19 thoughts on “Laptop That Looks Like a Clutch

  1. sevedra

    I am not much for a clutch. Maybe a detachable strap? I need a long one because I tend to wear a purse that I can hang on diagonally. My shoulders sloop a little and a regular purse slides off all the freaking time. But, I would lose a clutch. Plus, what if I needed my hands?

  2. julie

    Actually, there is a laptop clutch. By Vivienne Tam for HP. So you’re on the money.

  3. Kristen

    It’s hard to tell how large it is from the picture – might be slightly inconvenient to carry around. But it looks hot! Bathroom at a club…I can check my email on the toilet, update my blog and nobody will know. Julie, I’ll have to check out the Vivienne Tam laptop clutch.

  4. Heather-in-Australia

    I don’t like the look of this particular one but I love the idea in general :).

  5. Maggeh Post author

    greyfavorite: Like Sevedra says one comment later, I think the clutch would have to have a detachable cross-body strap, or at least a wristlet, so you could hold it hands-free.

    Julie: I should preface this comment by saying HP IS AN ADVERTISER, and so I saw the Vivienne Tam at that HP event I just went to, and I have to admit I was covetous. But it still looks like a laptop, which means there’s still room for something sneakier. (Here’s the Vivienne Tam if you haven’t seen it.

    Amanda: As the post was going up, I thought, “Shit! I forgot about tampons!” Tampons and lipstick.

  6. Jami

    I LOVE YOU. Today you have made my Top 10 People to Love Forever and Ever! What a fantastic idea! Pockets, discretion, style – Yes PLEASE!!

  7. Stacy

    Not so crazy about that clutch. Or the clutch idea in general. It’s just begging for me to drop it. It’s gotta have a strap. And room for tampons and lipstick and a pair of thin flip flops!

  8. Ms. Really

    This stuff is moving rapidly toward the ridiculous realm. Leave the damn computer at home and have a night/day out..gasp..without the thing.

  9. MJGee

    Never mind the clutch – but, OMG, I want me one of them-there Vivienne Tams. It would fit just fine in my current crossbody.

  10. Melanie

    Hey M –

    What about a computer for the outdoors-girl. I’m in experiential/outdoor education, I travel a lot and often am in the woods/in a park with my laptop. I would LOVE a glare-free screen, a design thats outdoor lifestyle worthy (that is to say rugged) but also attractive – maybe in a beautiful brick or forest green color, thats is still sleek and womanly. Something with an automatic GPS & weather tracker. I want it to be useful outdoors (and small) but not look out of place in the woods. Maybe it can be covered in a ballistic material (so its water proof) or in solar pannel material so I dont need to worry about power. Can it light up to double as a lantern? Just thoughts for you and the other more creative readers to chew on….


  11. Samantha

    I am on the fence about something like this. The original concept is great. I really like the idea of the laptop shell being fashionable and looking like a bag, but a laptop the size of a clutch? I would say more like a over-the-shoulder bag and I wouldn’t want all of the other features (except the purse hook) because it seems like too much work. But an entertaining read none-the-less. :)

  12. Maggeh Post author

    Melanie, I love that idea. It’s plenty creative all on its own. You should submit it to the site and have folks vote on it, or I will if you’re shy. Let me know!

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