo. Gorgeous outfit, I love this feature! I’m packing for my very first trip to Europe, so I’m going back and reading all your fashion posts so I don’t look like a scrub while I’m over there.

  2. Becca

    Wow your friend is beautiful. I just want to snuggle my face in her gorgeous hair. And if I can look that good after three kids, god will have smiled on me.

  3. Curiosity

    Love that second shot with Isabel. Also the chalkboard wall. Holy crap do I want to call my contractor and change the renovation plans on our new house.

    Do you think doing the whole exterior in chalkboard would decrease our curb appeal?

  4. heather

    that blackboard as background is fantastic. you are giving me a little dose of my now demised favorite magazine, Blueprint. gaw-geous

  5. Mari

    Super-cute – the whole outfit. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she has the body to pull it off.

  6. Julie

    Lovely outfit….lovely photos. So inspiring to make sure I’m not frumpy! ;)
    Bronze cowboy boots? What? Where? I must know where I too can get a pair!

  7. amy

    Cripes, this is CASUAL for her?! That is me looking my superstar best! (You know if I knew how to dress in something other than jeans, a T and a hoodie.) She rocks!

  8. The other Margaret

    Truth be told, this is the dressier side of casual for me. But you have to understand, I work with engineers who sometimes don’t wear shoes to work. So I feel it’s my duty to bring up the fashion quotient a bit when I can. :)

  9. Bea

    Friends like this are golden, so I see it as a real sacrifice that you’re willing to share her fashion wisdom with us.

    My casual is jeans and t-shirt. I’m a moon’s distance away from meeting this standard. Astronauts are on stand-by.

  10. laura francis

    Dag! This woman is an unbelieveably sophisticated dresser. If she ever comes to Toronto would she consider shopping with me? If so, lunch is on me. This is a promise, by the way.

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