18 thoughts on “All the talk about “hoses” aside…

  1. Tara

    Oh man, this brings me back to the days when we had a Little People VHS that was absolutely FILLED with sexual innuendo’s, said in this weird sick little people voice.

  2. Shnerfle

    That’s just AWESOME! How can you keep the laughter inside while your little one is there? Or are you trying to explain why you’re rolling on the floor cracking up?

  3. DoyceT

    There’s a Little Einsteins video where the youngest girl says something like “Little Red Train is miiighty strong…”

    Three years I’ve been hearing that line, and I am still unable to stop myself from responding “… and he’s a TOMcat in the sack.”

  4. Kristina

    I’ll be calling it my basket from now on, even though I’m not sure what “it” is really going to be. Anything north of my waist, I guess.

  5. andrew

    Commentator during last weekend’s Preakness Stakes: “I had the pleasure of riding both his mother and his grandmother.”

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