Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 4

We photographed a lot of upscale outfits, so Margaret insisted on one “what I’d throw on to meet you for brunch” set. Fair enough.

The jeans are Gap, shirt is Paul and Joe for Target, and the jacket is Proenza Schouler for Target. She got it on super sale for $6.

This, again, is why I take Margaret with me when I go shoe shopping. She purchased these boots at Paolo in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley.

These are actual Girl Scout patches, which Margaret ordered according to her interests — design, nerdery, color, sewing, cooking, and photography. I said:

-“They just let you order them?”
-“YES! I know. I was kind of scandalized. I guess they figured people old enough to have credit cards have no use for Girl Scout patches.”
-“Dead wrong.”

Hello, cutie. Get a load of those eyes. Hat by Boden, which we both agree has grown a little bit ho-hum of late. Reinvigorate, Boden! We want to love you. Help us love you again.

On Monday, we conclude with a peek at one of Margaret’s ludicrously good evening dresses.

Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 3

Margaret layers with divine inspiration. I would never think to pair a Grecian sheath with a pinstriped, tailored vest. It’s genius, because the dress is a little loose, but the vest defines her waist beautifully.

So many of us wear clothes that don’t fit, but Margaret has really figured out how to use clothing to bring balance to her figure. Her pear-shape requires higher waists and fuller skirts to flatter her tiny waist, and skim over her hips. She tries to emphasize her torso and defined arms, and the effect is lovely.

The dress, which is by Target (!) , is my favorite shade of purple, and so flattering on her. The banker vest is Gap.

(By the way, Target and Gap are both Mighty Girl sponsors, and apparently well-placed ones, but this post isn’t part of any campaign. As always, I’d tell you if it were.)

These shoes are Stuart Weitzman as well. I sense a pattern here. By the way, who rocks iridescent sandals? Margaret Stewart, that’s who. Also, I didn’t get a full-body shot of this, but the orange toenails look great with her clutch.

Margaret got this necklace from a street vendor in Buenos Aires. I got a few hand-painted butterfly brooches by the same artist. I know lots of you are travelers, does anyone know her name?

This clutch is a Martin and Barnett makeup bag. Do you see her working that out?

Margaret doesn’t worry much about the matchy-matchies. I lean a little more Doris Day, and used to be confused by artistic types who used surprising color combinations in their wardrobe. For me, it’s good to remember to loosen up once in a while. Hence, I’m carrying a clear ziplock bag as a clutch from now on. I can go from Day to Airport in no time at all, and that’s pretty much my entire goal in life.

Tomorrow, Margaret’s roll-out-of-bed wear, and her scandalous Girl Scout bag.

Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart

Hi, all. I’ve decided to post these outfit by outfit, because posting all five at once was too overwhelming. Also, you’ll to want to savor this particular closet. This is my friend Margaret Stewart with her very fun daughters Beatrice and Isabel. Margaret is one of my fashion heros.

She’s a mom of three (Charlie wasn’t around when we were getting glammed up), and also the User Experience Manager at You Tube. You may recognize her from past posts — the Stewarts are around a lot, and even traveled to Argentina with us. In fact, Margaret bought this dress in Buenos Aires after many pouty faces in front of the dressing room mirror, and much encouragement from me.

She said, “I love it, but where will I wear it?” I said, “It has a tutu skirt! This is quintessential San Francisco formal. Too casual on top, ballerina on the bottom. It’s gonna come up.”

A while later she wore it to a Sex-and-the-City themed 30th birthday bash. See? Perfect. The genius dress is made by Veronica Alfie for Veroalfie. They didn’t have it in my size while we were there, but I’m still coveting it.

This enamel cuff is a recent purchase from the Maker Faire craft market. I love the colors. It’s by leighelena, who makes those rings I covet.

Shoes are by Stuart Weitzman, they were a hand-me-down from Margaret’s equally fashionable sister.

I wish I’d gotten a photo from behind, the tank is racer-back. Ooo-la-la.

But you must pay the rent!

Margaret’s beloved mustache necklace is from a Swedish Museum Shop. She doesn’t remember the designer’s name, but you can find all kinds of similar ones on Etsy.

So that’s day one! Tomorrow, casual wear. See you then.