@Maggie on PBS MediaShift


If you follow me on Twitter (or read my tweets in the left sidebar), you already know I recorded an episode of PBS’s MediaShift a few days ago. The above video is an excerpt of the full show, which is called Twitter Mania, Will it Change the World? Go have a look.

6 thoughts on “@Maggie on PBS MediaShift

  1. Looks really interesting, Maggie. I’m not familiar with this show — where can we find information about when the entire show will air in our local area?

    Thanks much for sharing, and as always, you looked great!



  2. Hey you! I think it’s a webcast only, though I’m not positive about that. , In either case, the rest of the show is available on their site.


  3. I really liked Maggie’s call to be rational with your trust, esp. in a forum like this where folks seem to get kind of pollyannaish. In fact I watched all 8 of the videos and I kind of wish there was a more contrary voice in the room. Not some Crazy Bill Maher guest – just an English teacher lamenting that her kids imaginations are getting the short shrift as they shift to thinking in 140 character thoughts.


  4. I think it’s really important to trust your intuition in these types of situations. But safety is something that people don’t think enough about, myself included. I’m very open on my personal blog… but I also live in a high-rise condo with lots of cameras and door locks.

    Anyway, as far as tweet-ups, I would never meet strangers alone. Usually, all my other real-life Twitter friends (my boyfriend, his brother, etc), always come with me to such things. I’m not sure I would go otherwise.


  5. I would have to say that I completely agree with the concern about personal safety. Then again, I am paranoid enough that I use aliases for everyone on my blog and my flickr…


  6. Maggie, you are the voice of reason and the face of stylish beauty.

    The personal safety issues are real, and you’re right to be a bit paranoid with 16,000 followers. We only have about 300 regular blog readers, but because we post a map link to our travels, occasionally one or two show up and knock on the door of our RV. We jokingly call them “stalkers,” but it’s a fine line between joke and reality.

    I don’t worry about it too much, because we don’t invite people inside our RV unless they pass the “sniff test.” Worse case scenario, we would fire up the engine and drive away. No one can fight a 48,000 pound bus!

    We also are never in the same place for more than a day or two, so unlike meeting at Maggie’s favorite bar, our stalkers can’t just come back day after day until they find us again. We aren’t nearly Rock Star enough to garner groupies that would follow us from place to place.

    Teh Twitter is awesome, but meetups are not our thing.


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