7 thoughts on “Mighty Goods: Mother’s Day Gifts!

  1. Rachel

    Great guide — stylish and appealing as ever. Mighty Goods always comes through with the pretty.

    Can I offer up another suggestion for Mother’s Day? Some friends and I are asking folks to forgo (or, um, supplement!) presents for mom and instead make a donation of diapers, wipes, or hygiene supplies to moms who are seriously in need of these things. Help A Mother Out (dot org)!

  2. Jessica

    Don’t take this wrong, but I had the weirdest dream about you last night. We were in San Francisco (I live in Sacramento, so I’m familiar with the City) and your husband was there plus two of your female friends and their husbands, and you guys were trying to set me up with a divorced redheaded guy with a 7-year-old daughter. You were all irritated that you thought I was in a relationship and then found out I wasn’t and figured you all could have been setting me up this whole time. It was a really interesting and enjoyable dream. We all had a great time going out, hanging out, touring around. So, thanks for that, person I’ve never met!

  3. ShannonO.P.

    Love, love, love all of the gift guides. Just finished perusing mighty goods and mighty junior (as I do periodically) and I’m still stumped!! Maybe you can help?? What do we get for our goddaughter’s christening?? We’re in our late 20’s and the father of the baby girl and my husband have been best friends for 15 years. Any ideas???? We’re at a loss and don’t want to end up getting something cheesy…

  4. Maggeh Post author

    Jessica, if I run into a redhead with a seven year old, I know who to call.

    ShannonO.P. I think traditionally, you’d give her something religious because part of your duties as godparents are to help guide her religious instruction. I’d go with a really beautiful bible, or a very simple gold cross that will fit her when she’s older, or a pass-downable Noah’s Ark Playset if you want something more age appropriate. You could also go on Etsy and get her a beautifully handmade stuffed lamb, or a creche that she could pass down to her kids.

  5. ohbrooke

    Just bought your book today on Amazon, and someone sent me the link to your blog afterward. Small world – and can’t wait to read your book!

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