8 thoughts on “Green Pockets by Maruja Fuentes

  1. How cool is that??? I could see those going really well on some of my bolder colored walls. Any idea when they will be available for purchase?


  2. I would do just like they’re showing (that’s thyme in there, right?) and grow herbs in my kitchen. Easy peasy and stylish too.


  3. My cats would so be climbing all over those and eating everything in them. Plus they’d have to be ULTRA sturdy to withstand the 16 pound fat cat.


  4. Those are too neat! I would love to sport those on my wall in the kitchen. I wonder if I could make something similar from things about that house….hmmm.

    Just banging around and thought to check out your place. :)Have a great day.


  5. OK went and checked out the other pictures – turns out they’re much smaller than actual toilets so the comparison to a toilet bowl is more abstract. Basically if you’re insane like me you’ll see it. 🙂

    Very cute idea. And if you want to go for a goth look – let all the plants die!


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