Wikirank Makes Wikipedia More Funner

Attention reference-guide addicts! My genius husband’s company, Small Batch Inc., just built an awesome tool called Wikirank, and you should go play with it. Wikirank shows you which Wikipedia topics are the most popular, and which ones are seeing the most action on a particular day.

It also lets you compare topics against one another and embed pretty graphs on your Internet website, like so:

As you can see, monkeys are kicking robot ass, but ninjas are still a contender. I feel smarter already.

7 thoughts on “Wikirank Makes Wikipedia More Funner

  1. Monkeys win Monday through Friday, but Ninjas win on the weekends. They’re the WEEKEND WARRIORS, GET IT?


  2. Interesting that people don’t search during the weekends as much as they do during the week. I would have thought differently.


  3. wikirank looks like fun.
    just wanted to tell you that megan is my favorite too. i love her weird dance-wiggle. america seems to be indifferent to her. why?


  4. Hi Beyond,

    The American Idol audience isn’t her market. The people who watch American Idol are into packaged pop. She’s too edgy for the show, so she ends up looking like a fish out of water. But she’s beloved, no?


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